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SISTAR’s Soyu Clarifies and Apologizes for Unenergetic “Loving U” Performance

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SISTAR’s Soyu Clarifies and Apologizes for Unenergetic “Loving U” Performance SISTAR‘s Soyu apologized for her unenthusiastic performance on stage.

On October 5, SISTAR conducted their hit song “Loving U” on MBC‘s “Arirang Festival.”

On the show, Soyu accomplished without much energy, unlike her bandmates. She even grimaced all the style through portions of the song, making her lovers worry. Some online communities even criticized her attitude.

In regards to this, Soyu’s agency, Starship Entertainment, acknowledged to Megastar News, “Recently, Soyu had back pain overlapped with the flu, and she hasn’t been ready to get physiotherapy.” They explained, “Soyu didn’t even whinge about her pain, yet it kind of feels she wasn’t feeling her best.”

They added, “We’re sorry for making fans concern and thank you. Soyu just finished up the promotions for her collaboration song with Kwon Jung Yeol. She may now not be straining and may be resting.”

SISTAR's Soyu's New Loving Message To IU: "I Really Like Your Song"

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SISTAR's Soyu's New Loving Message To IU:

In a recent interview, SISTAR's Soyu has opened up about the difference between herself and singer IU, as well as talking about her acting ambitious!

The discussion came about during an interview and photo shoot for the April issue of @star1 magazine. During the interview, Soyu was asked,“IU has been called your ‘collaboration rival,’ what do you consider to be differences between the two of you?”

“I feel like IU’s voice is straightforwardly clear and pure,” she responded. “I, on the other hand, have a different kind of ‘quality,’ I think.” She then continued, saying, “I think of us as two singers with very different voices rather than as two rivals. I actually really like IU’s songs.”

When asked if she had any plans to try acting, Soyu responded by saying, “I don’t have any plans, but I do think about it. I don’t really like drawing lines between different forms of entertainment. I want to become a multi-talented entertainer,” she said, showing her strong aspirations.

Meanwhile, fans can catch the full interview and photo shoot, featuring premium New York-inspired clothing brand Carlyn, in the April edition of @star1 magazine when on March 23. The interview will include topics ranging from Soyu’s beauty know-how to her ideal type and a frank discussion regarding her past collaborations.

Check out a video of the shoot below!

SISTAR’s Soyou and Dasom Take a Loving Photo

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SISTAR’s Soyou and Dasom Take a Loving Photo SISTAR’s Soyou and Dasom snapped a photo together, showing their love and support for each other.

On February 19, Dasom wrote on SISTAR’s official Twitter, “These days Soyou is busy experiencing ‘Some!!’” Along with the message, the singer posted two photos showing the girls’ loving and silly nature. In Korea, the phrase ‘experiencing some’ implies that a guy and girl are on the level of ‘more than just friends,’ embodying the jitters of new love. Hence, Dasom’s photos seemed quite relevant as the images showed the singers pouting their lips. Furthermore, the theme of the selfies seemed to be red, as the girls’ hair and lip colors were of a deep red-orange color; Dasom’s red bow concluded the images’ vibes of cute love.

Currently, Soyou features with Jung Gi Go in the duet song, “Some,” a song that describes the exciting feelings of new love. As “Some” continues to top online music charts, Soyou has become known as a feature queen, as all the songs she has featured in have recorded high popularity.

Hopefully, we will get to hear a new SISTAR song very soon!

Yuri's Cousin Was in the MV for R&B Remake of SISTAR's "Loving You"

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Yuris Cousin Was in the MV for RB Remake of SISTARs Loving YouRecently, it was revealed that group Girls Generations member Yuris younger cousin appeared in a music video.

Yuris cousin, Cha Hyun Jung, is currently studying music at the Berklee College. She met recently with the popular composer duo Double Side Kick, and was chosen to appear on the MV of Mikeys RB remake of SISTARs Loving You. She can be seen playing the keyboard. 

Cha Hyun Jung is currently receiving a lot of attention from netizens due to her impressive background. In addition to being a cousin of Yuri and attending prestigious school, Cha Hyun Jung also has the looks as she shows off her beautiful facial features and long hair.

Meanwhile, the new version of Loving You was released as a digital single on August 16, 2013.

Mikey Sings R&B Version of SISTAR's "Loving You" (MV Featuring SISTAR)

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Mikey Sings RB Version of SISTARs Loving You (MV Featuring SISTAR)Popular composer-duo Double Side Kick (Jang Geun Yi and Mikey) has unveiled their third project.

The music video and track of the RB version of Loving You sung by Mikey has been released. Loving You was originally sung by girl group SISTAR. The song was composed  and the lyrics written by Double Side Kick .

In the RB version, rapper Olltii from SBS Super Star K provides his skills to the track. The music video shows Mikey and Olltii performing with a live band with the members of SISTAR looking on. 

Fans can look forward to more from Double Side Kick soon after this special project.

