Lee Jin Wook Refutes Claims Made By capacity of A, Claims Sexual Family members Were Consensual

Lee Jin Wook Refutes Claims Made By capacity of A, Claims Sexual Family members Were Consensual

Lee Jin Wook Refutes Claims Made Via “A,” Claims Sexual Family members Were Consensualjun2yng July 17, 2016 0 Lee Jin Wook Refutes Claims Made By “A,” Claims Sexual Relations Were Consensual Updated July 18 KST: “A” Is Filing More Evidence In Case Opposed to Lee Jin Wook

On the night of July 17, Lee Jin Wook went to the Suseo police station and submitted to questioning, which prolongedin the process theevening for 11 hours. Lee Jin Wook used to be released at about 6 a.m. the morning of July 18.

The actor changed intopuzzledeitherwhen it comes to the sexual attack allegations brought forth by “A,” in addition his own complaint of false accusations.

During questioning, Lee Jin Wook totally refuted all claims made by “A,” and, consistent with the police, gave a close account of what happened. He claimed that the sexual relations with “A” were consensual, denying the sexual assault allegations.

Lee Jin Wook submitted screen captures of texts that he exchanged with “A,” and consented to taking a lie detector verify at a later date as smartly equally a mouth swab for DNA, which can bein comparison alongside the undies submitted by “A.”

Before going into the police station Sunday evening (July 17), Lee Jin Wook said, “For the sole explanation why that I’m a celebrity, I suspect ‘A’ thinks lightly of creating imitation accusations. Creating a false accusation is a huge crime. I’ll cooperate to the maximum productive of my skill during questioning.”

Meanwhile, “A” went in for wondering on July 15, and Lee Jin Wook countersued for false accusation on July 16.

Considering the good contradiction between Lee Jin Wook’s and A’s testimonies, police will be calling both parties in the close tolong term for further questioning and lie detector tests.

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Wu Yifan (Kris) Unsatisfied As Yet Every other Rumor Spreads Regarding His Family

Wu Yifan (Kris) Unsatisfied As Yet Every other Rumor Spreads Regarding His Family

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWu Yifan remains to be plagued through negativity with the Chinese media creating arecord on his privateexistence once again. This time, the artist expressed his frustration on his SNS. 

The maximumnewest scandal in regards to the former EXO member issues his paternity.

On July 5th, rumors relating to Wu Yifans paternity spread online after a Chinese online portal published a post. In keeping with the post, the artist/actors oldsters divorced all the manner through his formative years and he was once raised by his mother. There has been little dataconcerning his father.

The rumor that has spread is fairly detailed. It finds that his father is a Tsinghua University graduate who is latelyrunning equally the director in one of the most branches of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. However, the rumor turned intotemporarily quelled as a false rumor when the Chinese Academy of Sciences expose there was no such role (화남소) on their SNS.

Following the rumor spread, Wu Yifan took to his own own SNS to voice out his feelings, writing, No one will have topass that line. I don't have anyworry of what you do to me. Just dont cross the line by way of my family. 

With every otherfilm set to be released soon, Wu Yifan is locating himself in a next negative exposurethis provide day alongside the closing concerning his dating with an alleged ex-girlfriend who posted pictures of the 2 in bed.

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Hong Sang-soo's family,

Hong Sang-soo's family, "We never equipped text messages"

Hong Sang-soo's circle of relatives are going to sue a femininemag to the click Arbitration Commission. This magazine reported false contents and made up false conversations in a text message.

Apparently this magazine made it appear to be Hong's wife gave her interview off record, as though she poured her middle out to the feminine reporter and made-up text messages that she never provided.

Hong's wife claims she fileused to be made without her consent and the contents of the itemwere notright kind at all. She claimed she never discussedthe rest more or less their monetary conditions.

The hassleturned into worse as a result of the so called 'text messages' between Hong's wife and Kim Min-hee's mother. The household claims there's noexplanation why for them to present text messages as evidence when the interview was conducted off record.

Hong's wife stated she did speak about Kim Min-hee and the verbal exchange she had with Kim Min-hee's motheryet never supplied text messages to the reporter.

The Hong family members states, "We make an apology for this matter. It is not one person's mistake. However, even supposing I stated to the magazine that this conversation was off record, it now notsimplest broke the policy of the ethics of press but added false information. We asked the magazine to proper their mistakes but all they did was just take down the text messages and did not do anything else. Now they are just averting us. We'll sue them in the process the Press Arbitration Committee.

Hong Sang-soo's family have not had an authentic interview with any individualbut even so Dispatch.

