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YG Entertainment starts teasing for task movie 'Dimension', starring WINNER & iKON!

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YG Entertainment starts teasing for task movie 'Dimension', starring WINNER & iKON!

What"s this? May this be indicating a comeback for WINNER and a debut for iKON? We have not any concept yet as YG Entertainment is the king of keeping fanatics in suspense! 

Their blog and SNS accounts just published this teaser symbol of a "project film" starring the individuals of the 2 boy groups. We see the 12 members all covered up in front of a antique building, together with the words "dimension". We"re also told that this film might be premiering on September 7 at nine AM KST!

The suspense is killing us, yet we best need to wait a couple of more days ahead of we to find out what this all means!

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Premier Date and Open-Air Place Revealed For SM Entertainment's Movie "School OZ"

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Premier Date and Open-Air Place Revealed For SM Entertainment's Movie

The SM Entertainment will air their first 3-D show "School OZ" in January at SM Town at Coex Artium, Samseong-dong, in southern Seoul.

It will feature holograms of several SM musicians such as Max Changmin of TVXQ, Key of Shinee, Suho of Exo and Luna of f(X). The fantasy musical is about a wizardry school and has a running time of 110 minutes. Since the musical is screened in 3-D, SM said the audience will feel as if the musicians are really singing and acting in front of their eyes. Another hologram concert, "Girl Story", featuring Yoona of Girls" Generation and Minho of Shinee, will open on the same day at Coex Artium. Tickets can be purchased at or through the smartphone application SM Town Theater.BY SUNG SO-YOUNG [[email protected]]

YG Entertainment Teams Up With Yuehua Entertainment For Collaborative Movie

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YG Entertainment Teams Up With Yuehua Entertainment For Collaborative Movie

It has been reported by Korean news site Hankyung that YG Entertainment has stepped up its game by furthering development plans with Chinese entertainment company Yuehua Entertainment.

Already named as one of the top three entertainment companies in South Korea, YG Entertainment does not let its guard down and has chosen to adopt a new business strategy to avoid facing business stagnation.

YG Entertainment is currently in talks with Beijing-based Yuehua Entertainment to work together for the joint production of movies and dramas. If the talks go through successfully, movie and drama projects are expected to launch in Korea and China simultaneously as early as next year.

After sealing a free trade agreement last month, Yuehua has established a subsidiary branch located in South Korea. The partnership between the two companies has already been going on for some time now, as they have jointly produced the rookie Chinese-Korean group UNIQ, which debuted with title track “Falling in Love” in October this year.

Besides, Epik High, which is signed under YG Entertainment, has also collaborated with Yuehua artist Bibi Zhou in “With You” that was released earlier this year.

YG Entertainment is apparently making rapid expansions into the Chinese entertainment industry recently, having reportedly received investment proposals from several companies in China. The group’s artists have also recently attended a press conference which announced the official partnership with Chinese group QQ Music, with possibilities of co-producing a new audition program. This is following the partnership that was bridged between SM Entertainment and Chinese search engine Baidu.

YG Entertainment’s representative Kim Sang Ho responded to the news by saying, “It is true that we are currently in discussions with the investment proposals received from China, but I am not able to reveal specifically which company it is.”

Other artists under Yuehua Entertainment include former Super Junior member Hangeng, Ah Du, Pledis Entertainment artists NU’EST-M, and After School.

Lee Seung Gi reveals how it feels to make a movie debut and more with Moon Chae Won on "Entertainment Relay"

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Lee Seung Gi reveals how it feels to make a movie debut and more with Moon Chae Won on

Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Wonsat down with KBS 2TV"s"Entertainment Relay" to promote their new movie "Today"s Love"on the November 8th broadcast!

When asked how it felt to make his movie debut, Lee Seung Gi shared, "Since I"ve only been doing dramas since I"ve started acting, I"ve started to become more cautious about doing a movie as time passed. But I don"t have much courage to do such a big production."Moon Chae Won then joked, "Then is our [movie] a small production?", leading the actor to explain that that wasn"t what he meant.

When asked if his shoulders felt heavy with burden as the lead star, he shared, "We all share [the responsibility]... If it does well, it"s all our doing and if it tanks, it"s all our fault."

When asked what she looks at first when she sees a guy, Moon Chae Won revealed, "The way he smiles and laughs." Lee Seung Gi also revealed that he can"t do a closed smile without showing his teeth.

During the dating personality test, the onscreen couple did "rock-paper-scissors" and Lee Seung Gi chose scissors which according to the quiz answers, meant that he is the type to obsess over the person he likes or loves. Moon Chae Won chose paper, which meant that she is open to any type of guy. When asked how they drink their maekju (Korean beer), Moon Chae Won chose the option of filling her cup halfway which meant that she has a big sense of humor and a lot of wit, but tends to flirt around and has a lot of popularity. Lee Seung Gi chose the option of filling the cup just enough so that it won"t spill, which meant that he is an upright and conscientious person.

