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Jooyeon calls After School's Lizzy ugly

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Jooyeon calls After School's Lizzy ugly

Former After faculty member Jooyeon had an insult for Lizzy at the October 3rd broadcast of "Tasty Road".

Lizzy invited Jooyeon in addition Jung Ah to revel in a restaurant in Itaewon with her co-host Park Soo Jin. Jooyeon expressed, "I watch "Tasty Road" often." The manufacturers asked her what she concept about Lizzy on the show, and Jooyeon spoke back in an unforeseen way.

She said, joking, "She"s ugly." Lizzy then added, "I know you can"t call any person who"s in reality ugly, "ugly,"" putting a favorable spin on it.

Lizzy is no doubt a long way from ugly! Don"t you agree?

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Leessang Company's new artist MIWOO to debut with first unmarried 'Ugly Doll' on September 4th

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Leessang Company's new artist MIWOO to debut with first unmarried 'Ugly Doll' on September 4th

Leessang Company"s new artist MIWOO may be making her reliable debut this month.

MIWOO will be freeing her first unmarried "Ugly Doll" on September 4th. A jacket symbol was once also released appearing a younger and cool picture of the singer as she"s observed curling up herself whilst showing a playful expression.

"Ugly Doll" is expounded to be composed, written and organized through all by MIWOO herself, proving her attainable as a singer - songwriter.

In addition, she turned into also the feature artist in Leessang"s newest song "Kaleidoscope".

Go Jun Hee feels ugly at times + says she drank with Lee Min Jung recently

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Go Jun Hee feels ugly at times + says she drank with Lee Min Jung recently

On a recent airing of Power FM "Choi Hwa Jung"s Power Time", actress Go Jun Hee made a surprise guest appearance on the show!

DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked the actress whether there are times she feels "ugly" to which Go Jun Hee replied, "Of course," and gave a befuddling confession. She said, "When I don"t have anyone that I like, my face turns darker," making everyone around burst into laughter. 

The actress explained her strange revelation with, "I don"t really like to primp myself. Even when I"m not dating, there has to be someone I like so that I doll myself up in case we come across each other. But when [there isn"t someone that I like], my body turns darker and people tell me that my face is tan," implying that she only bothers to look all nice when she is expecting to meet someone she wants to impress. 

Go Jun Hee delved a little deeper into her private life, revealing that she recently met with Lee Min Jung with whom she drank. However, because Lee Min Jung is currently the mother of an infant, Go Jun Hee stated, "We drank quickly and made for a hasty departure." Go Jun Hee revealed that she enjoys watching "Superman is Back," stating that she really likes Min Gook.

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AOMG"s Ugly Duck teases his next release "Whatever" with a comic strip

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AOMG"s Ugly Duckis teasing his next track release with a comic strip via Instagram where he comically portrayed his desire to be popular and good looking like LOCO andJay Park.

In the short comic strip, fans of AOMG walk past Ugly Duck saying, "AOMG is LOCO," and "No, Jay Park is the best." Ugly Duck then reflects on his current position, "I want to be popular, I want to be successful. I want to be sexy, why am I like this." However, he quickly brushes off the self-doubt and says, "F*** it, I"m just going to do live as how I am."

Meanwhile, Ugly Duck featured in Jay Park"s latest release, "MOMMAE," drawing interest with his impressive flow.

Stay tuned for Ugly Duck"s upcoming release, "Whatever" on June 26!

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TRITOPS say "Sorry That I"m Ugly" in their new MV

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TRITOPSare back with their new MV and digital single "Sorry That I"m Ugly" - which definitely doesn"t describe these good looking members!

The song is a beautiful RB track composed by TRITOP"s very own leader Hyungmoon! Lending a helping hand for the release isgirl group GI"s Eunji and rookie actor Lee Seung Jae, who star in the MV for the song.

TRITOPS are also planning to release their full album in both Korea and Japan in August, so be on the lookout for that!

Without further ado, check out their lovely new song through the MV above!

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TRITOPS say "Sorry That I"m Ugly" in MV teaser

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Vocal group TRITOPS is planning for a return as they recently dropped MV teaser for "Sorry That I"m Ugly," which is probably a very relatable topic for people who are bit down on their looks, but hey, don"t be!

The song is immensely soothing, especially with their soft, heartwarming vocals. It"s incredibly easy on the ears and you"re likely to replay the teaser over and over again - it flows like water.

The song will be out on June 10!