SISTAR's Dasom sheds tears during "Loving U" performance at the "Kookmin Festival"

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SISTARs Dasom sheds tears during Loving U performance at the Kookmin FestivalSISTAR Dasom's tears during a recent performance has become the latest topic. The reason has behind her tears was revealed by her agency, Starship Entertainment.

On August 14th, Starship Entertainment told TV Daily through the phone, "SISTAR's staff, who was riding in a separate vehicle, were involved in a car accident and hit the guardrail. They were safely driving, but they lost control due to the rain."

At the time, SISTAR was in a separate vehicle at the time of the accident. However, having witnessed the accident, the members were still in shock. SISTAR's dark faces attracted attention as they performed at the "Kookmin Welcomes 2012 London Olympics Athletes Festival."

Officials said, "SISTAR was traveling in a different vehicle, but were direct witnesses off the staff's accident and the impact shocked them. In particular, Dasom took it hard. Soyou was also in a big shock."

Finally, they reported on the staff's condition, "The staff received bruises. They are planning to report to the hospital for a checkup following the accident."

SISTAR Blows Summer Away with 'Loving U'

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SISTAR Blows Summer Away with 'Loving U'

Loving U, SISTAR, Music Core

SISTAR gave the audience a cooling breeze with their sexy outfits.

On MBC Music Core, SISTAR put on yet another performance of their hit single, "Loving U."

"Loving U" is a great example of SISTAR's appeal: cute and sexy. The song features heavy brass, acoustic guitar sounds and electric synthesizer, creating a very good example of contemporary electronic music. The lyrics talk about young girls in love, just like them.

Their sexiness is emphasized by their outfits with short shorts and see through material.

This week's Music Core consisted of TEEN TOP, Eru, BoA, Super Junior, SISTAR, BEAST and B.A.P among others.

[Exclusive] SISTAR “Loving U” Interview

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[Exclusive] SISTAR “Loving U” Interview

Earlier this month, allkpop and Starship Entertainment teamed up to bring you an exclusive interview event with SISTAR!

For the interview, we took to our forums and had you guys submit questions. If your question was selected, we promised to give you an autographed SISTAR Loving U album as well!

Check out the exclusive interview that you, the allkpop community conducted!

The five lucky winners are

Winners will be messaged via allkpop forum inbox!

Note: only 4 of the questions were answered, but hey, at least you still get an autographed CD!

SISTAR wins 1st K-Chart with "Loving U" + other performances on the July 13th episode of Music Bank

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SISTAR wins 1st K-Chart with Loving U + other performances on the July 13th episode of Music BankOn the July 13th episode of Music Bank, Super Junior made their return with their recently released track, "Sexy, FreeSingle", while boy groups ZE:A and NU'EST both returned with their respective title tracks, "Aftermath" and "Action". In addition, girl group T-ara came back with "Day By Day", Clover's Gilme returned with "Me First" featuring Eun Jiwon, as BIGSTAR debuted with "HotBoy", N-Train debuted with "I'll Forget You", and 2PM's Jang Wooyoung debuted with "Sexy Lady" on tonight's episode of Music Bank.

f(x) rocked the stage with a goodbye stage of their latest title track, "Electric Shock", while Juniel continued her debut promotions with a performance of her latest title track "Illa Illa". After School and SISTAR also continued their respective comeback promotions with performances of "Flashback" and "Loving U", and Dal Shabet promoted their comeback title track "Mr. Bang Bang".Boyfriend performed another exciting stage with their latest track, "Love Style", and M.I.B performed their track, "Only Hard For Me". Rookie group VIXX performed their debut title tracks "Super Hero", and Gang Kiz, F.I.X, MYNAME, 2BiC, December, and Rhythm Power delivered performances to complete the setlist for this episode of Music Bank.

Congratulations to SISTAR on their win!


Check out all of the performances from tonight's episode of Music Bank below


Dal Shabet - "Mr. Bang Bang"

After School – "Flashback"

Jokwon (Feat. Jung Hoseok) – "Animal"

f(x) – "Electric Shock" (goodbye stage)

Sources: simhy, namchn709

SISTAR makes their return to Music Bank with "Loving U"

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SISTAR makes their return to Music Bank with Loving UAfter releasing photo teasers of members Hyorin, Dasom, Soyu, and Bora earlier this month, SISTAR returned to the live stage with a their latest track "Loving U", off of their eponymously titled summer album. To complement the release of their album, SISTAR also revealed a music video for "Loving U" as well as a dance practice clip.

Four member girl group SISTAR, delivering a their comeback stage of "Loving U" in blue gingham outfits, received several fanchants from the crowd in their comeback performance. Drawing cheers from the live studio audience with their four-song stage, and then switching to a waterfront stage, SISTAR made their special summer comeback on tonight's episode of Music Bank.

Check out SISTAR's comeback performance of "Loving U" on tonight's episode of Music Bank below:

Interview with Super JuniorSISTAR

Sources: simhy, namchn709