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SISTAR Choreographer Chae Dasom To Hold Special Dance Workshop In Hong Kong Next Month

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SISTAR Choreographer Chae Dasom To Hold Special Dance Workshop In Hong Kong Next Month

(Photo : B Soul Dance Production Ltd Official Facebook Page) SISTAR fans in Hong Kong will get the opportunity to experience the rigors of learning new moves from the group"s very own choreographer.

Chae Dasom, the woman behind some of the K-pop group"s hottest dance moves, is heading to Hong Kong to host a special dance workshop for Hallyu fans.i

Announcing the news on B Soul Dance Production"s official Facebookpage on Nov. 10, reservations for the workshop are ow open for interested applicants who want to meet and learn some amazing dance moves from SISTAR"s choreographer Chae Dasom.

SISTAR member Hyolyn went as far as to promote the workshop in a promotional video uploaded on Secret9 Entertainment"sofficial YouTube channel. In the video both women talk about how excited they are for the upcoming workshop.

The dance workshop will be held with Secret9 Entertainment in Hong Kong at the studio run byB Soul Dance Production Ltd. fromDec. 21 to 23.

Chae Dasom is known for working with not only SISTAR, but other K-pop stars such as 4Minute, BESTie, Lee Hyori, and G.NA.

SISTAR′s Dasom Sings First OST song for ′Eccentric Daughter-in-Law′

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SISTAR′s Dasom Sings First OST song for ′Eccentric Daughter-in-Law′

--> SISTAR′s Dasom has lent her vocals to the primary Eccentric Daughter-in-Law OST.

Dasom, who is receiving numerous love as the scatterbrained daughter-in-law Oh In Young in KBS′ Eccentric Daughter-in-Law, has contributed her skills to the drama′s OST.

Dasom′s You′re Mine, from the Eccentric Daughter-in-Law OST phase 1, at the beginning drew attention as the track Oh In Young′s lady staff Ruby carried out on Music Bank in the 1st episode. audience flooded the drama with inquiries about the song after the first episode aired, and the song has since been played as the finishing song in the episodes that followed, earning a hot reaction even earlier than the song′s release.

You′re Mine includes a cheerful saxphone rhythm, a simple, yet infectious melody in addition natural and brand new lyrics. It expresses the butterflies that seem in the ones magical and candy moments when you′re in love.

The song′s lyrics, which truthfully specific Oh In Young′s center as she gradually falls love with Cha Myung Sik, blends with Dasom′s refreshing and cheerful voice, adding to its charm.

Despite her busy filming agenda for Eccentric Daughter-in-Law, Dasom surprised pals with her preparedness. A rep related with the OST production stated, "The song reflects Dasom, who remained bright during the recording, just as she is, and the fresh and cheerful music makes whoever listens smile."

You′re Mine, which makes Oh In Young and Cha Myung Sik′s romance on Eccentric Daughter-in-Law even sweeter, is to be had on online music sites.

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[Poll] SISTAR′s Dasom Beats Apink′s Son Na Eun for Most Anticipated Idol Actress

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[Poll] SISTAR′s Dasom Beats Apink′s Son Na Eun for Most Anticipated Idol Actress

--> With a new set of lady team participants taking on the drama world, we asked you which idol famous person you watched will thieve the scene this season, and the effects are in!

It became once a close call between SISTAR′s Dasom and Apink′s Son Na Eun, yet the former wound up clinching the win with 47.3 % of votes.

Son Na Eun fell to 2d position by way of a hair with 46.7 % of votes.

Meanwhile, Girl′s Day′s Hyeri and Secret′s Jun Hyo Seong trailed in a far-off 3rd and fourth position with 3.1 % and 2.9 % of votes, respectively.

This week, we would like to understand which real-life couple will provide you with courting goals, so forged your vote now!

SISTAR’s Dasom Says Her Favorite phase of Ryu Soo Young’s Body Is…?

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SISTAR’s Dasom Says Her favourite a part of Ryu Soo Young’s frame Is…? SISTAR‘s Dasom published her appealing tastes as she confessed her favorite part of Ryu Soo Young, her “The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law” co-star.

On the August 22 broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s “Entertainment Relay,” Dasom and Ryu Soo Young gave an interview.

The two actors were asked by way of the interviewer to speak about a key word, “hot body.” Dasom replied, “I like men with intense veins and the ones with good-looking elbows. Ryu Soo Young has those.”

At this, Ryu Soo Young showed his elbows and veins to Dasom and asked, “What do you prefer such a lot about this?” whilst Dasom persevered to fangirl beside him.

SISTAR’s Dasom Opens Up About Her Worries of Being Forgotten as a Celebrity

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SISTAR’s Dasom Opens Up About Her Worries of Being Forgotten as a Celebrity SISTAR member Dasom lately spread out about one of her best worries as a public figure.

On the broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” which aired on August 22, cameras took the audience at the back of the scenes of the recent drama “The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law.”

During the episode, a reporter of the entertainment news program also sat down with Dasom and her co-star, actor Ryu Soo Young (14 years her senior) to discuss their new project.

When asked if there are any difficulties of acting out a personality who is a ‘has-been’ lady staff member whilst currently being a phase of a lady staff as popular as SISTAR, Dasom replied honestly, “As a celebrity, somebody could have the worry of being forgotten or disappearing [from the spotlight]. It’s in reality now no longer too tricky acting as my personality because I’m conscious about the ups and downs of those that percentage the similar career [of being a celebrity].”

