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‘Wild Romance’ co-stars Lee Dong Wook & Jessica take another couple shot

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‘Wild Romance’ co-stars Lee Dong Wook & Jessica take another couple shot

allkpop has been reporting on how Girls Generation member Jessica got cast for KBSs Wild Romance as Lee Dong Wooks first love. After releasing a candid couple shot of Jessica and Lee Dong Wook recently, the production staff followed up by sharing another one.

The photo released by GnG Productions on January 26th is from the scene where Park Moo Yul (Lee Dong Wook) and Kang Jong Hee (Jessica) relive their past memories together. Their sweet pose in the photo really reminds one of a real couple in a happy relationship.

Netizens commented, They look really pleasing to the eye, They look really compatible with each other, and I am really looking forward to how the drama develops from here on out.

Cast Members of ‘Wild Romance’ Celebrate Airing of Last Episode

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Cast Members of ‘Wild Romance’ Celebrate Airing of Last Episode

The KBS 2TV Wednesday and Thursday drama “Wild Romance” finished airing on February 23, and the stills taken at the celebration party that was held to celebrate the airing of the final episode on the same day were unveiled through the GnG blog (

The staff members and cast members looked very friendly to each other as they had worked together in the middle of severe cold. Lee Si Young who was hiding her red face as if she were crying drew attention. In particular, the members of the fan club for the drama belonging to DC Inside, who had brought snacks and gifts for the cast members on the last filming, also brought a double layer cake on which the faces of the cast members were engraved to express their unchanged love towards “Wild Romance.” Lee Si Young and Im Joo Eun took a photo while holding their script and the gifts that were presented by the fan club members with beautiful smiles on their faces for their fans.

In addition, the staff members and the cast members began the party by cutting the double layer cake together. The producer Hwang Eui Kyung CP presented the awards to the cast members, which created an enthusiastic atmosphere. All the staff and cast members watched the last episode together and they began to applaud when the ending credits of the drama appeared on the screen. They celebrated completing their own drama together.

Writer: TV Report Lee Woo In

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Jessica’s Wild Romance…is Not So Wild

I can usually make up my mind really quickly about whether or not I am enjoying an actor’s acting. Just five minutes of watching Gong Hyo-jin in Pasta made my eyes light up. In just a few episodes of Scent of A Woman, Kim Sun-ah made me cry half a dozen times. And it wasn’t long before Jung Il-woo provoked stitches of laughter from me in 49 Days. However, after having watched the entire 16 episodes of the recent drama Wild Romance, I have yet to sustain a solid understanding of Jessica Jung’s acting.

I can almost hear the ensuing protests, fretfully reminding me that Jessica is not a traditionally trained actress. She is an idol. Now, there is much to be said about idol actors and much of itI won’t say. A lot of criticism launched against them can be negative, unwarrantably harsh even. Kim Hyun-joong experienced it after his sleep inducing performance in Boys Over Flowers. DBSK’s Changmin earned his share of criticism during his role in the atrocity that was Paradise Ranch. And while some people jump too quickly to critique idols by actors’ high standard because after all, they are willingly journeying through thespian territory, it doesn’t make sense to do so. But that’s not to say that Jessica cannot be evaluated by standards of her own. The girl’s got a bit of acting credentials.

Jessicas Wild Romanceis Not So Wild Jessica has appeared on a few television shows, mainly playing herself in various cameos. In 2008, she appeared in Unstoppable Marriage, a daily sitcom that starred fellow SNSD group members Sooyoung and Yuri. She later made an appearance on Taehee, Hye Kyo, Jihyun with GG sister Sunny. The same year she landed the lead role of Elle Woods in the South Korean musical theatre adaptation of Legally Blonde, which lasted for over a year. But her role as Kang Jeong-hee in Wild Romance would be her first significant role in a television drama. The drama stars Lee Dong-wook (as Park Mu-yeol) and Lee Si-young (as Yoo Eun-jae) as the dumb baseball player and even dumber bodyguard. While the two actors play the one true pairing, Jessica takes the role of the obligatory ex-girlfriend who, after eight years abroad and a bout with schizophrenia, has come back into the picture hoping to regain the affections of her first love. The character, although sweet, straightforward, and fragile, also shows traits of selfishness and entitlement. The role would be an opportunity for Jessica to shine and show off the acting chops that she’d acquired on the stage.

But Jessica’s acting was limited to safe, bland facial expressions, over excessively cute manners of speaking, and a weak onscreen presence. Her acting, which would have been great for a music video, did not translate well into the K-dramaverse. Although she made an effort, she was not able to relay the emotions that the scenes called for.  However, I do want to give credit where its due: she was not entirely terrible. In fact, how I feel about Jessica’s performance can be summed up by an exchange between Yoo Eun-jae and her friend Dong-ha about Kang Jeong-hee (Jessica’s character) in episode 13:

Yoo Eun-jae: Does someone who is loved become lovely? Or is it because someone is lovely that they are loved?

