Sleepy to guest on this week’s ‘Oppa Thoughts’

Sleepy to guest on this week’s ‘Oppa Thoughts’

‘SMTM 6’ contestant and rapperSleepy will be the guest on this week’s ‘Oppa Thoughts’!

For this episode, Sleepy will conduct his own video production as a rapper. Through various variety programs, Sleepy has been gaining the title ‘trendsetter’, but through this appearance, he hopes that people will view him as a rapper and not a program entertainer, stating, “I began in hip-hop that is where my roots belong, I want to prove to others that I am a rapper, not an entertainer.”

He continued on, “It’s been ten years since I started rapping, yet I have not been able to showcase much of my musical side. People know me more for my appearances on variety programs. I have nothing to lose; I am honored to go on this broadcast as a rapper. It is very meaningful.”

Watch Sleepy’s self-produced video on ‘Oppa Thoughts’ on June 3 at 4:50 PM KST!

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