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[Twitter Roundup] Super Junior Supports Korea’s Soccer Team, Shinhwa Alerts Concert Ticket Sale and More

From concerts to rehearsals, it was another busy day for the stars and we have it all in today’s Twitter Roundup!

SISTAR’s Dasom tweeted a photo of the group on June 12, and wrote, “I don’t know if it’s because we’re coming back after a year, but we were shaking and so nervous..!! But because so many people are cheering us on, I’m looking forward to our promotions. We will show you an awesome stage! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has shown SISTAR love and interest.”

Meanwhile, ZE:A’s unit group ZE:A 4U was hard at work in the dance studio, as indicated by a photo of the group posted on Twitter on June 11 with the message, “Jun Young, Hee Chul, Kwang Hee and Tae Heon, who are practicing to put on an awesome performance. ‘Hands in the air~~!’ #ZE:A4U coming sooooon~~!!^^”

2NE1’s Sandara Park also took to Twitter to bust a move, tweeting a photo on June 11 with the message, “Earnest Dara, who is in the middle of dance practice whenever wherever

EXO”s Yearbook Senior Superlatives

It was back to school for EXO, who returned to the K-Pop world with a yearbook concept for album XOXO, but a yearbook isn′t complete without senior superlatives.

Each of the members boast many talents, and we′re showing you exactly why they′re at the top of their class.

Let us know if you agree with our selections in the comments below and, of course, cheers to the graduatiing class of EXO High 2013!

Best Dancer: Kai

Kai doesn′t just dance, he works his magic on the dance floor.

Best Dressed: Kris

There aren′t many people who can pull this look off. There′s a reason why the other EXO members chose him as the most stylish member.

Most Likely to be President: Suho

From EXO-K′s leader to

Social networking key to stars’ success

Above: Among popular K-pop groups, Big Bang from YG Entertainment has more influence on Facebook. Provided by YG Entertainment Top: SM's Girls' Generation has the least.

As evidenced by Psy's meteoric rise via YouTube, online social networks are growing more important for the K-pop industry. The nation's two major entertainment agencies - SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment - have jumped on the chance to communicate with fans via Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

SM and YG have taken distinct approaches to social media, and the JoongAng Ilbo analyzed their efforts with the help of social music service Muzalive's self-developed analysis tool ( To draw a comparison, YG Entertainment's Psy and Big Bang and SM Entertainment's Girls' Generation and Super Junior were selected for the project

EXO members crawl and howl in Wolf MV


The long-awaited comeback has finally happened!

After more than a year without releasing any new material, EXO members let out their inner beasts as they crawl and howl in their new music video “Wolf“, available in two versions, Korean and Chinese. Based on their second music video teaser, a drama version is also expected to be revealed soon.

“Wolf” is the title track for their new full album ‘XOXO‘ which will be released on June 3rd. The album will also include many songs that fans have been waiting for, such as “My Lady” and “Baby, Don’t Cry“.

Aren’t you curious?

Korean version

Chinese version

Source: SM Town 

Henry of Super Junior M debuts as a solo singer

 According to a May 30 announcement by his agency, SM Entertainment, Henry, a member of a Super Junior M, has debuted as a solo singer and will release his first album, Trap, on June 7 through several online music sites such as Melon and Bucks Music.

Henry is well known for his multiple talents in singing, dancing, and playing several musical instruments, including the piano and the violin. He is also a good songwriter and has written many songs with the songwriting team Noise Bank, which he organized.

This is the first time SM Entertainment has debuted a solo artist since Gang Ta in 2001. Yesterday, with the release of a teaser about the artist, the agency tweeted, “New male solo artist from SM Town.”

An agency official says, “Henry is gaining a lot of popularity in China as well as in other Asian countries

EXO releases second teaser for Wolf MV


Get ready for some romance, drama, and action!

In the new teaser of “Wolf“, it seems like EXO will be bringing you a love triangle between Kai, Lu Han, and a female student that leads to confrontation and a fierce fight between members.

The 12-member boy group’s full album ‘XOXO‘ will be released on June 3rd, so don’t miss it!

What do you think of the teaser?

Korean version

Chinese version


Source: SM Town

EXO releases highlight medleys of &


The wait is almost over!

To further excite the fans who have faithfully waited for over a year, EXO has released two highlight medleys (Korean and Chinese versions) of their upcoming full album ‘XOXO‘ through SM Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel.

The album, consists of a total 12 songs which includes the highly anticipated songs ‘Baby, Don’t Cry‘, ‘My Lady‘ and ‘Let Out the Beast‘ from their debut teasers last year, will be released in two versions (‘Kiss‘ for Korean and ‘Hug‘ for Chinese) on June 3rd with ‘Wolf‘ as the title track. Meanwhile, EXO will have their first comeback stage on Mnet‘s music show M! Countdown on May 30th

EXO members let out their inner beasts in Wolf teaser


Watch out, we have a pack of fearless wolves here!

As reported before, SM Entertainment‘s newest boy group EXO will finally be coming back for the first time after their debut with a full length album titled ‘XOXO‘, which will be released on June 3rd.

After releasing a bunch of individual and group photo teasers to give a look to their comeback, EXO members finally let their inner beasts out as they crawl and fight with each other in a video teaser of their upcoming music video for the album’s title track, “Wolf“.

EXO will be greeting the fans with their first comeback performance on Mnet‘s M! Countdown on May 30th

Hallyu 101: The Big Three Agencies (Part 2 – SM Entertainment)

SM Entertainment, Super Junior, Girls Generation, TVXQ, BoA, H.O.T, S.E.S, SHINee, f(x)

Hallyu 101: The Big Three Agencies (Part 2 – SM Entertainment)

The Big Three

If you've been following any of the major groups, like Big Bang, Girls' Generation, or 2PM, you've undoubtedly come across the phrase "the big three" before.It is used to reference the three biggest, and most popular, entertainment agencies in South Korea - YG, SM, and JYP.

SM Entertainment

Founded: 1989 by Lee Soo-man (founding chairman) Notable Acts: Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, BoA, TVXQ, f(x) Known for: producing many of the 'original' idol groups, starting/leading the hallyu wave Official website (English): SM Town Official YouTube: SMEntertainment

SM Entertainment is home to some of the largest, and most iconic, idol groups of the past and present and has long been considered the company responsible for starting the Korean Wave and spreading K-Pop throughout Asia and the rest of the world

TVXQ rakes in over $92 million in overseas concert revenues

Why do K-pop groups keep going to Japan for promotions? Well, the answer is quite simple: because promoting in Japan is very lucrative.

Take TVXQ for example. TVXQ will be continuing onward with their 5-dome tour in Japan until mid-August. In all, they will perform 18 times in front of an audience of 850,000 people. At an average cost of 120,000 KRW (approximately $109 USD) per ticket, the revenue from all the tickets sold will add up to 102,000,000,000 KRW (approximately $92.6 million USD).

But it’s not just limited to Japan where idols can make money. TVXQ brought in 570,000 fans for their world tour. Super Junior and SHINee each brought in 280,000 and 250,000 respectively during their Asia tour, and the SM Town concerts also brought in an additional 300,000 fans last year