Yoo Eun Jae: I’m talking about Kang Jeong-hee. Sometimes I really can’t stand her. But then suddenly, she will become very lovely.

Sometimes, I really enjoyed Jessica’s acting. Other times, I was just plain confused. And heres why, in my mind an idol actor possesses three identities:

The idol according to his/her persona. This is who we perceive the idol to be based on whether or not we like their music and appearances in the media and variety shows. The idol as an actor. This is the person we see in the drama, and whom we evaluate based on their acting capabilities. The idol as the character they are playing. In Jessica’s case, she plays Kang Jeong-hee, the ex-girlfriend of Park Mu-yeol and creation of drama writers. Jessicas Wild Romanceis Not So Wild Unfortunately for Jessica, those three identities blurred. So when her character smiled during moments that she shouldn’t have been smiling, I didnt know if  she didn’t understand those moments as an actress, if her character was just strange, or if she just liked to smile in general. Having played several cameo roles, it seemed she was uncomfortable playing a character, so reverted back to playing herself. I couldn’t tell where Jessica the person began and Kang Jeong-hee the character ended.

She also suffered the unfortunate situation of playing a character who was all-around confusing. I wasn’t sure whether the writers wanted us to love Kang Jeong-hee or hate her; feel sympathy for her or annoyance; want her to win the guy’s love or lose it. Her character was both likable and unlikable, which can be a problem for both the viewers and the actor.

Despite Jessica’s lukewarm performance and the confusing nature of the character, I believe that she did well in boosting Wild Romance’s low ratings. And I also believe that Jessica has a lot of potential; with some more experience in K-drama land, she’ll become more consistent and will be able to call herself one of the most bankable idol actors in the industry. For those of you who watched the drama, what did you think? Perhaps you enjoyed her performance? Did Jessica portray the character poorly or did she fall victim to terrible writing?

(TV Daily, The Korea Times)

‘Wild Romance’ Draws Curtain with Kissing

‘Wild Romance’ Draws Curtain with Kissing

The kissing of a couple has marked the final ending of the KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama “Wild Romance.”

On the February 23 episode, Park Mu-yeol (Lee Dong-wook) and Yoon Eun-jae (Lee Si-young) becomes a true couple against all odds. They first met as enemies when Eun-jae was forced to work as a bodyguard for Mu-yeol, a star baseball player, although she was his detractor. When Eun-jae fell for him, Mu-yeol’s first love, Kang Jong-hee (Jessica), to Eun-jae’s disappointment, returned some years after she left him. And a stalker of Mu-yeol harassed women around Mu-yeol.

But it turns out that the stalker is Mu-yeol’s housemaid, and she is arrested. Jong-hee leaves him again after learning that what Mu-yeol has cherished is not her but the memory that they had together.

Mu-yeol then confesses to Eun-jae, who is afraid of taking their relationship to the next level, that he is sorry to Jong-hee but the person he loves is her and kisses her.

Meanwhile, the Kim Dong-ah (Lim Joo-eun) and Kim Tae-han (Kang Dong-ho) couple tie the knot as they have wanted, while Jin Dong-su (Oh Man-seok) moves to a rural town with his wife Oh Soo-young (Hwang Sun-hee) to lead a quiet life.

“Wild Romance” will be succeeded by “Just Ordinary Love Story” starring rookie actors Yeon Woo-jin and Yoo Da-in.

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Stalker of Baseball Player Revealed in ‘Wild Romance’

Stalker of Baseball Player Revealed in ‘Wild Romance’

The identity of a stalker has been disclosed in the KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama “Wild Romance.”

On the February 22 episode, a housemaid who works for baseball player Park Mu-yeol (Lee Dong-wook) loses her mind when she finds out that Mu-yeol has brought a woman home. Furious, she tears into pieces Mu-yeol’s pictures that fill her room. Thinking the woman is Kang Jong-hee (Jessica), Mu-yeol’s first love, she even kidnaps her, but the woman Mu-yeol has brought is Yoon Eun-jae (Lee Si-young).

The housemaid also keeps Seo Yun-yi (Hong Jong-hyun), Mu-yeol’s detractor, to her room after making him unconscious with a drug when he becomes suspicious of her and mockingly accuses her, saying, “Are you saying that you’ve stalked him [Mu-yeol] out of love, not out of resentment or for money?” And she says that she has come to realize thanks to Mu-yeol how sweet it feels to have somebody who needs her, adding, “Why, is this not love? I don’t care if people say I’m crazy or disgusting. But no one can say this is not love.”

