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Ice princess-turned-queen Jessica for 'Past, Present, Future'

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Ice princess-turned-queen Jessica for 'Past, Present, Future'

Jessica is in the canopy of a Singaporean style mag "L"Officiel" and she is beneficiant ample to proportion the preview of her pictorial.

On her instagram account, Jessica, who is referred to as ice princess right through her SNSD days now offers off a queen air of mystery whole with a golden crown. She looks sublime and  sophisticated in army blue get dressed accentuated with white collar and a few ruffles. Moreover, words "Jessica Jung Past, Present, Future" could also be intriguing making enthusiasts wait for her interview.

""Taking a ruin is helping you reflect on either your past and your future. It clears your brain and will let you to refocus what you need to prevail in in life. each person must do it from time to time." - @jessica.syj" (from @jackwangg)

She also presents a fierce gaze whilst sitting conveniently in a majestic chair while dressed in sumptuous fashion logo and jewellery from Gucci and Bulgari . Hail Queen Jessica!

A Promise For The Future in Xiah Junsu’s “Yesterday”

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20151019_seoulbeats_xiah_junsu A Promise For The Future in Xiah Junsus Yesterday Written by Willis On October 21, 2015 This has been a strong year of music releases. Xiah Junsu, who goes by the stage name Xia for his solo works, had released a stunning album earlier in the year with the impeccable Flower, and he continues to grace us with his latest title song Yesterday, which is billed as his first ballad single.

Yesterday, at its core, functions as a love song but the lyrics hint to underpinnings of being a promise of devotion to his fanswith the other two members of JYJ currently fulfilling their mandatory military obligations, there has been speculation as to when Junsu would enlist as wellwho he hopes to walk down the road with at a later point in their lives and career.

Yesterday is absolutely stunning. Composed and penned by Lucia, it has sparse instrumentationopting for the piano with some strings accenting the song from the first chorus onward. Of course, the most compelling aspect of the song lies in Junsus vocal delivery. He has a penchant for emoting and Yesterday finds him projecting from a very personal space.

Junsu is one of the most talented vocalists in K-pop, and it is because he has such a gifted command of his instrument. He has an ability to power through notes but always finds a way to inject emotion and connect with his audience. Yesterday does not require Junsu to belt, instead showcasing a softer lamentation about his uncertainties and anxiety about a futureundetermined and unpredictable. His voice doesnt necessarily flex with outright power, but exercises a softer power, one that intimately unsettles your core and sticks with you like sweet lullabies assuaging your childhood fears.

As stated before, the lyrics hint to at least two interpretations. The more straightforward take on relates to the uncertainty in a relationship. Junsu expresses his apprehension over drifting apart from his significant other. From life lessons gained through experience, there are some harsh realities that occur with time spent apart. One such lesson expressed in the lyrics is that as people grow older, their memories arent as vivid. And while he honestly expresses that he wishes to grow old with his significant other, he does not deny the reality of the hurdle in front o him. At this point, with time and distance between them, he can only hope for the best:

I cant ask you to wait for me

But as if you know what I want

But while the ballad functions as a love song expressing his anxiety about an uncertain future, it can also be interpreted as a promise towards his fans. The distance and separation will develop when he decides to enlist, and he hopes that his fans wont forget him down the line. Junsu comes to terms with the fact that the only sure thing are that things will continue to change with time. However, he extends a hand and offers to continue having that artist-fan connection as long as they are willing to have him.

The MV features Fujii Mina and Kim Kang-woo in a post-apocalyptic tragedy. The lighting is important in denoting the time shifts. The way the light is cast on certain objects is telling of what part of the story we are on.

The MVs time chronology shifts from Kim Kang-woo waking up after surviving the comet impact to the world that exists prior to the comet falling. We are exposed to the complexities of Kim Kang-woo and Fujii Minas relationship and realize that those small misgivings are feeble because deep down, they love each other.

The theme of religion is presented in various moments in the video. There is a quote from Revelation 9:6 in reddish black tints that reads But death will flee from them. There is also another bit that perhaps hints to keeping the faith as a cell phone flashes Faith 0920 on it. Later on, there is a lady with a red cross painted over her face holding onto seven candles joined together in one candlestick. Red, black, and blues are the colors that paint the MV, adding to the striking mood and somber atmosphere.