Lee Seung Gi also revealed that Moon Chae Won likes to read palms. When asked what she saw when she read Lee Seung Gi"s palm, she shared, "He has a lot of luck when it comes to marriage as well as wealth. There were hardly any bad things. However, he isn"t the type to have a lot of popularity [among women] wherever he goes."

EXO’s Kris rumoured to be starring in Chinese movie; Chinese entertainment CEO tweets about Kris

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EXO’s Kris rumoured to be starring in Chinese movie; Chinese entertainment CEO tweets about Kris

Fans are speculating that recent interactions between Kris and a famous Chinese director may be signs of a movie deal.

On June 4th, famous Chinese writer and director Guo Jingming followed Kris’s Weibo account with his personal Weibo account, causing curiosity amongst netizens and fans. Afterwards, Kris retweeted Guo Jingming’s post, adding a sun-shaped emoticon.

Also on this day, CEO of entertainment company MaxTimes, Chen Lizhi, also retweeted Guo Jingming’s tweet and added, “Destiny is quite mysterious. Last year, the company denied the relationship between ‘Tiny Times 3’ and Kris. However, the thing about destiny is that even though the two are apart for a long time, they still end up meeting in the end.” Chen Lizhi has also previously helped Superjunior’s Hangeng rise as an actor with his role in “So Young” in 2013.

Due to the interaction between Guo Jingming, Chen Lizhi, and Kris, fans are anticipating that this means that Kris will also venture into the Chinese movie scene. This has surprised many with his quick comeback, considering that Kris’s lawsuit with SM Entertainment was only last month on the 15th.

Key East Entertainment Refutes Reports That Kim Soo Hyun Is in Talks to Appear in a Hong Kong Movie

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Key East Entertainment Refutes Reports That Kim Soo Hyun Is in Talks to Appear in a Hong Kong Movie Actor Kim Soo Hyun‘s star is rising not just in Korea, but in China as well. Hong Kong media have reported that Kim Soo Hyun’s advancement into China is currently under discussion, but his agency has dismissed these reports.

Hong Kong’s HK Channel reported on February 14 that , “Kim Soo Hyun, who is currently enjoying much popularity in China due to ‘Man from the Stars,’ is currently in talks to appear in the movie ’Pao Mo Zhi Xia.’”

According to the report, the Hong Kong production company for “Pao Mo Zhi Xia,” Filmko Pictures, has made made a proposal to Kim Soo Hyun to appear in the movie. The report also added that this may be the directorial debut of Hong Kong actress Carina Lau.

However, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, Key East, refuted this. “We have not received a proposal. There is also nothing specific under discussion as his next project. We will be able to decide on the next project after the current drama ends.”

Kim Soo Hyun’s SBS drama “Man from the Stars” is being aired almost simultaneously in China, which explains his tremendous popularity.

JYP Entertainment to Produce a Joint Chinese Movie

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JYP Entertainment to Produce a Joint Chinese MovieJYP Entertainment has plans to produce a Chinese movie.

On October 29, JYP Pictures and Eastern Entertainment Group concluded a contract signing ceremony, officially marking the start of an entertainment relationship. The ceremony that centered on JYP Pictures, a subsidiary group of JYP Entertainment, and Eastern Entertainment Group, a performance production company, marked the beginnings of the production of a Chinese movie set to release next year.

The collaborative movie production garnered much attention because of the full financial investment towards the movie’s production costs by China’s biggest performance production company, as well as JYP Pictures’ support in the techniques of drama and movie production.

Eastern Entertainment Group’s president Go Shin stated, “The collaboration beyond country borders hopes to bring greater improvements towards the Chinese entertainment and movie industry. We anticipate that the collaboration between China’s abundant arts resources and Korea’s advanced experiences will allow for the promotion of Chinese entertainment’s culture and industry.”

JYP Pictures’ CEO Pyo Jong Rok also expressed, “The movie produced with Eastern Entertainment Group, the agency that holds China’s best performing arts group, will present another different form of a movie. The joint partnership is expected to create meaningful interaction between the two countries.”

The JYP Pictures CEO concluded, “The partnership between the two companies also is expected to produce a joint management company, performance enterprise, and other collaborative partnerships to help boost the two countries’ cultural arts industry,” expressing the desires of a cross-cultural advancement in both Korea’s and China’s entertainment culture.

On another note, the Eastern Entertainment Group’s prestige was evident in the group’s acceptance of the “China’s 30s Cultural Business” award for the past two years. The cross cultural partnership is expected to create advancements in the cultural arts and entertainment industry through the involvement of Korea’s and China’s top entertainment enterprises. 

Seo In Guk Takes Your Breath Away with Movie ‘No Breathing’ Entertainment

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No Breathing, People Looking for Laughter, Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk Takes Your Breath Away with Movie ‘No Breathing’ Entertainment Seo In Guk Takes Your Breath Away with Movie ‘No Breathing’ Entertainment on Friday Night 2013's most anticipated movie "No Breathing" actors joined SBS "People Looking for Laughter" as guests, and livened up the night with their participation in the show.