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Netizens disgusted by way of JYJ Yoochun’s alleged sexual members of the family with prostitutes

Netizens disgusted by way of JYJ Yoochun’s alleged sexual members of the family with prostitutes

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJYJYoochun was these days accused of raping a woman in the toilet of an adult entertainment establishment.And despite the truth that the JYJ member has now not been shownblameless or to blame yet, netizens are already condemning him for allegedly visiting such an established order in the primarypositionthroughout his navy service.

The adult institution home he allegedly went to is a sort of brothel this isslightlycommonplace in Korea. And though such companies are illegal, theyre not very strictly enforced at all. Women who paintings at such puts are generally known as doumis (roughly translated into helpers), and stayshoppers company, pour them drinks, and might even offer sexual products and servicesinside of or outdoor the establishment for the correct price.

Most netizens who have encounter this news are mentioning that even though he didnt rape her, its much more likely than not that that the 2 had sexual relations, and feature expressed their disgust and unhappiness that he would consult with such an institution during his army service.NETIZEN REACTIONS

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this text being published.

7847, 545 If its true he went to this kind of placeseriously; ;;;;

2567, 69 Even if he didnt rape her he still went tosuch an establishment

2490, 49 He went to such a place even although hes a superstar and hes in his enlistment providerat this time

2204, 39 Whether it used to be forced or not still method he did it at an escort place..

2455, 82 Doesnt subject whether hes in the army or not yet its still wrong that he went

1883, 64 Did you not be informedanything else from Sanchoo and SE7EN you must just remain off television now too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Monsta X Delves into Obsession with The Extended family Pt. 1 LOST

Monsta X Delves into Obsession with The Extended family Pt. 1 LOST

20160524_seoulbeats_monstax_clan2Monsta X Delves into Obsession with The Extended family Pt. 1 LOSTWritten through Camiele On Would possibly 23, 201620160524_seoulbeats_monstaxAfter a little bit of wait following last year’s Rush EP, the lads of Monsta X go back alongsidesome other mini-album, the ominously titled The Clan, Pt. 1 LOST.

For all intents and purposes, Monsta X is new to me. Sure, I’d heard of them, even noticed one in their videos (the special rooftop functionality of “HERO”). Admittedly I know very little about Monsta X, yet aneat all timeskind of pegged them as some otherprobably the most brood of “hip-pop” teams out there, one of dozens that wear hip-hop like a idea to fake to stray from the “typical” idol groups (whatever that can mean nowadays, with such so much of purporting to be more difficult edged). However, I sought after to give them an opportunityto peer what, if anything, I may justremove from this team of beautiful boys.

With that during mind, the outlettune threw me for a piece of loop. “Ex Girl” is a candy song, even supposingthe topictopic is anything else but delightful—two aspects of the similar coin lamenting the loss of the other.

I knew that you’d turn clear of me

I know you’ll think I’m ridiculous

But I just wanna be with you for one day

I’m your ex-boy, can’t we turn things back?

Back to when we were happy?

I know, my ex-girl, when Igrew to become around and left

Why am I suffering with our memories?

Also sudden are the vocals here. Seeing Whee-in from Mamamoo lending her skills to “Ex Girl” says to me someone in Monsta X is sure of their vocal prowess. To head toe-to-toe no less than in narrative with a member of a collection with large vocals to spare, he’d better. In that department, at least, I don’t think I could’ve been disappointed. The variety and scope weren’t precisely taxing on any vocalist who’d give this mild track a shot.

And just as temporarily every bit I’m taken aback with the softer pop, I am getting what I roughly expected with whatever limited wisdom of the gang I had. “All In” usesthe average dubstep/EDM mashup that’s turn out to becommon in K-pop in the outdated couple of years. That being said, I will appreciate the melodic cadence of the vocal and how it interacts with the music and how enthusiastic our protagonist is to give all or not anything for the problem of his affection (music video notwithstanding).

The album musically continues in that vein with the next track. “White Sugar” turns out more or less like an extension of the song preceding it, giving us a heavier slice of EDM, with a slight pace modulation. Even lyrically, the song is decided on expressing our protagonist’s undying adoration of his love interest:

Don’t fly beyond me like the cushy jump wind

I wanna remain with you and love you

I’m softly melting at your scent

My hardened center is blossoming

If simplest your footsteps will come to me now

That’s how our spring will get started

However, the composition is nearly identical, doing practically nothing to distinguish it. In all probability that’s the point of the album in the end: paint a story with equivalent musical themes. However, that leaves LOST sort of swimming in its own overexaggerated beats, as thoughseeking toin point of factforcehouse the message “We move hard, even if we’re speaking just abouttopics of the heart.” Inevitably one just skips ahead, if for no other reason than to locateanything else to concentrate to. To begin with I didn’t even realize I used to bebeing attentive to a other song till I went back to determine why “All In” used to besee you later without introducing such a lot as a signature change.

