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Jung Kyung Ho Gifts SNSD′s Sooyoung with Snack Truck on Drama Set

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Jung Kyung Ho Gifts SNSD′s Sooyoung with Snack Truck on Drama Set

--> Jung Kyung Ho sent a snack truck to the set of female friend Sooyoung′s drama.

Coffee Pong posted a photo on Instagram, writing ′Support for Sooyoung from drama Perfect Sense.′

The photo displays a snack truck at the set of Sooyoung′s drama with boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho′s face on a banner that reads, ′It′s on Jung Star.′

Coffee Pong continued, ′We performed a in reality special support ~! From Jung Kyung Ho-nim for Sooyoung and the workforce who are running hard."

Coffee Pong added, "From what Coffee Pong knows of Jung Kyung Ho, he′s an blameless user with a warm, of course~!! From homemade waffles to drinks~! Sooyoung-nim drank a warm hot chocolate and smiled announcing it was once delicious! Kang Kyun Sung has a yuzu ade and took a photo, asserting the coffee truck is pretty.. We can relay Jung Kyung Ho′s warm heart."

Meanwhile, Sooyoung garnered attention when it have become known that she made up our minds to look in KBS′ 2016 World Day of Persons with Disabilities special drama Perfect Sense for no pay.

Photo credit: Coffee Pong′s Instagram

SNSD′s Sooyoung and Sister Choi Soo Jin Pose for Spread

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SNSD′s Sooyoung and Sister Choi Soo Jin Pose for Spread

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD) Sooyoung′s spread with her sister Choi Soo Jin has been revealed.

Uniqlo′s ′Outerwear is you′ crusade spread, featuring 14 stars, adding sisters Sooyoung and Soo Jin, Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim, Lee Joon, Oh Jung Se and Song Won Seok, is featured in Elle.

Uniqlo′s ′Outerwear is you′ campaign carries the that means that ′Your outerwear presentations your individuality.′ so as to turn that outerwear can glance other dependent on each and every star′s personality throughout the Elle spread, the stars shot the spread with the ones they proportion ties with.

This was once Sooyoung′s first time shooting a variety with her musical actress older sister Choi Soo Jin. Actor senior and junior Oh Jung Se and Lee Joon, easiest buddies Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim in addition units Song Won Seok and Tae Eun were styled in quite so much of outerwear looks that play up their person personalities.

Although it turned into Sooyoung and Choi Soo Jin′s first time shooting a spread together, they were naturals, whilst Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim kept the temper mild on set with their playful behavior.

Meanwhile, Uniqlo′s outerwear campaign spread may also be discovered in the November factor of Elle.

Twitter Roundup EXO′s Lay remains stunning in Tuxedo Shirt, SNSD′s Sooyoung Shines at Model display and more

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Twitter Roundup EXO′s Lay remains stunning in Tuxedo Shirt, SNSD′s Sooyoung Shines at Model display and more

--> The SNS global is fast and at all times at the move, so we capture one of the vital day′s highlighted posts in Twitter Roundup - test it all out below!

EXO′s Lay stayed good-looking in a white and black tuxedo shirt.

Gary had a throwback moment to the days when he roamed round the streets of New York: "Last year #Fall #NewYork"

Actor Lee Joon Gi greet his enthusiasts just right morning with a lovable duckface selfie: "GM"

CNBLUE′s Jung Shin used to be thrilled through the celebration wear by the CNBLUE members: "Today turned into so disturbing everyone have a fair night!"

Actor Lee Soo Hyuk was a true vampire, taking a look more youthful than ever.

T-ara′s Qri rocked a super coastline glance in a striped tee and electric blue dress.

BTOB′s Sung Jae showed off his countless aegyo in a wide-rimmed hat: "I′m just... thankful. Thankful that I will sing, thankful that I can act, thankful that I can paintings hard!! Thank you such a lot for your support!!!"

Girls′ Generation′s Sooyoung and SHINee′s Minho were spotted with actress Chloe Moretz.