The movie "No Breathing" is the first movie about swimming to include two men whose goal is to become the national athlete to break a record. It's a story of their friendship, passion, and determination to win. 2013's most anticipated movie, "No Breathing" actor Seo In Guk made a special appearance as a guest in "People Looking for Laughter."

Seo In Guk, whose popularity is at an all-time high, participated in this comedy program, and brought laughter to the live audience and the viewers at home. Seo In Guk showed off his singing skills for the first time in a while, and appealed to the audience with his music. He even captivated the audience with his comic skills, making people burst out in laughter.

"No Breathing" will show pro-athlete-like competition in swimming, and bring funny as well as heartwarming scenes. The movie is expected to set records, just like the actors in the movie, and will air on October 30.

The New Formula of Successful Movie/TV Promo - Be a Fool on Entertainment Shows?

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Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Shin Hye, Running Man, The Heirs, Yoo Jae Suk, Jackie Chan, Patrice Evra, BoA, Park Ji Sung, Tough As Iron

The New Formula of Successful Movie/TV Promo - Be a Fool on Entertainment Shows? The New Formula of Successful Movie/TV Promo - Be a Fool on Entertainment Shows? Entertainment shows aim to do one thing - entertain. What better way to entertain the viewers than to invite superstars as guests on the show? Superstars are no longer difficult to book for TV appearances; in fact, there is a growing symbiotic relationship between entertainment shows and superstars.

It's not too difficult to see two or three stars as featured guests on the weekend entertainment shows. Their appearance summons the public's interest and even intrigues the viewers as they are exposed to the human side of the superstars. Some stars are uncharacteristically funny and even surprisingly naive; yet others are surprisingly skillful and athletic. These previously undiscovered human sides of the guest stars make not only the show entertaining but also provides an outlet for the guest stars to show, appeal, and promote themselves.

Superstar guest appearances always coincide with their upcoming TV drama appearances, movie releases, album releases, and even concert preparations. Of course - you guessed it - these are not mere coincidences. The entertainment shows that the superstars appear on are often used as vehicles to promote not only themselves but also their upcoming projects. It benefits both the show and the stars. It's a truly a no-loss situation.

The stars that are new to entertainment programs may be awkward at first, but even this is taken care of - the writing staffs of the various entertainment shows write the superstars' promotions into the script, and the MCs of the program take care of the rest.

If the stars featured do exceptionally well on the entertainment shows, the news of their newly discovered humor or intellect is published as a news article the very next day. It is a truly win-win situation that promotes the show, the star, and the star's upcoming project in one-fell swoop.

Actors Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk, and actress Park Shin Hye made a guest appearance on SBS "Running Man" and appealed their charm throughout the show. Thanks to this appearance, the anticipation for their upcoming SBS drama, "Heavy Hangs the Head That Holds the Crown - The Heirs" is on a rapid increase.

SBS' "Running Man" is one of the most sought-after TV entertainment shows to appear on, thanks to the comedic "National MC" Yoo Jae Suk, who is himself beloved by the nation. International superstar Jackie Chan, soccer megastar Patrice Evra, Korean "Queen of Hallyu" BoA, and Korea's most beloved soccer player Park Ji Sung are among the show's extensive guest list. Actor Yoo Ah In and actress Kim Hae Sook guest starred in the September 29th episode to promote their new movie, "Tough As Iron". The "Tough As Iron" actors and actresses also made an appearance on MBC's "Radio Star" for the promotion of their movie.

Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin, and Lee Da Hee all made an appearance on KBS "Happy Together 3" in order to promote their upcoming KBS TV drama "Secret." Their direct and open conversations helped appeal their project to the fans.

One TV analyst explained, "It's not so much the fact that they make a fool of themselves, but it's that their previously 'unreachable' and 'high-and-mighty' demeanor are shattered. People come to like the stars, and as the fan base grows, their upcoming projects become more successful as well. It's a very different kind of marketing, to be sure, but it is a very successful way as well."

JYP Entertainment’s actress Kim So Young cast in new movie ‘Princess Han’

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JYP Entertainment’s actress Kim So Young cast in new movie ‘Princess Han’

Actress Kim So Young, who is active under JYP Entertainment, has confirmed her role in the upcoming movie, “Princess  Han.”

Her agency announced, “Kim So Young has a supporting role of ‘Hwa Ock,’ for the upcoming film, ‘Princess Han,’”.

“Princess Han” tells the story of Han Gong Joo, a 17 year old girl who travels from the countryside to the big city. In the drama, Kim So Young will be acting as Han Gong Joo’s friend.

Kim So Young has been receiving a lot of attention after featuring in JYP and 2PM’s music videos. Netizens even gave her the nickname of  “little Go So Young” for her cute yet innocent beauty.

JYP Entertainment shared, “Kim So Young was in many dramas and music videos until now but this is her first film. She is trying very hard to focus so she can perfect her character.

Meanwhile, “Princess Han” is set to air in 2013.