SM Entertainment wanted to sign Park Bo Gum, heres why he said no

SM Entertainment wanted to sign Park Bo Gum, heres why he said no

Can you imagine Park Bo Gum being an idol instead of an actor?

Park Bo Gum is undoubtedly one of the hottest actors in Korea right now, as he received a huge amount of love and attention for his role in the extremely popular drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

Fans were delighted to hear the actors singing skills as he took part in the OST for his hit drama. Many were surprised to find that Park Bo Gum is not only a good actor but a good singer as well. It turns out that the reason hes such a good singer is that he trained to be an idol before he changed his dream to becoming an actor. 

Park Bo Gum looking very idol-ly.

Ever since Park Bo Gum was in high school, he loved to sing and wanted to become a singer. One day he recorded himself singing while playing the piano and sent the video to various entertainment agencies, including the Big 3 companies SM, YG, as well as JYP Entertainment. After he sent the video, he received many offers from big entertainment companies, but in the end, he decided to sign with Blossom Entertainment (his current company) and became an actor instead.

Park Bo Gum winning an award for his acting excellence.

Although he was signed to the company because of his singing talent, it quickly became known he was a natural actor and pursued that direction instead of the idol route. He debuted as an actor and became extremely successful!

Check out the video he sent out to the companies below!

He didnt know it at that point, but if he had signed to SM he may have been able to see Irene every day! ㅋㅋㅋ