SISTAR and MONSTA X "drink up" upcoming KBS variety shows in a new CF


SISTAR and MONSTA X have teamed up for a new "KBS 2" CF where the MONSTA X boys work at a food truck and the SISTAR members are in need of four fruity drinks!

The four drinks for each SISTAR member actually represent four new TV shows coming soon to KBS! The new shows look like a lot of fun, especially the audition program "Successor", which features Kangnam andAfter School"s Lizzy. The other programs on the list include "My Side My Husband", "Do Whatever You Want", and "Hungry Eleven".

Take a look at the refreshing CF above!

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EXO"s Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Sehun talk about which variety shows they"d like to guest on


EXO"s Sehun, Baekhyun, and Xiumin talked about variety shows on the June 25th broadcast of MBC FM4U"s "Kim Shin Young"s Noon Song of Hope".

DJ Kim Shin Youngasked the boys about which variety shows they"re interested in guesting on, and Sehun picked the car-related program, "Top Gear." Xiumin said that he"d prefer a program related to sports and said, "I"m usually the one from the team who goes on shows like that."

Baekhyun responded, "I want to go on a reality show with my members again. I saw something. I want to do "My Little Television"... I like eating, so I want to do an eating broadcast. If I do it with Baek Jong Won, he can cook, while I eat."

What variety shows would you like to see them on?

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Will YG Entertainment Artists Return To KBS Variety Shows

Will YG Entertainment Artists Return To KBS Variety Shows

(Photo : YG Entertainment ) On April 9, the Korean outlet OSEN published a report which outlined the alleged negotiations between YG Entertainment"s Yang Hyun Suk and a high ranking representative from KBS" variety show department.

In April 2014, Jinusean broke the ice as one of the first YG artists to perform on the chart show "Music Bank."

KBS and YG Entertainment have previously denied any conflicts but their strained relationship has been apparent, over the years. Top artists including Big Bang and 2NE1 have not consistently appeared on "Music Bank" since 2011.

The report follows May 5 statements by YG Entertainment which denied rumors that Big Bang was boycotting KBS programs.

PSY made frequent appearances on the program for his "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman" promotions but the last "Music Bank" win from 2NE1 was for their 2011 hit "I am the Best." Big Bang has also sporadically appeared on the show. Their last collective performance was in March 2012 during their promotional activities for "Blue." However, G-Dragon and Taeyang have received "Music Bank" awards for their respective solo releases and WINNER was honored "Empty."

The possible negotiations follow the recent "Music Bank" win by BTS (Bangtan Boys). Big Bang, who released "Loser" and "Bae Bae" on May 1 were not nominated.

The alleged conflict has implications beyond K-pop, potentially impacting other variety show and Korean drama appearances. Numerous YG artists made guest appearances during the 2 year period that Epik High"s Tablo and his daughter Haru appeared on the KBS variety show, "The Return of Superman." G-Dragon and Taeyang were key guests, connecting K-pop fans to the variety program.

The reported negotiations were also conducted prior to the launch of the highly anticipated docu-drama, "Producer." K-pop idols have shown strong interest in the program due to the inclusion of "Music Bank" within the plot and the overseas marketing potential of Kim Soo Hyun.


Ask us anything: Variety Shows

Ask us anything: Variety Shows

Ask us anything: Variety Shows

We"re back! For today"s AuA,we will be answering questions regarding Variety Shows.You can ask anything and everything you"ve been wanting to know about your favorite Korean variety shows and variety stars such as, "Where do they come up with game ideas?"

The writers participating in this AuA include:



jennywill Just like our last AuA, we will mostly be answering questions that are related to the topic of today"s AuA. This will be running from now to 7 PM EST on April 30.

In addition, please refrain from answering questions directed toward the writers for optimal reader-writer interactions. :)


Luhan Apologizes to Variety Shows for His Fear of Heights

Luhan Apologizes to Variety Shows for His Fear of Heights

Former EXO member Luhan has issued a public apology to variety show producers through his Chinese management company.

