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KBS2 Drama "The King's Face" Episode 15 Review & Full Movie

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KBS2 Drama

Episode 15 was, by far, the strongest episode of the drama. It brought together history, character development, and a large,exciting event that acted as an impetus for further development.

That event is the reclamation of Hanyang, what is now Seoul, from the Japanese. It is paired with the tragic death of Gwanghae"s younger brother, and the king"s inability to extricate himself from his greed. It highlights Gwanghae"s intelligence and his ability to bring people together and overcome nearly insurmountable odds. Unlike his father, King Seonjo, Gwanghae was able to inspire people to help him, and this episode best shows a plausible way in which the crown prince could"ve done that. He throws himself into the thick of things, using his quick wits to win small, decisive victories over the Japanese and keep them at bay.

The way this episode is put together is exactly what I"ve been asking for since Gwanghae was made the crown prince. It had forward motion, intrigue, and history that was woven into the plotline, not just dictated over maps. Sinseong"s death was poignant, but not as powerful as it should"ve been. Even though he and his mother, Lady Kim, were painted as the bad guys, had their relationship been more empathetically portrayed, the death would"ve carried beyond the scenes it was directly a part of.

Another part of the episode I enjoyed was that it fleshed out the Japanese and made them more than mindless invaders. They searched for precious Korean treasures and kidnapped ceramicists to take back to Japan. Porcelain was a precious commodity back then and the forced importation of Korean ceramicists greatly boosted Japanese art and economy. It"s a really important point to include. I hope that the Japanese continue to be developed to be more than just cackling, blade-swinging invaders.

As for Ga-hee and Do-chi, they are two characters who have partially fallen off the grid. The writer only makes use of them as pawns. They are no longer strategic parts of the plot or interesting characters in and of themselves. I"d like to see Do-chi"s downward spiral developed (are you noticing a pattern?) beyond simple steps towards his goal. He needs psychological dilemma; interactions with more than one or two people. This is a recurring issue with "The King"s Face", wonderful setup, and little follow through. Any time serious development is necessary it is avoided by including pointless plotting, or with copout voiceovers.

Written by: Raine from "Raine"s Dichotomy"

"The King"s Face" is directed by Cha Yeong-hoon and Yoon Seong-sik, written by Lee Hyang-hee and Yoon Soo-jeong, and features Seo In-guk, Jo Yoon-hee, Lee Seong-jae, and Sin Seong-rok.

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SBS Drama "Punch" Episode 8 Full Movie

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SBS Drama

The villains in "Punch - Drama" are of all sorts. There is Minister Yoon, the once upright and good. There is Tae-joon, the forever twisted, but devoted family man. Ho-sung, Ha-kyeong"s long-time friend, does wrong to achieve an overhaul of corruption that does not happen. Even Jung-hwan himself is villanous in all that he has done in the name of his ambition. "Punch - Drama" is about his last days, but also about how it is easy to become like him, about how quickly things can magnify and change from a minor wrong into a huge transgression. It is also about Jung-hwan will right those transgressions he has made in order to care for his family in the way that Ha-kyeong also dreamed: by doing the right thing. It"s a lofty aspiration in the mire that the legal system has become.

Along with the legal push-and-pull that keeps this drama on its toes, this episode in particular took time to savor Jung-hwan"s relationship with his daughter, which adds so much heart to all the happenings of the show. It draws him close to Ha-kyeong and may lead him to make peace with her, with his death, and with how he"s lived. I want to see what memories he leaves his child with.

What "Punch - Drama" does so well besides create riveting characters and speedy, engaging storylines is the execution. This show works well with verbal silence, taking advantage of the skilled cast and clever camera storytelling. Many scenes contain no spoken words, but they say more than a monologue could ever convey. This drama also makes good use of metaphor, such as using food to emphasize a particular point. Food and dining is a central part of every culture. Eating together, sharing life"s sustenance. "Punch - Drama" turns food into a keen communicative tool.

"Punch - Drama" is a race to the finish, to Jung-hwan"s death. But is also about how Jung-hwan learns to live despite the fact that he doesn"t have long to do it. And that is storytelling that I can get behind.

"Punch - Drama" is directed by Lee Myeong-woo, written by Park Kyeong-soo and Yoon Soo-jeong, and features Kim Rae-won, Kim Ah-joong, Jo Jae-hyeon, and Seo Ji-hye.

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Korean Drama "Pride and Prejudice" Episode 14 Full Movie

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Korean Drama

Added episode 14 for the Korean drama "Pride and Prejudice"

"Pride and Prejudice" (2014)

Directed by: Kim Jin-min-I

Written by: Lee Hyeon-joo

Cast members: Baek Jin-hee, Choi Jin-hyeok, Choi Min-soo, Son Chang-min, Jang Hang-seon, Lee Tae-hwan,...

Original name: "A Lawless World" (무법천지, moo-beob-cheon-ji)

Synopsis "Pride and Prejudice" is the struggle of investigators who stand up to fight those who weaponize the laws and policies, people and love.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/10/27

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Upcoming Korean movie "House Full of Happiness"

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Upcoming Korean movie

Added the upcoming Korean movie "House Full of Happiness""s page to HanCinema database

"House Full of Happiness" (2014)

Directed by Lee Kyoung-mi

A man who wants to join the political world, is at risk of having news of his affair leak out.

