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Maroo Entertainment’s 1st Girl Group myB Finally Announce Debut After 2 Years Of Preparation

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Maroo Entertainment’s 1st Girl Group myB Finally Announce Debut After 2 Years Of Preparation

(Photo : Maroo Entertainment)

Maroo Entertainment"s first idol girl group, myB, released a teaser video and signaled their debut after two years of preparation.

In the teaser video for their debut track "My Oh My," the five myB members appear in silhouette against bright lights and show off their dancing skills. Contradicting images of femininity from their silhouettes and power from their choreography create mysterious charms.

"As myB is our company"s first idol group, we prepared so much for their debut," explained a statement from Maroo Entertainment. "With our knowledge in Hallyu (Korean Wave), we will do our best to make sure myB becomes a widely loved group in all areas of Asia."

The group has yet to annouce an official debut date.

JYP Entertainment has reportedly set the target to launch the brand new Girl Group TWICE This Year

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JYP Entertainment Aiming to Debut New Girl Group TWICE This Year It has been revealed that JYP Entertainment is gearing up to debut its new girl group TWICE during the second half of 2015!

After the nine members of the upcoming group were finalized through a survival program, they are planning to officially make their debut into the music industry before the end of the year.

On July 8, a representative of JYP Entertainment shared, “At the end of the five-month survival program [Mnet] ‘SIXTEEN,’ girl group TWICE has been born. As much as they are beginning [their career] with love and interest, they will be preparing hard to debut in order to live up to everyone’s expectations.”

The agency rep continued, “They are in the middle of preparations, aiming to debut in the second half of this year. However, the exact debut date is undecided. They will greet everyone with a good song.”

Furthermore, JYP Entertainment revealed, “TWICE is the third girl group to be showcased by JYP, following the Wonder Girls and miss A. We will make sure that they overcome the pressure and become an amazing girl group that continues the line of the Wonder Girls and miss A.”

Meanwhile, the July 7 broadcast of “SIXTEEN” unveiled the final lineup of members. While TWICE was initially planned as a seven-member group, a total of nine were ultimately chosen: Nayeon, Jungyeon, Jihyo, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, Mina, Sana, and Momo. Unfortunately, Naddi, Somi, and Minyoung were unable to make the final cut.

Are you looking forward to their debut?

MBK Entertainment"s new girl group DIA to officially debut in August

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MBK Entertainment

MBK Entertainment has announced the name for upcoming girl group prior their official debut this August.

The group is called DIA, which is taken from "diamond", with the meaning that "Just like diamond, the most noble and loved out of all the jewels, the group also hopes they will receive love and shine for a long time".

In particular, a group selca of members Jenny, Chaeyeon and Yebin from the practice room was also revealed, attracting much attention for their innocent beauty.

DIA will consist of 6 members Eunice, Chaeyeon, Jenny, Eunjin, Yebin and Cathy. Their debut has been scheduled to be this August. READ MORE

MBK Entertainment"s new girl group "DIA" to make their debut in August!

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MBK Entertainment

MBK Entertainment"s upcoming girl group have confirmed their group name to be "DIA"!

It looks like "DIA" (pronounced "da-ee-ah" for diamond) has so far confirmed six members, including Jenny, Chaeyeon, Yebin, Eunice, Eunjin and Cathy, for the final lineup. There is, however, a possibility that another member may be added to make DIA a 7-member girl group instead.

MBK Entertainment stated, "The new girl group"s team name has been decided as "DIA", short for diamond. The meaning of their group name carries our hope that like diamonds, they will be the most valuable of all jewels and will continue to receive love and shine even after time passes."

The photo above features a group selca of members Jenny, Chaeyeon and Yebin at the practice room, looking lovely and excited for their debut, which will be in August!

As mentioned before, MBK Entertainment was originally planning to launch a reality survival program, but they later scrapped the idea to just make the decision within the agency. They are said to be currently considering whether to add a 7th member or not, but in the meantime you can check out the 6 finalized members below!

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SM Entertainment's Newest Girl Group Red Velvet To Hold 1st U.S. Performance At KCON 2015 LA On August 2

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Red Velvet (Photo : SM Entertainment ) On June 18, the organizers of KCON USA announced Red Velvet as the final artist for the KCON LA lineup. Red Velvet joins Super Junior, Shinhwa, GOT7, SISTAR, AOA, Block B, Roy Kim, Monsta X, Zion.T and Crush for the upcoming three-day festival. KCON USA also provided the concert performance schedule for the dynamic lineup.

KCON LA concert lineup (Photo : KCON USA ) KCON LA will be held over the course of three days from July 31 through August 2. On August 1, Super Junior, GOT7, SISTAR, Roy Kim, and Monsta X will take the stage at the Staples Center. The second concert will be held on August 2, with performances by Shinhwa, AOA, Block B, Red Velvet, Zion.T and Crush.

Red Velvet is a five-member group that debuted in 2014 with the Europop track, "Happiness." The group consists of Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri. The act originally consisted of four members before adding Yeri to its lineup in 2015. Red Velvet recently attracted positive attention for their critically-acclaimed EP, "Ice Cream Cake." The group is praised for their fashion aesthetic and unique concepts. International fans have growing interest in Joy, who is the latest addition to the "We Got Married" cast.

