SNSD Seohyun’s Sexy Image Change!

SNSD Seohyun’s Sexy Image Change!

A member of a top K-pop group, “Girl’s Generation (aka SNSD)” and an actress, Seohyun made a huge image change with SNSD’s new song, Holiday Night.

On the 31st, SNSD released a new teaser image and video clips for Holiday Night and Seohyun was the 6th member whose image was released. In the teaser, she had few different concept but all of them were unlike her normal image.

Along with a bold red colored hair, she also wore heavy smoky makeup with a tight short dress to show off her perfect body.

For the other image, she had a short hair on, which emphasized her doll-like face features.

As this song is being released with a celebration of SNSD’s 10th year anniversary, she shared her feelings as the youngest member of the group. “I think the youngest sure is the one that’s loved the most. The other members told me that I’m the pride of SNSD”.

For her unnies (the members), she expressed her love, “Even though we all have different way of expressing it, our heart aligns the same. I’m glad I was born as SNSD”.

Their official album will be released this coming August and they will be holding a big fan meeting on the 5th.…