With track “Focus on Me” we’re given more of the fluffiness we were presented to at the mini’s opening. It doesn’t lend a hand that this song is almost just like “Ex Girl,” save for some nuances and a fuller sound. However, at this point in the story, our protagonist’s fixation at thefeminine lead is in reality bordering on obsession. If declarations of undying love and how easiest her skin is were caution rounds in the air, “Focus on Me” is indubitably shots fired:

I totally fell for you

I can’t assistance but to get greedy

The more I glance at you, the greedier I get

I’m consideringthe entirety about you

I’m now not like this to other girls

My eyes are justmounted on you

I close my eyes but I see you

I’m not gonna hesitate anymore

He even is going on to inform her pointe-blank, “From today, I’m only captivated with you. But I’m not dangerous, so little one don’t worry.” Sure, buddy. You tell me you’re passionate about me, then observe information technology up with how un-dangerous you are? That’s reassuring. And oh-so romantic. Look, fellas. Word of advice, preventwanting so hard. As an alternative of spending your time stalking and lamenting your want for this woman, why not just ask her out for a cup of coffee? As a substituteof having pissy when she smiles at other guys as you take a seat there and watch, why not means her? Cease hiding at the back of that bush with your binoculars, Cyrano, and opt for it. (But if your love hobby is your cousin, you'velargercomplications than an unlucky penchant for obsession.)

From desiring the eye of a love interest to bemoaning her loss of attention, “This Cheating” dares to be fairlyalternative by giving us a piece of a quickervelocityall throughthe primary verse and chorus, then a breakdown for the rapper to polish laterthe 1st iteration of the chorus—which manifestly goes back to an identical dubstep that makes up part the album to this point. It does serve as the album’s maximum musically appealing song, the use of a mashup of alternative musical tropes. However, it does little to get a divorce the monotony. Neither does it do much to mood the provoking obsessiveness of our leading man.

“Because of U” adds some more lightness to the heavy-handed attempts at “swagger.” Not groundbreaking, but the smoothness of the track does at the leastarrange to do something none of the alternative songs on the album did: differentiate itself from what got here before. There’s a pleasant footling swing here, the falsetto vocals fitting neatly with the music, even the rap locating a positionto take a seatconveniently in the beauty of the track. Even a little flub-up on the closing go-round of the refrain (the lead vocalist seeming to overlookthe completeleisure preceding the chorus) adds charm to the track. The song finishing as hastily as it does is actually no accident. As the closing of this phase 1, it does force the listener to sort of lean into what comes next, as if expecting something that hasn’t came about yet. So at the very least the last note of the album is effective. How high-qualityit's miles as the cap to what preceded it's questionable.

20160524_seoulbeats_monstax_clanAnd unfortunately given the tone of the songs preceding it, the sweetness of the lyrics sort of gets tainted, drowned in the slobbering jowls of a tender man’s obsession with a young lady. Which is a shame, as itactually is a sweet song.

My working out of Monsta X turned into that it falls beneath the umbrella of “dance” groups that appear to crop up by the fistfuls each and every few months. They’ve were given their charismatic “rapper” lead, their mandatory sweet-voiced crooner, and the needful beat-driven music that makes numerous room for the boys to take on choreography. They’re a neighborhoodsupposed for the degree more than the studio, insofar as they’re intent was to discover their fit in the dance organization niche and have a look at to outdo the other groups they have got to proportion the highlight with. Whilst there were moments that strayed from this norm, the ones moments were full ofsame old popular fare—nothing really exciting or maybe interesting.

So Monsta X sort of lands in the middle—same sort of fluffiness interspersed between the same type of hardcut beats. In my very humble opinion, the album is a less convincing offshoot of the Most Stunning Moment in Life series of their dance group peers. LOST really is like a muddled affair with music that’s not bad, per se, but it indeed doesn’t leave an impression.

Fans of the group will almost definitely find much to take faraway from this first in what seems to be a two-part series. And while the vocals when they do shine are commendable and the compositions are similar to everything else available in the marketwhen it comes to decent quality, that’s with reference to it. Everything here is solely on par, not really excelling in any specific area, just sort of stagnating in a spot that’s overpopulated with exactly the same thing.

(Images by way of Starship Entertainment YouTube, pop!gasa)


This image Jia up to date  appropriate  prior to she left proves JYP is a family

This image Jia up to date appropriate prior to she left proves JYP is a family

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJias departure from miss A and JYP Entertainment made national headlines, causing many to query the long term of the crowd and agency. 

And whilst there are still rumors of unrest and disunity some of the company, fanaticslatelyfound out a photo that they've claimed proves otherwise. Uploaded 3 weeks ago, the Instagram photo capabilities Jia posing with and appearing love for JYP Entertainment founder and representative Park Jin Young.