Platinum and combo tickets for KCON LA will go on June 18 on-sale at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. Individual tickets will be sold on June 22 at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET.

Tickets for KCON NY were originally scheduled for sale on June 22 but will be sold beginning June 25. KCON 2014 performers Girls" Generation and VIXX are currently included in the lineup.


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramastars. She is also a contributing writer for Kpopstarz, MTV Iggy and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).

MBK Entertainment reveals the 6 finalized members of upcoming girl group

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MBK Entertainment reveals the 6 finalized members of upcoming girl group

The 6 finalized members for MBK Entertainment"s upcoming girl group have been revealed.

The agency announced Eunice, Chae Yeon, Jenny, Eun Jin, Ye Bin and Cathy as confirmed members for their new girl group. The girls already have a solid fanbase even before debut thanks to their outstanding looks and talents, so they are expected to attract even more fans in the future.

Unfortunately, Dani, Seul Gi and Min Hyun were excluded as they don"t fit with the group"s purpose for debut.

In particular, MBK Entertainment also revealed that they are currently discussing about the possible seventh member, and it will be a 1 vs 9 competition for the spot.

New girl group from MBK Entertainment to soon have their debut

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MBK Entertainment Reveals Six Members of Their New Girl Group T-Aras agency MBK Entertainment (formerly Core Contents Media) has revealed the names of six members from their upcoming girl group.

Out of the nine possible members of the girl group revealed so far, MBK has narrowed down the list to six, confirming the six girls part in the new group on June 16.

The girls who were confirmed to be in the upcoming group were Eunice, Chae Yeon, Jenny, Eun Jin, Ye Bin, and Cathy. The other three contenders, Dani, Seul Gi, and Min Hyun, unfortunately will not be part of the group.

Out of the announced members, Chae Yeon starred in T-Ara Eunjungs music video for Im Good.

MBK also announced that they are currently discussing the viability of a seventh member for the group, as there are nine possible candidates, not yet revealed, for the one more possible spot.

MBK Entertainment reveals three more finalized members for upcoming girl group

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MBK Entertainment reveals three more finalized members for upcoming girl group

MBK Entertainment have revealed three more members who have been finalized to join upcoming girl group.

On June 4th, the agency introduced the three members through their selcas along with some brief information. The girl on the left is Lee Jenny, an innocent beauty who is known to be an excellent actress. The girl in the middle is Baek Yebin who is an talented singer with a charming voice. The last one is Eunice who is both skilled in singing and dancing and also fluent in Japanese.

Previously MBK Entertainment stated that they will choose the members for their new girl group through a survival TV program. However, it was now revealed that the agency decided to just go through their own survival system within the company to select the new members.

MBK Entertainment"s new girl group is currently gearing up for their debut while aiming for early August as their goal. READ MORE

MBK Entertainment scraps plans for a survival reality show for new girl group + reveals three finalized members

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MBK Entertainment scraps plans for a survival reality show for new girl group + reveals three finalized members

It"s time to get ready for MBK Entertainment"s upcoming girl group! Three finalized members have been revealed to be Lee Jenny, Baek Yebin, and Eunice!

MBK Entertainment revealed these finalized members today, and the selca-type photos are enough to get us excited! The girl on the left is Jenny, the middle photo is Yebin and the girl on the right is Eunice.

If you remember, the agency had previously announced their intention to air a survival reality program to determine the trainees that will become members of this new group. However, the agency revealed that they changed their plans and have decided to just select the members internally through the company"s own survival system.

The new girl group will be joining along the ranks of MBK Entertainment"s groups T-ara, Speed, The Seeya, ShannonNutaz, and more.

There hasn"t been word about whether more members will be added to the girl group, or whether these three are the only members. However we do know that the girl group is aiming for a debut in the beginning of August! Stay tuned for any further announcements to come!

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YG Entertainment planning to debut their new girl group before September

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YG Entertainment planning to debut their new girl group before September

To say that we"ve been waiting for YG Entertainment"s new girl group for a long time is an understatement. And to say that the agency has teased us for their new girl group a few times before is also an understatement! So, let"s keep our fingers crossed that this time it"s for real!

A YG Entertainment representative told Star News on May 12, "YG"s new girl group"s goal is to debut before September, we"re aiming for this summer. This girl group is made up of skilled members who have been training for at least 3 years." 

The representative continued, "Of course Yang Hyun Suk is still checking them on their music skills and their debut date can change, but the chance of the group debuting this summer is high. Yang Hyun Suk is working towards his goal of having this upcoming girl group and iKON win the female and male Rookie of the Year awards at the end of this year."

The representative also said, "This team will have a completely different feel, something you couldn"t see much before in the domestic music market."

Kim Ji Soo and Jennie Kim we know have already been confirmed as members, while Jang Hana is said to have recently been ruled out for this new group. 

YG has big plans and lots to do this year as Star News says they"ve found out through their sources that the agency is hoping for new material from Epik High, Lee Hi, and Akdong Musician as well. As for WINNER, since Mino is participating on "Show Me The Money 4", they expect that the group"s album will probably come out after the program ends, perhaps August or September. However, keep in mind, YG Entertainment"s calendar seems to work a little differently from the rest of ours, so we may or may not see these plans come to fruition this year!