Release date in Korea : 2014

Song Hye Kyo is considered to star in new movie 'House Full of Happiness'

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Song Hye Kyo is considered to star in new movie 'House Full of Happiness'

Actress Song Hye Kyo is likely to to star in a new movie called "House Full of Happiness".

On April 7th, Song Hye Kyo's agency said,"It's true that Song Hye Kyo received the offer to star in the movie, but nothing has yet to confirm. She is still reviewing it with a positive mind"

"House Full of Happiness" will be directed by producer Lee Kyung Mi whose previous work was the movie "Crush and Blush" in 2008. The movie will be about a politician who joins in a presidential election and also gets in trouble with his family's problem.

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won are currently filming for "My Palpitating Life"

Full OST for BoA’s new movie “Make Your Move” released in Korea

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Full OST for BoA’s new movie “Make Your Move” released in Korea

The full OST for BoA‘s first Hollywood movie “Make Your Move” has been revealed in Korea prior to the official premiere of the movie in April 17.

The OST album is now available with a total of 15 songs featuring TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, f(x), and EXO‘s Kris.

TVXQ showed their voice in a pop RB song titled “Runnin’ on Empty“. Girls’ Generation sang “Cheap Creeper“, an urban style dance song. Meanwhile, “Say Yes” is a collaboration of the Jung sisters, Jessica and Krystal, featuring EXO’s Kris. f(x)’s “NU ABO” is also included in the OST album

Full trailer released for Rain's upcoming movie. "R2B: Return to Base"

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Full trailer released for Rains upcoming movie. R2B: Return to BaseEven with the star of the movie away serving his military service, the upcoming Air Force movie "R2B: Return to Base" is drawing a lot of attention.The movie is due out at a currently unreleased date in August of this year.

Based off of the 1964 release "The Red Muffler" directed by Shin Sangok, "R2B" follows the main protagonist Jeong Taehun (Rain) and his trials and tribulations once he's transferred to the F15K combat unit.

Besides Rain, the movie hosts a score of other famous actors including Shin Sekyung ("Fashion King") as Seokhyeon, Yoo Joonsang ("My Husband Got a Family") as Lee Cheolhee, Lee Jongsuk ("Secret Garden") as Ji Seokhyeon, and Kim Sungsoo ("Shady Family") as Park Daeseo.

Check out the full trailer below:

Are you looking forward to Rain's upcoming performance in "R2B"?

Sources: HANCINEMA and koreandramadiary

Added full music video for the Korean movie "Runway Cop"

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Added full music video for the Korean movie

Added full music video for the Korean movie "Runway Cop"

Full music video 'Ulala' by ULALA SESSION

With Kang Ji-hwan, Seong Yoo-ri, Lee Soo-hyeok, Kim Yeong-kwang, Shin Min-chul, Sin Jeong-geun,...

All he has is smell and a D-line body but is devoted in catching the bad guys. Detective Cha (Kang Ji-hwan) takes the cover of a model on a runway to solve a case.

“The movie Set Is other When Suzy Is Around,” Says Ryu Seung Ryong

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“The Film Set Is alternative When Suzy Is Around,” Says Ryu Seung Ryong On the November 22 episode of “Section TV,” actor Ryu Seung Ryong opens up about what it’s like operating with miss A‘s Suzy.

When asked what it used to be like operating with Suzy, Ryu Seung Ryong says, “I’m rather resentful of her. there has been a gigantic difference on set between the days she became there and the days she wasn’t. She made it an relaxing filming enjoy for everybody concerned with her sure power and cheerful passion.”

Ryu Seung Ryong and Suzy big name in combination in the impending film, “The Sound of a Flower,” in a the several way referred to as “Dorihwaga.” The film is set Korea’s first feminine p’ansori singer throughout Korea’s Joseon dynasty. The film is decided to hit the large displays on November 25.

Movie “How to scouse borrow a Dog” Wins Golden Elephant Award in India

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Movie “How to Steal a Dog” Wins Golden Elephant Award in India Movie “How to Steal a Dog” won the Golden Elephant Award in the Asian landscape category in the ninteenth International Children’s movie Festival of India. Um Yong Hun, the CEO of the generating company, who attended a other festival, the Daejong Awards, acknowledged thru his social media website, “At the precise moment when our movie used to be now not getting an award at the Daejong Awards, we heard that we won the Golden Elephant Award by way of Twitter.”

However, Um Yong Hun became still extremely joyful by way of the Korean audience, saying, “I was ecstatic at the reaction that I saw from the audience, who laughed, cried, and applauded. We were given a status ovation at the finish of the movie.” He said, “This is a film in which the father would not seem even once, yet he's still the major character. He at all times watches out for his family’s happiness, and I committed this movie to all of the fathers and the youngsters of the world.”

“How to Steal a Dog” is set a woman who lives in a trailer with his mom and her more youthful sibling, who tries to steal a dog so as to discover a house, as their father has lost their space through a failed business. Kim Hye Ja, Lee Chun Hee, Kang Hye Jung, and Choi Min Soo are some of the actors.