But her true identity is disclosed by Kim Dong-ah (Lim Eun-joo), who becomes suspicious of her when she has pretended to know nothing about the incident where she rescued Dong-ah from Yun-yi’s attack.

The housemaid cries, “I am Seon-hee, not a housemaid or an ordinary woman. I am so old that I can’t even fall in love with somebody.”

“Wild Romance” drew its curtain on February 23.

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Jessica in Wild Romance Ep 16

Episode 16 of Wild Romance, no English subs, sorry.  This is Jessicas last episode on the drama Jessica in Wild Romance Ep 16.  Quite a tragic ending I might add, but we knew her days on the drama were numbered.  Well look forward to more actress Jessica soon!

As an added bonus, this selca has surfaced of Jessica at a Wild Romance meeting or conference!

Credits: LECHIEN001@youtube

Wild Romance Ended with Single-Digit Rating Without Surprise

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Wild Romance Ended with Single-Digit Rating Without Surprise

KBS 2TV Wednesday and Thursday drama series Wild Romance finally ended its run, with a single-digit ratings without any surprise.

According to statistics released by AGB Nielson Media Research agency on February 24th, 2012, the final episode of Wild Romance achieved the rating of 5.4% for natianal average. The rating is even lower by 0.2% when comparing with previous episode.

On the contrary, MBC drama series The Moon that Embraces the Sun has created own highest ratings record with 41.3%, while SBS drama series Take Care of Us, Captains rating also exceeded Wild Romance at 5.8%.

In the final episode of Wild Romance, Eun Jae and Mu Yeol recognize each others feelings, and the drama ended with happy ending. Eun Jae and Jong Hee exchanged their clothing due to plot of Sun Hee and fell into the water. But Mu Yeol first saved the Jong Hee who is wearing the cloth of Eun Jae, letting Eun Jae misunderstand Mu Yeol as if he still has Jong Hee in the heart. Later Mu Yeol recognizes Eun Jae through the sports shoe, and makes a sincere confession to her, and kisses her romantically, ending sweetly.

In addition, from February 29th, 2012, a 4-episode Ordinary Love will be aired.

Girls’ Generation Jessica Shares About ‘Wild Romance’ Wrap Up

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Girls’ Generation Jessica Shares About ‘Wild Romance’ Wrap UpGirls Generations Jessica first drama Wild Romance has come to an end. The drama total of sixteen episodes had Jessica appear in ten of them. She stared as a painter holding her liquor, loving her cat and is bipolar.

Although Jessicas schedule included several countries such as New York, Paris and Bangkok she delivered a solid performance until the end, exceeding expectations.

The drama with a straightforward plot still had twists and turns allowing Jessica to show off her acting talents in different scenes. Fans complimented Jessica for her ability to portray both side of her character in a balanced manner.

Jessica thanked her fellow cast mates Lee Dongwook and Lee Siyoung during an interview describing it as a learning experience. Now that she has proven to be able to juggle between her different schedules and engagements, we will have to wait and see for her return until she selects her next work in Korean drama.

‘Wild Romance’ comes to a happy ending

‘Wild Romance’ comes to a happy ending

Moo Yul (Lee Dong Wook) and Eun Jae (Lee Shi Young) have a happy ending.

In the final episode of KBS2’s Wednesday-Thursday series Wild Romance, which aired on February 23, Moo Yul and Eun Jae get the record straight and confirm their love.

Eun Jae felt disappointed and confused when Moo Yul saved Eun Jae, who were wearing Jong Hee’s outfit.

She thought Moo Yul didn’t seem to love her because he tried to save Jong Hee first rather than Eun Jae.

Learning that Eun Jae did not trust him, Moo Yul also felt disappointed with her, and left for a training camp.

After a month, Moo Yul returns from the camp and Eun Jae learns that Moo Yul was trying to save her.

When she meets Moo Yul again, Eun Jae asks to Moo Yul, “How did you know that was me?” Moo Yul reveals that he realized it was Eun Jae by watching the laces of her sneakers.

Clearing up the misunderstanding, Moo Yul and Eun Jae confirm their love by smooching each other.

Following Wild Romance, from next week, Drama Special, Season 2- Ordinary Love starring Yun Woo Jin and Yoo Da In, is to air.

Wild Romance Ep 16 youtube

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Synopsis Summary for Episode 16 of Wild Romance Title: The last struggle for uncaught third strike strikeout At the swimming pool of the apartment, the aunt grabs the clothes of Eun Jae and Jong Hee and exchanges with each other.And he sets up both of them as the bait to lure Mu Yeol to swimming pool Wild Romance Ep 16 youtube