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Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sunny's Flawless Body Line Becomes an Issue

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Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sunny's Flawless Body Line Becomes an Issue sunnyGirls' Generation Sunny's flawless body is becoming an issue.

Recently a photo of Sunny on the set of SM Exhibit photo shoot was revealed.

In the revealed photo are the members of Girls' Generation talking among themselves. Sunny is sitting down wearing a black tubetop dress while listening to her fellow members talk. Despite the untouched photo, Sunny flaunts her small face and slim body line.

Those who saw the photo commented "Such a short height and perfect proportions," "So jealous of her body," and "Sunny got prettier."

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SNSD’s Sunny exposes her body line in a bikini

SNSDs Sunny exposes her body line in a bikini SNSDs Sunny is currently attracting attention by exposing her body line in a bikini.

This was shown in a preview of KBS 2TVs Invincible Youth 2, which aired on March 3.

In the episode of Invincible Youth 2 that will air on March 10, G8 members (SNSDs Sunny and Hyoyeon, Miss As Suzy, f(x)s Amber, Rainbows Woori, Jewelrys Ye Won, and KARAs Kang Jiyoung) go to a hot spring with some elderly people.

In the preview, Sunny attracted the viewers attention with her voluptuous body. She wore a t-shirt on the top of the bikini; however, as she went into the bathtub, her body line got clearly exposed.

People responded: Sunnys voluptuous body stands out! I like her voluptuous body. Her smiling face also looks nice! I love the preview. Im certainly watching the episode next week!

Exclusive Park Ji Yoon to update SNSD′s Sunny on ′FM Date′

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Exclusive Park Ji Yoon to update SNSD′s Sunny on ′FM Date′

--> Park Ji Yoon can be taking on MBC FM4U′s FM Date.

According to more than one sources, Park Ji Yoon was once decided on as the hot DJ of FM Date after discussions with MBC. the primary broadcast of Park Ji Yoon′s FM Date will air on November 16.

Park Ji Yoon, who has been active as a singer, having released her ultimate unmarried Yoo Hoo in July of last year, will be actively communicating with listeners on a day via day basis from 8 p.m. to ten p.m. KST.

Girls′ Generation′s Sunny, who has been the DJ of FM Date for some time now, will be leaving her post after November 15. Sunny made the verdict to leave because of her busy agenda after discussions with MBC.

SNSD′s Sunny Tweets Her mind on Leaving ′FM Date′

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SNSD′s Sunny Tweets Her mind on Leaving ′FM Date′

--> Following the announcement that Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Sunny was once leaving her radio DJ post, the famous person took to Twitter to talk to the fans.

Sunny posted a chain of tweets on November 9, expressing her mind on leaving Sunny′s FM Date, the radio display she has been DJing for the ultimate year and a half.

Below is Sunny′s complete remark translated:

I should′ve told you first^^ You must′ve been surprised and disappointed after seeing the articles. i used to be so glad throughout the year and six months as FM Date′s DJ. I made the verdict after careful consideration, so despite the truth that you′re disappointed, please be figuring out and dangle me! I can be on hearth on a day by way of day basis for the remainder week!!

Each and each dating I shaped as a DJ are all so invaluable and beautiful. I'll preserve onto it and won′t ever fail to remember it!! Let′s save the time we have got left and chat~ Thank you for loving even the perimeters to me that were lacking!! For now, i'll center of attention on SNSD′s concert! I will prove you a excellent stage!!

Ah! There′s also some excellent news coming soon?!^^ I will simplest show you assist you to listen my sensible sides~ all the Sunny′s FM Date family, I like you!! though it won′t be as often, taking a look ahead to assembly you all again!!!!

Photo credit: Sunny′s Twitter

MBC Confirms SNSD Sunny′s go out from ′FM Date′

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MBC Confirms SNSD Sunny′s go out from ′FM Date′

--> Girls′ Generation′s Sunny may be leaving her post at FM Date.

A rep from MBC Radio mentioned to Newsen on November 9, "Sunny lately finalized her go out from Sunny′s FM Date. She will be able to be leaving her DJ post following the November 15 broadcast. the general broadcast will be a reside broadcast."

Sunny made the verdict to leave because of her busy time table after discussions with MBC reps. The rep stated, "Despite her busy schedule, she led the program neatly as a DJ right through her time here."

The MBC rep also stated that FM Date is currently discussing her replacement.

Meanwhile, FM Date airs each day from 8 p.m. to ten p.m. KST.

SNSD′s Sunny Says Her Fable is to are living a ravishing Existence via Herself

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SNSD′s Sunny Says Her Fable is to are living a ravishing Existence via Herself

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Sunny shared her view of love.

