SM Entertainment Just Revealed Their Newest SM Rookie

SM Entertainment Just Revealed Their Newest SM Rookie

After being a trainee for almost four years, Jungwoo is finally being introduced to the public as an SM Rookie

Nam Jungwoo, a 98-liner, has been a trainee at SM Entertainment since 2014 and has just been officially introduced to the public as part of 2017s SM Rookies.

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Despite having been a trainee, he has made several public appearances alongside NCTs members, participated in 2015s SM Rookies show, and attended the SHINee concert (with other SM trainees) in 2016. He was recently spotted at the SM Coex Artium last month, and fans suspect that he will debut in an NCT unit soon.

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Jungwoo is currently a student at Seoul School of Performing Arts, a popular art school for many idols and trainees. He most recently appeared in Yesungs music video, Paper Umbrella with fellow SM Rookie Koeun, and shocked fans with his amazing visuals and by how much he has grown!

Check out SMs newest Rookie, Jungwoo, in the beautiful MV for Yesungs latest ballad!