Luhans management company said on its official Weibo on March 31 that Luhan cannot participate in variety programs due to his fear of heights. His associates said, We are aware that you are making official suggestions through the news and Weibo. However, Luhan cant presently participate in programs that require long travel. We extend our apologies.

They explained that they are refusing programs because of Luhans fear of heights. They said, We believe that fans who know Luhan well know of his problem. Acrophobia is a condition that affects many people, including Luhan.

In particular, they emphasized, He feels a lot of emotional distress because of his many flights in the past, mentioning his activities with EXO. Because of this, Luhan has given up many relatively important opportunities. Still, we would like to thank those who have made the recommendations.

Lastly, they said, We have not found ways to manage his acrophobia medically as of now, but Luhan is actively trying a number of things. We hope that he will be able to realize his dream of traveling the world soon.

Meanwhile, Luhan has left his previous management company, SM Entertainment, and his band, EXO, and is currently active in China. He has been cast and is currently filming the movie, The Great Wall.

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See also:

Luhan and Wu Yi Fan to Reportedly Guest on Chinese Version of Running Man Luhans Camp Hopes Next Mediation with SM Entertainment Will Be the Last Related



SNSD"s Yuri shows off her beautiful look on High Cut

Girls" Generation Yuri showcased a gorgeous and mature look on the latest issue of Korean magazine High Cut.

In the photos released by High Cut, Yuri models for cosmetics brand Estee Lauder to display a natural yet elegant beauty.

The singer uses pink, orange and cherry red lipsticks to showcase her various charms in each pictorial.

The full photoshoot will be published in High Cuts issue released online on March 19.

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Are Actors And Idols Placed Under Unreasonable Pressure For Variety Shows

Are Actors And Idols Placed Under Unreasonable Pressure For Variety Shows

(Photo : My Tudor Friend ) Asian entertainment is exemplified by the synergistic relationship between variety shows and the promotional activities of celebrities. Athletic events orchestrated for variety shows tend to push celebrities past their physical limits, resulting in injuries and psychological stress.

Athletic variety shows capture the competitive spirit of celebrities but often yield injuries. In February 2015, GOT7s Jackson and EXOs Tao were injured while filming the Lunar New Year special, Idol Star Athletic Championships. These idols sustained injuries to their ankles, which was fortunate when compared to a 12-year-old aspiring Japanese idol. In January 2015, an unnamed Japanese pop trainee was rendered unconscious and paralyzed after inhaling helium while filming a variety show.

When actors or idols do not sustain physical injury for variety shows, there are often emotional scars. The alleged altercation between former Rainbow member Yewon and actress Lee Tae Im on My Tutor Friend, is the latest example of the physically challenging aspects of variety shows. The circumstances surrounding the alleged conflict were revealed through a transcript published by Dispatch.

In the transcript, Lee expressed her frustration with her stagnant career, during a conversation with a 70-year-old female diver. The actress allegedly became enraged after Yewon asked her if she was cold, while she was diving in frigid waters. Her actions, which allegedly included cursing, may have been extreme. However, the situation between the two actresses reignited the on-going debate regarding the expectations of Korean celebrities and their participation on variety programs.

Dating and marriage simulation shows present different challenges. In the case of We Got Married, dating rumors surrounding Hong Jong Hyun led to the dismissal of the model-turned-actor and his partner, Kim Yura of Girls Day. The producers of We Got Married and its stars came under fire as each of the pairs were scrutinized over dating allegations for a variety show, where the stars are not actually married to one another.

Do you think variety shows present stars with unreasonable expectations?

Are Korean celebrities placed under unusual pressure for variety shows? Which variety shows are your favorite programs to watch?


Son Ho Joon revealed to have received various love calls for dramas, movies and variety shows

Son Ho Joon revealed to have received various love calls for dramas, movies and variety shows

Son Ho Joon is currently one of the trending stars thanks to his excellent performance on variety shows.

According to MBK Entertainment on February 21st, Son Ho Joon has received a total of 10 offers in which 3 of them are for drams, 5 for movies and 2 for entertainment programs.

A rep from the agency said,"He will decided on his next project this March. As of now, he will be getting ready for the filming of "Law of the Jungle - Indochina" and will depart later on the 23rd".