The upcoming October 21 broadcast of JTBC′s Serial buying groceries Family will disclose the stars′ non-public stories and episodes when it comes to the subject of ′marriage.′

During the show, Sunny said, "Living a marvelous life on my own is my fantasy," leading Park Ji Yoon to say, "You say that now, yet you never know when you′ll be blinded. You never know, it's profitable to be an April bride next year."

Guest Kim Sae Rom said, "My husband Lee Chan Oh used to trust in staying unmarried as well. You never know what′s going to happen."

Meanwhile, Park Myung Soo also introduced a captivating tip in regards to the assembly of the bride and groom families in keeping with his own non-public experience, turning the studio into a pool of laughter.

JTBC′s Serial Looking Family, covering the A to Zs of marriage, will air on October 21 at 10:50 p.m. KST.

SNSD′s Sunny Talks About Her Long term Retirement Plan

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SNSD′s Sunny Talks About Her Long term Retirement Plan

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Sunny published how she′s getting ready for retirement.

In a beyond broadcast of JTBC′s Serial buying groceries Family, Sunny was once asked about her long run retirement plans.

During the show, Lee Young Ja and Park Myung Soo said, "No subject how long they say an idol′s existence span has gotten, it′s no longer like they could also be in a position to be around past 60. SNSD can′t be girls forever."

Sunny repsonded, "I can are living off the cash I saved," leading the green with envy visitors to say, "As expected of SNSD."

Sunny then added, "As long as I don′t meet the incorrect man, I′ll be okay."

When Park Ji Yoon asked Park Won how much he has saved, he said, "I will do whatever it takes to seduce Sunny," leading Jung Kyoung Mi to say, "That′s a retirement plan" and Yoo Sang Moo to add, "That′s in point of fact insightful. I just install my retirement plan as well."

Sunny, who stuck the conversation, said, "I just have not to meet a guy like that," drawing laughs.

women’ Generation Sunny hopefully Discusses Her Glamorous body

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ladies’ Generation Sunny with a bit of luck Discusses Her Glamorous body ladies’ Generation Sunny didn’t hang back when speaking about her glamorous body.

at the August four broadcast of “Channel ladies’ Generation,” the girls immediately replied questions on themselves.

When the participants ask Sunny, “When did you open your eyes to the R-rated global?” Sunny answers, “To be exact, I opened my eyes to the R-rated global when i used to be 21 years old.” She then comments that since she become once offered to this global past due, she become once more excited by it.

When asked about her maximum self-assured characteristic, she says, “My horny ankles. My ankles are balanced.” When the participants refute that Seohyun has the maximum efficient ankles in the band, she adjustments her brain and shouts, “Chest! Chest! Chest!”

Yuri comments, “ i suspect they’ve shrunk in recent years,” and Sunny is of the same opinion regretfully, announcing, “I dieted too much.”

Which of Sunny’s characteristics are your favourite?

Sunny has reportedly disclosed the SNSD's Dorm Fridge on the show she took part in as guest called “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”

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Sunny to Reveal Girls’ Generation’s Dorm Fridge on “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” Girls’ Generation’s dormitory refrigerator will be revealed to viewers in an upcoming broadcast of “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.”

At a recent recording of JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” Sunny made a guest appearance as the representative of Girls’ Generation. During the recording, the refrigerator shared amongst members Sunny, Taeyeon, and Tiffany was unveiled.

Upon seeing the plain-looking refrigerator, the MCs stated, “It doesn’t really suit Girls’ Generation. Did you receive the permission on the other members [to reveal it]?”

Sunny explained that the group has been using the same refrigerator since their debut days, saying, “I got the permission of about half [of the members]. Some of the members were too embarrassed because the refrigerator is so worn out. Especially YoonA!” causing laughter by sharing the reactions of the members.

When the inside of the refrigerator was finally revealed, everyone in the studio was surprised to see that it was full of a variety of alcohol, as well as Taeyeon and Tiffany’s unusual food tastes.

This episode of “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” is set to air on June 22 at 9:40 p.m. (KST).

SNSD's Sunny to share the huge love for alcohol of the girls

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SNSD's Sunny to share the huge love for alcohol of the girls

-- Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Sunny is about to get really personal with viewers.

Sunny will be appearing in an upcoming episode of jTBC′s Please Take Care of my Refrigerator, where she will be opening up SNSD′s refrigerator, specifically the one she shares with roommates Taeyeon and Tiffany, to the public.

The MCs were surprised upon seeing SNSD′s beat-up refrigerator, saying "It doesn′t match SNSD′s name. Did you get the members′ permission?"

Sunny, who revealed that the refrigerator has been around since the group′s debut, responded, "Half of them gave me their permission. The members were so embarrassed because the refrigerator is so old. Especially Yoona!"

What was inside was more shocking, as the refrigerator reportedly contained an array of alcohol and products that revealed Tiffany and Taeyeon′s interesting tastes in food.

The episode featuring Sunny will air on June 22.