SM Entertainments Top 5 Vocalists As Chosen By Super Juniors Yesung

SM Entertainments Top 5 Vocalists As Chosen By Super Juniors Yesung

Super Juniors Yesung guested on MBC FM4Us Kim Shin Youngs Hope Song at Noon on April 18 and shared stories not only about his new solo album, but also about the top five vocalists of SM Entertainment and his relationship with the other Super Junior members.

During a corner in which he had to answer questions with either a yes or a no, he was asked, Do you think youre one of the top five vocalists of SM? Answering with a yes, he half-jokingly explained, If its solely based on vocal skills, yes, since Im the best in Super Junior. But in terms of album sales, not yet.

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Asked to pick SMs top five vocalists, Yesung hesitated at first, but ended up naming (in no particular order) SHINees Jonghyun, Girls Generations Taeyeon, EXO-CBX, Red Velvets Wendy, and Super Juniors ballad unit KRY. He added, Its disrespectful to even mention singers like BoA, so I didnt include her. And SHINees Taemin is amazing these days too.

Yesung recently starred in crime mystery drama Voice and proved to be an unexpectedly talented actor. Revealing herself to be a fan of the drama, DJ Kim Shin Young said, I told Shindong that I didnt know you were such a great actor, and he replied, His acting has improved, but his singing skills have deteriorated considerably.’

Yesung explained that the members of Super Junior normally spoke to each other in such a harsh way and shared a similar story about Kyuhyun. When Yesung asked Kyuhyun to feature in his new song At the Time, Kyuhyun told him, You made this song to sing on your own, didnt you? Its not my type of song, but Ill help you.

We like to tease each other, said Yesung.

Meanwhile, Yesung is back with new solo album Spring Falling. Check out the music video for his title track, Paper Umbrella!