‘SNL Korea 9’ to air a special ‘Wanna One Show’?

‘SNL Korea 9’ to air a special ‘Wanna One Show’?

‘SNL Korea 9’ responded to reports on a special Wanna One show.

On August 1, Sports Chosunexclusively reported that ‘SNL Korea 9’ is leaving behind their original concept and dedicating a special episode just for the boy group. The special will be titled ‘Wanna One Show’ and the members would have opportunities to present their unique talents, participating in the ‘3-minute’ series and more.

AtvN representative responded to the report and clarified toOSEN, “The staff did not start discussing the overall idea yet. We will do our best to bring forth great content.”

The representative also mentioned, “We always call ‘SNL’ a ‘show’.’ There’s no particular meaning behind the word.”

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The highly anticipated ‘SNL Korea 9’ with Wanna One will air on August 12.