Girls′ Generation′s Sooyoung executed her busy day at a manner show with a candlelit dinner: "Sea of lighting fixtures at dinner after an inspiring day with @coach"

2NE1′s Sandara Park, SNSD′s Sooyoung, Sulli and More Spotted at NYFW

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2NE1′s Sandara Park, SNSD′s Sooyoung, Sulli and More Spotted at NYFW

--> New York style Week, which started on September 10, will finish on September 17. Fashionistas all over the global collect at Ny Fashion Week, one of 4 main fashion weeks that take position once a year in Milan, Paris and London.

Korea′s stars also flew to New York, receiving invites from noted designers abroad.

2NE1′s Sandara Park attended the Givenchy display on September 11. dressed in a polka dot skirt and leather jacket, Sandara Park even grabbed the eye of foreign reporters. She used to be also noticed with fashion designer Jeremy Scott and version Soo Joo

Jessica, who has been embarked on a new starting as a designer since retreating from Girls′ Generation (SNSD), attended the DVF prove on September 13, even snapping a photo with DVF founder and designer Diane von Furstenberg.

Sulli met Jessica Alba at the Tory Burch show on September 15. Sulli held her own opposed to Jessica Alba in a burgundy dress.

SNSD′s Sooyoung attended the trainer show with SHINee′s Minho on September 15, posing for pictures with Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz and Ciara.

Bada attended the Libertine show on September 14 and Verutum on September 15, along Solange Knowles and Tank magazine′s Caroline Issa.

Photo credit: Jessica, Sulli, Sandara Park, Sooyoung and Bada′s respective Instagrams

SNSD′s Sooyoung Ushers in Fall with Difficult Spread

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SNSD′s Sooyoung Ushers in Fall with Difficult Spread

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD) Sooyoung′s ultrafeminine fall spread has been released.

Sooyoung, a emerging fashionista who boasts a slender figure that opponents pro units and an advanced style, supplies off the texture of a fall girl in the spread, highlighting some other aspect to Sooyoung.

In the spread, Sooyoung models long outerwear styles, adding a camel colour coat with a turtleneck knit that is going neatly with her bob hairstyle. Sooyoung affords off an alluring feel as her hair falls naturally over her face.

In some other cut, she is observed dressed in a long, chunky knit cardigan with wide pants, showing an urban charm harking back to a profession woman, and in another cut, she plays up a chic, yet mannish charm via draping a tartan development coat over her shoulders. In the closing cut, she wears a retro-inspired red leather skirt with a down jumper and fur hood, looking at closely at the camera.

Sooyoung, who pulled off quite a few outerwear looks, used to be praised for her poses, which rivaled that of pro models, and her comfortable attitude all through the shoot.

Meanwhile, Sooyoung is lately selling double identify songs Lion Heart and You Think from SNSD′s 5th full-length album.

SNSD′s Sooyoung unearths Her CF Secrets

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SNSD′s Sooyoung unearths Her CF Secrets

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Yoona and Sooyoung may be making a distinct appearance on Mickey Mouse Club.

Yoona and Sooyoung will seem at the ′Star Special Lecture′ segment of the August 3 episode to percentage the ′CF acting tricks′ they′ve picked up over the years as most sensible CF stars with the SM Rookies.

Sooyoung said, "The attitude of your face is actually vital in CFs. I most well-liked the proper facet of my face, yet advertisers loved the left side of my face."

She continued, "Korean cosmetics brands liked the correct side of my face for ads, whilst out of the country cosmetics brands liked the left side of my face."

Sooyoung also shared a memorable moment while shooting a CF, announcing "I once shot a cosmetics CF in which the concept that used to be water running down my face. They poured genuine water on my face all the style through the shoot, no longer CG. Water went into my ears, and i used to be sopping wet from head to toe, but the consequences were actually good. That turned into my maximum memorable CF."

The SNSD contributors also showered their juniors with compliments and tips, developing a warm environment on set.