With the verdictnow notto resume her contract indisputably not a small matter, fans argued that she should have already been taking into consideration her features when the footage were taken. Seeing how close Jia and Park Jin Young are, many agreed that JYP Entertainment artists are a family, and that Jias departure doesnt mean theres disunity in the company.

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Rain and Kim Tae Hee Holiday in Jeju Island With Family

Rain and Kim Tae Hee Holiday in Jeju Island With Family

Rain and Kim Tae Hee Holiday in Jeju Island With Circle of relatives soojji Might 15, 2016 0 Rain and Kim Tae Hee Vacation in Jeju Island With Family After a file that said that superstar couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee were on vacation in combination in Jeju Island, a representative for Rain’s firm confirmed that, “Rain and Kim Tae Hee have left for a two eveningand 3 day go back and forth to Jeju Island with family and friends.”

The rep continued, “After the trip, Rain is scheduled to leave the rusticto accomplish in Malaysia on Could 19; therefore, they made up our mindsto make the effort to take a smash and vacation. There's nospecificreason why for the trip. On account of their busy schedules, there were no talks of marriage.”

According to the initial report, singer and actor Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee left for a vacation to Jeju Island on May also 15 with their family. They are staying at a buddiespositionwhilst there. Locals have witnessed the couple spending quality time with each and every other in quiet spots. Instead of going to crowded tourist sites, they went on dates in areas they is alsoready tovery easily relax. They seem to be a more than pleased couple.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee showed their romantic dating in January 2013 and were dating since. Because of their fame and age, the couple has continuously been surrounded by way of marriage rumors, prompting Rain to state that he's going to tell his fanaticsat once about any marriage news in the future.

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Ahn Jaehyun & Goo Hye Sun Met A Kid, A Family-like Appearance

Ahn Jaehyun & Goo Hye Sun Met A Kid, A Family-like Appearance

Ahn Jaehyun Goo Hye Sun Met A Kid, A Family-like Appearance? May 16, 2016 10:24

The sweetest and maximum romantic, soon-to-be married superstar couple Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun staythe affection in the air.

A photo of the couple with an adorable kid inside of a aircraft is being shared on SNS. Jaehyun and Hye Sun are sitting beside each and every other with the child in the middle. In the photo, the 2 are conserving the boy's hands and the actress seem like amused with the boy's cuteness.

Netizens are commenting that the 3 are giving a family-like appearance the manner they were captured. Goo Hye Sun having a lookimmediately and smiling at the kid whilst Jaehyun is lovingly laying his eyes on his gorgeous bride.

Are we picturing the long term of the family this couple will make? Meanwhile, Ahn Jaehyun Goo Hye Sun are getting married on Saturday (May 21).

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Jung Joon Ha Kept Show Me The money 5 Effects Secret From His Own Family

Jung Joon Ha Kept Show Me The money 5 Effects Secret From His Own Family

Jung Joon Ha Kept “Show Me The cash 5” Effects underground From His Own Circle of relatives notclaira April 28, 2016 0 Jung Joon Ha Kept “Show Me The Money 5” Results Secret From His Own Family Comic Jung Joon Ha, who is an ordinary member of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” currently took at the challenge of auditioning for rap survival program “Show Me the Money 5.”

In a up to date interview, a reporter asked him about the effects “off the record.”

“You’ll have to test the broadcast on Would possibly 13,” he stated firmly. “I haven’t even told my wife. I can bein a position to say that I used to bestunnedby way ofthe implications and I worked hard.”

Although Jung Joon Ha can find the money for to play coy now, he published that he felt intense anxiety and drive leading up to the audition.

“After ‘Show Me the Money’ ended, I had such so much of overwhelming feelings,” he said. “I consideredthe entire suffering I’d endured. I hadn’t even been capable of sleep. Honestly, I was once just depressed. After the recording become over, I must accept rested, yet ane kept thinking, ‘How do I do this? What lyrics should always I write?’”

He added, “It was like homework. Whilst you write lyrics, it’s comfy if you're feelingin an instant that it’s good, but most often you’re unsure. It was also stressful as it was anything I’d never done before. I’ve even done a musical prior to but I had never been as frightened every bit I was for ‘SMTM5.’ It was the similar feeling as when I presumed I was blindfolded in a helicopter on ‘Infinite Challenge.’”

Jung Joon Ha had prior to now promised to turn a new aspect of himself on the show and told everybodyforward of the audition now not to laugh.

“I’d readythat during advance,” he said. “As I practiced, I kept imagining how the functionality would go. I felt that numerousfolks would laugh when they saw me. As a result of that feeling I idea I had to come in a little more forcefully. I’m certainthey maylisten me outdoor the gymnasium.”

Are you taking a lookahead to seeing how he does on the show?

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