‘SM STATION’ says Onew is coming soon

‘SM STATION’ says Onew is coming soon

‘SM STATION’ posted a video on their Instagram page showing the filming of SHINee member Onew’s music video.

The videos contained a segment of the singer recording a new music video along with the hashtag “#수면제” or “Sleeping Pills” for ‘SM STATION.’ Shortly thereafter, an Instagram live video was broadcasted showing Onew filming in a modern home next by the ocean.

Last month, indie band Rocoberry posted photos with Onew and shared a preview that they will be working on ‘SM STATION’ season 2. Rocoberry member Canon even stated that he would be filming an MV on April 19 for ‘SM STATION’ season 2 so it appears the indie band will be in Onew’s MV as well.

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Stay tuned for more updates!

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