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MONSTA X"s Minhyuk apologizes for indirectly calling Zico ugly

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On the May 24 livestream of "MONSTA X Up" via AfreecaTV, Minhyuk was criticized for indirectly calling Block B"s Zico ugly while answering questions from their fans.

During the live airing, Jooheon was asked a question, "What do you think about people saying that you look like Zico?" Before Jooheon could answer, Minhyuk chimed in and said, "It would be annoying honestly. What do you think Jooheon, say it honestly."

Jooheon stayed silent and the members moved on to the next question. Though the moment was short, BBC fans who came across the airing and recording went onto Nate Pann to express their disappointment in the rookie idol member.

One commenter wrote, "I hear that it"s been only one month since their debut, he should have watched his words. Zico is his senior... Usually when people say that an idol looks like their sunbae, they say thank you and that they are honored. He [Minhyuk] was careless." Another wrote, "No, Zico should be the one annoyed."

Since the recording was released on YouTube and the issue grew bigger, Minhyuk took to Twitter and apologized to BBC fans and Zico. He wrote, "Because of my careless words, I have offended Zico and the fans of BBC. I am so sorry. It was never my intention, but because of the unfamiliar setting, my words slipped in the spur of the moment. Zico sunbae, I am so sorry. I will personally apologize to him and won"t repeat this mistake. I am genuinely sorry."

The problematic scene on the airing can be viewed above.

[민혁] 어제 저의 경솔한 발언으로 인해 지코 선배님과 비비씨 팬분들의 (cont)

— MONSTA X (@OfficialMonstaX) May 25, 2015

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Sunggyu denies being ugly and performs on "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook"

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Sunggyu denies being ugly and performs on

Sunggyu appeared on KBS 2TV"s "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" as a solo artist on May 15 and talked about his appearance.

He said, "I definitely do not have an ugly face. I never thought I was ugly. However, I wear showy clothes. I need to shine through my clothes," making everyne laugh.

As he performed Nell"s "Time to Walk Memories" on this day, he also revealed, "I was going to get a signature from Nell and ended up auditioning and that was the INFINITE now."

Check out his performances below!

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Actress Hwang Jung Eum thinks she"s ugly?

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Actress Hwang Jung Eum thinks she

On the May 12 airing of SBS" "Park So Hyun"s Love Game" radio show, beautiful actress Hwang Jung Eum talked about her looks.

She was asked by listeners, "What"s your secret to maintaining your looks?"

She replied, "I go to the salon every single day. I get my makeup done and my hair done."

Hwang Jung Eun added, "Since I have filmed for dramas a lot, I think about this a lot. When I was filming "High Kick", there was a time when I saw myself in the mirror and I thought I was really pretty. But these days, I think that I"ve become really ugly. My self confidence is going away."

Later on, she said, "Whether a woman is really pretty or not pretty, I think women have to dress themselves up till they die."

We have no idea why Hwang Jung Eum would think that she"s not pretty, but we hope she soon realizes how pretty she is!

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Park Myung Soo is miffed over his daughters" friends calling him ugly

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Park Myung Soo is miffed over his daughters

On the March 7th broadcast of MBC"s "Infinite Challenge," the cast members visited a daycare center and also had a chance to ask expert Dr. Oh Eun Young questions about children"s upbringing.

Yoo Jae Suk started off by saying, "Even if my child is playing with me, when it comes to a decisive moment, he will look for his mom. Why is that?"

Dr. Oh explained, "For children, the father is someone who plays with them and the mother is someone who takes care of and nurtures them."

At this HaHa replied, "Why am I working at this hour then?" jokingly showing his frustration. Park Myung Soo added, "I"ve thought of all sorts of things like if I should dress up as a woman." Sounds like the men wish their children could rely on them more!

Park Myung Soo further shared, "[My daughter] Min Seo says that her Kindergarten friends told her, "Your dad is ugly." Rather than crying about it, she told me this matter-of-factly. What am I supposed to do?"

Dr. Oh attempted to reassure Park Myung Soo otherwise, saying, "Seeing you today, I think you look better than I expected." The cast members, surprised, asked, "How bad did you think he looked?" causing the set to laugh.

Netizens commented on the episode saying, "Even so, Min Seo"s daddy comes out on TV~. Hehe. Have strength, Park Myung Soo ahjusshi!" and, "If Yoo Jae Suk was my teacher, even if it was just for a day, I would really listen to him~. Everyone did a good job and was amazing! I was moved hehe."