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2000 Won Releases Smooth R&B Track “Don’t Like Seoul Anymore” and MV from First Mini Album!

Former “K-Pop Star 2” contestants and male rap-vocal duo 2000 Won has released the music video for “Don’t Like Seoul Anymore” off their first mini album!

“Don’t Like Seoul Anymore” is a smooth R&B track composed by Gwit-bang-mang-i who also composed Kim Jong Kook‘s “All Men Are Like That” and SISTAR‘s “Busy.”

Member Kim Il Do wrote the lyrics to all the songs, and member Kim Hyo Bin composed the songs “Beautiful” and “Tonight” from the mini album.

Check out the music video for “Don’t Like Seoul Anymore” below.

Check out 2000 Won’s live stage on SBS Inkigayo today, April 13

JungGiGo Used The Mantra ‘Soyou Is Pretty’ For His Emotion Acting

JungGiGo talked about Soyou.

The April 10th broadcast of KBS2 entertainment program "Happy Together 3" featured traditional Korean musician girl Song So Hee, former pro gamer Hong Jin Ho, singer JungGiGo, TV personality Kim Sung Kyung, and comedian Suh Tae Hoon for their "Who Are You?" special.

In this broadcast, Junggigo shared stories about his "Some" duet partner, SISTAR"s Soyou. He said, "In order to really get into the song, I had to recite in my head "Soyou is pretty," while looking at her on stage," and elicited laughter with his confession.

To this the MCs asked, "Do you think Soyou is not pretty?" and baffled the signer. He answered, "No. Of course I think she"s pretty. She keeps implying that she"s lovely. But there"s no choice but to imply that herself because it"s embarrassing

JunggiGO always repeats, ‘SoYou is pretty’

JunggiGO appeared on KBS 2TV 'Happy Together.'
He was with Song So Hee, Hong Jin Ho, Kim Sung Kyung, and Seo Tae Hoon as the show's guests.
JunggiGO was asked about his latest hit song, 'Some,' with SISTAR's SoYou. He said, "When I am performing with her, I always say to myself, 'SoYou is pretty.'" The MC interpreted it and verified saying, "Then, you don't actually think that she is pretty."
JunggiGO answered abruptly, "Of course, she's pretty. However, I have to remind myself for me not feel awkward."
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BEAST’s Hyunseung reveals the next artist he wants to work with!

BEAST's Hyunseung revealed the next artist he wants to collaborate with after his very successful 'Trouble Maker' tandem with 4Minute's HyunA.

On the April 10th episode of MBC Every1 'Show Time Burning The BEAST,' Hyunseung was asked by his fellow members on the next artist he wants to work with. He was asked to choose among Girl's Day's Hyeri, Sunmi, and SISTAR's Hyorin. He chose Sunmi.

On the poll created, the fans also want Sunmi.

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SOURCE: Star News

Can Music Without Visuals Remain Popular?

The growing trend on music charts seem to be songs without visuals, but the important question is whether this trend will be able to continue.

In January last year hip hop dominated the music charts, and carried that trend for one year thereafter. This year there"s a chance that the music industry atmosphere might completely change.

Popular singers of the 1990"s and 2000"s are becoming "hot" once again, thanks to their comebacks and the increased interest in music that requires simply listening. Since not all singers of the 1990"s are experiencing this same kind of popularity, this phenomenon would be more rightly attributed to the "listening trend," and not just because they"re from the 90"s.

Park Hyo Shin"s "Wild Flower" was released with the most exquisite timing. In actuality it"s very difficult for this song to rank number 1 on music charts, according to experts

JungGiGo releases comeback teaser photos for next project

After the victorious project with SISTAR's Soyu in their duet song 'Some', JungGiGo is a week ahead preparing for his next project.

Comeback photos of him are uploaded through STARSHIP Ent. twitter account showing the artist in a semi formal suit with a sexy feel.

JungGiGo is going to release a new single on April 17, and the next artist he's going to collaborate with will be revealed soon. Any guess?

5 K-Pop MV themes that seem to have become quite banal!

Music videos are a vital component to K-Pop. Many times an MV is released before the album or single and without an entertaining MV, the album often falls flat. You can tell the amount of interest in a band by the amount of views an MV gets on YouTube, and for many K-pop fans how the band looks is just as important as how well they perform. Despite this importance in MVs, there seems to be little variety at times as they put into effect relatively overused concepts, so here are some themes I”ve noticed over the years that seem to have become quite banal:


SEXY CONCEPT This isn”t the first time I”ve ranted about this and it probably won”t be the last. When I got into K-Pop, I was struck by how gorgeous the performers were. Alluring, mysterious, bold, demure, you name it — the girls were all kinds of attractive

MBLAQ Rolls In, SISTAR′s Hyolyn and Mad Clown Clown Around and More En Route to ′Music Bank′

preview nextview 1/9 preview nextview NS Yoon-G walks by with a quick wave

Idols were spotted outside KBS Hall in Seoul′s Yeouido on April 11, making their way in for KBS′s Music Bank.

Photo credit: Newsen/Jang Kyung Ho

Orange Caramel′s Lizzy gets laced

Idols were spotted outside KBS Hall in Seoul′s Yeouido on April 11, making their way in for KBS′s Music Bank.

Photo credit: Newsen/Jang Kyung Ho

Nana flows in in a floral coat

Idols were spotted outside KBS Hall in Seoul′s Yeouido on April 11, making their way in for KBS′s Music Bank.

Photo credit: Newsen/Jang Kyung Ho

4minute′s Hyuna keeps it short

Idols were spotted outside KBS Hall in Seoul′s Yeouido on April 11, making their way in for KBS′s Music Bank

Autographed Mad Clown “Fierce” Special Package + Shoutout!


Hi Soompiers!

Soompi Shop is happy to have for the first time a special package with rapper Mad Clown! The solo artist will be signing copies of his latest single album, “Fierce,” for all his international fans! The special package will also include a postcard with a printed message written by Mad Clown for Soompiers!

200 copies will be available for this limited edition deal. Support Mad Clown and get your signed copy now on Soompi Shop! Packages will be shipped from Seoul promptly upon reception from the agency, likely within two weeks after the end of the sales period.

Mad Clown prepared a shoutout for Soompiers! Check it out below!

Now check out Mad Clown’s music video for the title track “Without You” featuring SISTAR‘s Hyorin!

Special Package Details:

Mad Clown second mini album “Fierce” autographed Postcard with printed message (English)

Order Details:

Availability: 200 sets Price: $16

Park Hyo Shin’s ‘Wildflowers’ Jumps To Number 1 On The Billboard K-Pop Hot 100

(Photo : Facebook)

The extraterrestrial romantic drama "My Love From The Star" continued to lose its grip on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 this week, as "Some," Junggigo & Soyou"s contribution to the blockbuster soundtrack, dropped another spot this week, to number four.

"Some" has spent nine weeks in the Billboard K-pop chart, six of them at number one. The six-week streak ties singer Lee Seung Gi"s record for the longest amount of time a single has remained at number one in the nearly three years the chart has existed.

The new song to top the chart is "Wildflowers" by singer Park Hyo Shin. The single is the revered singer"s first release in four years.

Park also wrote "Wildflowers," which jumped into the number one spot, after debuting last week at number four.

Earning the award this week for the chart"s biggest mover, is girl group A Pink"s new single "Mr