After hearing this, Ryu Soo Young commented, “[Dasom] actually has very deep thoughts. The more time you spend with her, you turn out to be a fan,” sharing his affection for his co-star.

SISTAR′s Dasom Talks About Stereotypes of Idol Actors

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SISTAR′s Dasom Talks About Stereotypes of Idol Actors

--> SISTAR′s Dasom spoke candidly about the eye on her acting career.

At the Eccentric Daughter-in-Law shoot in Gyeonggido Yeoju on August 12, Dasom discussed her mind and considerations in transitioning from her making a song profession as SISTAR′s Dasom to her acting career.

Dasom said, "I know there are stereotypes and judgments about idol actors. I′m a SISTAR member, yet I like acting and feature dreamt of changing into an actress. The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law situation stuck my eye in an instant and I knew this drama became once correct for me. I am drawing near the paintings with determination."

She confessed, "Whether I will smash the stereotype is for the audience to decide. What is maximum significant to me is that I paintings not easy doing what I like with the team of workers and senior actors. I just hope audience will think neatly of me."

KBS 2TV′s new drama Eccentric Daughter-In-Law is a comedian drama rendering the adventures of Oh In Young, a member of a feminine idol group, and Yang Chun Ja, an obedient wife from a conservative family, who sign up for a virtual in-law sort show. The drama will premiere on August 17, following I Take note You.

SISTAR's Dasom talks about her mind on marriage

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SISTAR's Dasom talks about her mind on marriage

SISTAR"s Dasom unfolded about her truthful emotions on marriage and married life!

The singer sat down these days for a press convention for her new drama "The Virtual Bride" held in Gyeonggi Province"s Yeoju. When newshounds asked her "what roughly daughter-in-law" she would really love to be," Dasom answered, "Words reminiscent of marriage and daughter-in-law are bizarre to me. I think I would really love to marry around 30 or 35-years-old." 

Dasom said, "I felt it all over filming, yet I assumed it"d be great to be a daughter-in-law at a jonggajip (a traditionally-built Korea house). In the beginning I sought after to are living in an rental with a view of the riverside. While i used to be filming, I looked round the jonggajip, and I beloved the entire frogs that were jumping about, hearing the cicadas cry, and I also beloved the smell of grass. It used to be beautiful. I idea living in a traditional, herbal atmosphere like this and washing earthenware pots wouldn"t be so bad. as a substitute of being a burden to my mother-in-law, I would love to earn numerous love from her one way or another. at the weekends, I even would love to window shop with her. I assumed about it a lot, and I would like to regard my long term better half's mom as my 2nd mother," laughing. 

You can watch Dasom play daughter-in-law in "The Virtual Bride" when it airs this coming August 17!

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SISTAR's Dasom parodies herself in teaser for her upcoming drama 'The Virtual Bride'

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SISTAR's Dasom parodies herself in teaser for her upcoming drama 'The Virtual Bride'

Hope you"re excitedto look a sneak height of SISTAR"s Dasom in the teaser forthe approaching drama "The Virtual Bride" (formerly referred to as "Taming Mother-in-Law")!

The drama will revolve around Dasom"s character, a former idol who tries to regain her popularityvia appearing on a fictional reality television show, "Experience of Daughter-in-Law from the Eldest Son"s Family". The display willfocal point on her growingcourting with her onscreen mother-in-law.

The teaser presentations Dasom hilariously parodying her character, and it alreadylooks as if it"ll be a funny drama! The dramais decided to air August 17 at 9:55pm KST.

Are you excited for the drama to air?

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Sistar Dasom cast as Lead in Upcoming KBS Drama

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Sistar Dasom cast as Lead in Upcoming KBS Drama woman staff Sistar‘s member Dasom has been cast as the leading actress of an upcoming KBS drama.

On July 16, the production team at the back of KBS’ new Monday-Tuesday night drama “How to teach Your better half's mother” (operating name) announced, “Sistar’s member and actress Dasom has been cast in the role of In Young, the foremost feminine personality.”

“How to teach Your better half's mother” might be a comedy about a suffering idol, In Young, who will take part in a display where she has to paintings with a pretend mother-in-law.

Dasom debuted as an actress in 2012 sitcom “ circle of relatives.” She also starred in KBS’ 2013 drama “Melody of Love.”

“How to teach Your better half's mother” will premiere on KBS in August, after the of entirety of “take into account You.”

SISTAR"s Dasom confirmed for female lead role in "Taming Mother-in-Law"

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It seems there was some confusion on the production company"s side regarding the casting of the female lead role for KBS2"s upcoming drama "Taming Mother-in-Law" (working title).

TV production company Raemongraein stated this past July 6 that they had not officially cast SISTAR"s Dasom. They stated, "It was reported that SISTAR"s Dasom was cast as the female lead for "Taming Mother-in-Law" but that"s not true. We never handed a script to Dasom"s agency. She was only one of the actors under consideration after confirming the schedules," denying that they had confirmed Dasom for the lead role. 

However, on July 16, the production company countered their earlier statement by revealing that Dasom is now the female lead. A rep from the Raemongraein said, "We have cast Dasom, who is currently active as both an actress and singer, to play the female lead role of Young In."

Dasom will be starring opposite of Ryu Soo Young, who was chosen to portray the main male lead role. The drama will be about a female idol (played by Dasom) who attempts to rise to popularity again by joining a variety program.

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