Meanwhile, Son Ho Joon is currently appearing on tvN"s "Three Meals a Day". He has also been casted in movie "Joy" along Sung Dong Il, Kim Yoo Jung and Seo Ye Ji.


Roundtable: Variety Shows Filmed in Foreign Places

Roundtable: Variety Shows Filmed in Foreign Places

20150129_seoulbeats_kyuline Roundtable: Variety Shows Filmed in Foreign Places Written by Seoulbeats On February 5, 2015 20140404_seoulbeats_bts_rapmonster2At some point, the idea of idols or celebrities being in our countries is thrilling. The opportunity to have some sort of thread to a group via their visit to a foreign setting naturally lends towards a connection with that group for the sake of their physical presence occupying a place youve been. Its also a practice in observing which features were chosen as highlights for production, as weve discussed in previous articles and a Roundtable.

The news of Exciting India bringing heavy hitters from SM, Woollim, and FNC to India provokes mixed reactions; on one hand, we have a South Asian country actually being recognized and getting screen time, but on the other hand, the threat of misrepresentation is very high.

So this week we asked our writers: what expectations do you have when you hear that a variety show will be filmed in your country? If a show has already been filmed there, what were the positive and negative aspects of that portrayal?

Lindsay: Pretty sure anticipation for a show in the U.S. will never get worse than Bangtans American Hustle Life.

The show ended up being a lot betterand far less racist and terriblethan everyone expected, but seriously I have never felt more fear related to a TV show release in my entire life. I cant even imagine being from a culturesuch as an Indian culture or a Native American culturethat gets misrepresented in K-pop all the time; the constant disappointment and stressful anticipation must be darn near overwhelming.

Cjontai: As a black K-pop fan, I found American Hustle Life far less offensive than a lot of American reality shows featuring primarily black casts, such as the LoveHip Hop series. Shows like LoveHip Hop do far more damage tarnishing the image of black Americans by highlighting the most classless people imaginable and associating their behavior to a genre of music. I found the more critical fans of the show to be fans who arent into hip hop beyond the superficial K-pop version of it. Ignorant comments from fans who assumed BTS would be made into thugs by participating in this show pissed me off royally.

What I loved about AHL was how the members showed respect to their mentors and Americans of all backgrounds. When they had to find ladies for their MV, they didnt just go after Asian women, they asked women of all races to help them and they were humble about it! They spoke respectfully of the homeless men on Skid Row who gave them advice on their careers. Some Americans dont even treat the homeless that kindly.

20140402_seoulbeats_makeyourmove_boa_derekhoughLo: As a proud LSU student (Geaux Tigers!), I would never want a k-pop show filmed in Louisiana for one reason: Mardis Gras. Even Americans outside of Louisiana think that all New Orleans is is Mardis Gras and Bourbon Street (which no local ever goes to because its a tourist trap). Seriously, have you ever seen a movie or TV show set in New Orleans that doesnt involve Mardis Gras? The only one I can think of is BoAs awful movie, and the not-Mardis Gras thing was one of two things I liked about it. We have more than Mardis Gras, and no one ever lets us show that.

Leslie: Despite being born and raised in the US, I still strongly identify with my parents culture as they are Ecuadorian immigrants. The thought of a variety show being filmed in Ecuador is exciting because there is so much to offer. Id love to see a show that appreciates the country, and for more than just the Galapagos. With all of the amazing food, the incredible variety of indigenous peoples and their cultures, the natural wonders, the rich history and more. I honestly think a visit could center on just the food since there is so much variety between the coast, the mountains and the junglesome of my favorites include tomate de árbol, guatita and my all-time favorite sopa de bola.

But I think approach is more important since thats what informs content. If the visit is led by humble curiosity and a desire to see real life in Ecuador, then Id love for people to visit, but the fear is always that there will either be the annoying Oh, my god! So cool and exotic attitude (after all, Ecuador is the middle of the world, and everyone loves that freaking swing, thanks to exoticizing travel bloggers) or the incredibly simplistic Such poverty!! Im so sad! How do people live like this? view of the White Mans Savior complex that Alolika mentioned in her article.