SNSD′s ′Star Special Lecture′ will air on Disney Channel on Septeber 3 at 8 p.m. KST.

Photo credit: Disney Channel ′Mickey Mouse Club′

SNSD′s Sooyoung Shares Inspiration at the back of ′Lion Heart′ genre Concept

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SNSD′s Sooyoung Shares Inspiration at the back of ′Lion Heart′ genre Concept

--> This week on Channel SNSD′s ′Channel Sooyoung,′ Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s fashionable member Sooyoung took audience within the dressing room at the set of the Lion Heart tune video shoot to delve into the secret looks featured in the tune video.

Sooyoung′s clip, which gives a behind-the-scenes glance at SNSD′s wardrobe, become once released by means of Naver Tv Cast on August 19,

Sooyoung and SNSD′s stylist explained that the Lion Heart concept become once encouraged by the unfashionable and vintage types of the 1920s, which is also, coincidentally, on trend for the 2015 F/W season.

SNSD snagged one of the crucial newest fashion designer looks off the runway, from Dolce & Gabbana to Gucci and Versace, and what we collected from the clip is that wide leg trousers and accents like scarves and massive cuffs are in this season!

Meanwhile, SNSD lately returned with double identify tracks Lion Heart and You Think.

SNSD′s Sooyoung reveals Her Insane perfume collection

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SNSD′s Sooyoung reveals Her Insane perfume collection

--> We at all times imagined the ever elegant and trendy Sooyoung would have the closet of our dreams, yet it used to be the womans′ Generation (SNSD) member′s body spray series that made our jaws drop.

the primary episode of ′Channel Sooyoung′ from On style′s < robust>Channel SNSD used to be released by the use of Naver TVCast on July 22, where Sooyoung walked audience via her morning regimen and, of route, her closet.

Sooyoung′s closet used to be unusually compact, and we learned she′s a thrifty client (she were given the outfit she′s dressed in for 40 % off).

But we also learned that if there′s the rest Sooyoung is willing to splurge on, it′s body spray. Pan over to Sooyoung′s body spray stand, and lo and behold, it′s sprawling with rows and rows (and rows) of body spray bottles.

Perfume is a lady′s highest friend, it seems that.

< robust>Channel SNSD is a fact display focused on height woman staff SNSD and their lifestyles in which the individuals will produce their own virtual content by the use of person channels.

SNSD′s Sooyoung finds Seohyun Leads a Double life

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SNSD′s Sooyoung finds Seohyun Leads a Double life

--> ladies′ Generation (SNSD)′s Sooyoung has exposed Seohyun′s double lifestyles.

SNSD individuals Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun attended a production presentation for On taste′s fact display < robust>Channel ladies′ Generation (SNSD) held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on July 21.

at the subject of Seohyun generating content on the subject of ′The Maknae′s Double Life,′ Sooyoung stated, "Seohyun has already lived a double lifestyles."

Sooyoung persisted, "She even went around dressed in a hanbok once. And went out dressed in a wig sooner than."

< robust>Channel SNSD is a fact display targeted on best woman staff SNSD and their lifestylesstyles in which the individuals will produce their own virtual content by the use of person channels. the first episode will air on July 21 at nine p.m. KST.

< robust>Photo credits: Newsen

SNSD′s Sooyoung has wowed people with her pink hair style

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SNSD′s Sooyoung has wowed people with her  pink hair style

-- It seems the Girls′ Generation (SNSD) members are revealing their dramatic hair transformations one by one, and Sooyoung is the latest to shock us with her pink hair!

Sooyoung posted a photo on her Weibo account on June 10, writing "SY in PINK. My hair reminds me of you sone."

She also shared the new look with her Instagram followers, posting a selfie with the caption "Hello #thailand #Arrived."

SNSD isn′t the only idol group undergoing hair transformations, so let us know which group′s new ′dos caught your eye in our poll!

Photo credit: Sooyoung′s Weibo, Instagram