141111_seoulbeats_runningmanHania: Australia was (briefly) graced with the presence of the Running Man team. I was new in the city at the time, and didnt manage to catch their arrival, but from what I know, it was a really rushed filming session with very little focus on Australian culture or its people.

If a variety show was to be filmed in Pakistan, my country of origin, I would be pretty nervous about the White Mans Saviour complex, similar to what may happen in India with this new show. The added complication that Pakistan faces is the issue of religion. The shows producers and cast may run the risk of religious misunderstandings, such as B1A4s debacle in Malaysia. No doubt, wed see a huge focus on poverty in Pakistan, as well as constant talk about Pakistan being the homeland of terrorists.

If they were able to look at Pakistan in a more well-rounded manner, then Id be very excited to see such a show! Pakistans rich history of migration, wonderful dishes and breathtaking natural scenery is something Id love to see featured, to help an international audience see more than just poverty and terrorism.

Andy: If I were to hear that a variety show was to come to North Carolina, I would wonder if the respective network had lost their mind. While theres activities to do (beaches, mountains, an amusement park, historical sites/museums, professional athletic teams, prominent universities), NC is more of a domestic tourism hotspot than an international one. I would hope they could focus on the big indie music scene, the fantastic food, or the outdoor activities (such as the U.S National Whitewater Center). My main concern would be what side of the population would they contact and showcase: the highly-educated, progressive people of places like the Triangle, or the redneck, racist, idiots? If nothing else, the multiple accents that people have will be sure to entertain, though not likely in a good way.

Gaya: The Queensland portion of Running Man was definitely a downerso much to do, and they just drove along a beach with glasses of water in their handsbut I did like the Melbourne episode. They featured the things Melbourne is proudest about: the street art, the alleys, the food and, of course, the Royal Exhibition Building. They even went to Sovereign Hill, which is the closest we have to a permanent theme park after Luna Park. Most of the games they played there there were seriously low-budget as well, but the interactions with other visitors made up for it.

I was seriously considering heading into the city to see Kim Woo-bin in the flesh, but I didnt go and once I saw the massive crowd around Degraves St, I was glad Id passed. Most of the crowd were East and South East Asian in appearance, and it seemed as though netizens were sneering because the lack of white people meant Running Man had a lack of real foreign appeal. That really pissed me off: I know how much my parents cherish being able to access media from the motherland, and I love that I can experience the same; and Im sure a lot of those people in that crowd felt that way too.

As for India itself, I want idols to come to the South. They can see the South Indian temples and eat South Indian food and have a ball. I will accept a picture of Minho eating masala dosai as consolation, though.

20121108_seoulbeats_infinitechallengeAlolika: Apart from BoA and Jaejoong, there was this one time when Infinite Challenge filmed an episode in India. I could never get my hands on the English subbed episode but on the basis of a few clippings here and there it seemed harmless although, they did manage to include turbans, snake charmers and Bollywood dance.

Since I have sworn allegiance to Kolkata, I would love if idols came to West Bengal. I think K-pop can do with fresh musical influence so it would be really cool if they interacted with Bengali artists and learned about new instruments and sounds, and incorporated the same in their songs. It would be great to see the influence and transformation of say, the ektara, the harmonium or even the gharha/ghatam in a generic K-pop song. A gharana tour seems too ambitious but worth a try.

Amy: Much like Andy, Id question the sanity of any producer who chooses to set a variety show in Virginia. If anything, Id wonder why they didnt just take the hour-long drive upwards and film in D.C. instead. The capitol matches Virginia in terms of historical appeal but offers a more eclectic mix of people and cultures that would better portray Americas diverse population.

My family is from Taiwan and Hong Kong, but in general these areas are treated more as secondary markets than vacation getaways. While variety show representation of Taiwan and Hong Kong doesnt run too deepmost interviews and variety shows seem to turn into eating broadcasts but little moreclose geography, history, and a rather large consumer base ensure a more level portrayal of the locations.

What about you, readers? How do you feel about K-pop coming to your home?