The music video is heartbreaking and more than anything, it correlates with the song through emotional resonance. Kim Kang-woo and Fujii Mina provide this backdrop of love amid tragedy.While the tragedy lies in this complexity of their relationship possibly coming to endseparating these two who have built up their own little world together, there is a hopeful chord at the end of the MV as Fujii Mina, presumed dead, shows signs of life when she moves her fingers. I also found the moment where the old man walked through the destruction holding tightly to the rocking horse to be gut-wrenchingwith the rocking horse alluding to the person he may have lost in the destruction.

Yesterday is steeped in this simplistic elegance that stirs at your emotional core. It is moving in the quiet breaks and fragility of Junsus voice. The MV is an epic that gives life to small microcosms of life that survives the catastrophic destruction that batters the planet. Sometimes the CG work does take you out of those moments, but the ambition to tell this story is admirable. The lyrics resonate on multiple fronts as the love story poses a multitude of interpretations. At the end of the day, the MV and song are memorable additions to Junsus impressive works. Yesterday is a powerful promise to fans as Junsu breathes melancholy into the exposed tendrils of his heart in expressing an honest love that will outlast a lifetime.

(C-Jes Entertainment, YouTube, Translation via 1theK)

TWICE disclose what kind of artist they aspire to be in the future

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TWICE disclose what kind of artist they aspire to be in the future

On October 20, JYP"s hot new woman staff two times celebrated the free up in their debut album "The tale Beings" with a commemorative exhibit at are living tune corridor AX-Korea in Seoul!

During the interview portion of the album showcase, when asked what the group"s overarching objective is, Jihyo answered, "I need a massive number of other people to say, "That neighborhood is cool," when they see us. Our intention is to transform a decent artist that folk recall to mind when they believe "Korea."" 

Jihyo added, "We are a multi-cultural organization yet the manner we keep up a correspondence by the use of music is an identical much like any other country. I believe it"s fantastic that we might be in a position to permit individuals in more different countries concentrate to our music." 

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'Twenty Again' famous person Lee Sang-yoon lists Jeon Mi-seon and Ha Ji-won as his favourite co-starring actresses in the future

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'Twenty Again' famous person Lee Sang-yoon lists Jeon Mi-seon and Ha Ji-won as his favourite co-starring actresses in the future

On October 19th, Lee Sang-yoon had an interview to wrap up tvN"s Friday & Saturday drama, "Twenty Again".

Lee Sang-yoon used to be asked if he has any actresses in his brain with whom he needs to co-star. He said, "I become looking at television a couple of days ago and all of surprising I got here around the concept that it'll be wonderful if I may just act with Jeon Mi-seon in a melodrama. i've been her fan all of the time. i love somebody with her image. Her acting may be great".

Lee Sang-yoon persisted on, "I in reality would like to paintings with Ha Ji-won as well. She"s just right with action in addition melodrama. I"ve never done action before. I"d love to play in an action drama or a movie. If a chance for it'd come, I"d take it".

The ultimate episode of "Twenty Again" recorded its perfect score with the reasonable 7.6% and the pinnacle 8.9% in reaction to the included ranking of cable, satellite, and IPTV. The drama was enjoyed via the quite so much of age teams from teens to the folks in their 50s.

"Twenty Again" began with the average rating of 3.8% and the maximum efficient rating of 5.8%, that have been the most effective ratings among all the tvN dramas so far. From its first episode to the very last episode continuously, it recorded the fitting rating a few of the techniques broadcast all over the similar airtime.

Taeyeon Will most probably now not Be acting in Dramas in the close to Future

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Taeyeon Will Likely Not Be Appearing in Dramas in the Near Future Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation, who currently released a solo album, used to be featured in a are living interview at the October 18 episode of “Inkigayo.” On the interview, she became introduced, in conjunction with Kyuhyun of Super Junior, as examples of the singers who are a hit either in their teams, and also as solos.

She was then asked in the interview whether she was interested by performing at all in the future. She responded, “If i am getting the chance, I’d like to test out it. yet appropriate now, numerous the contributors of Girls’ Generation are doing it, so I’m satisfied to pass for now.”

ZE:A’s “Continue” Is an Homage to the Group’s beyond and a Promise for Its Future

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ZE:A’s “Continue” Is an Homage to the Group’s Past and a Promise for Its Future Nine participants of the group ZE:A reunite after a year and 3 months to liberate a best-of album containing a new music “Continue.” Written via the composing team, the melody is persuasive in its subtle yet grand tune and chorus.

This new album is a compilation of past hit songs spanning their five-year history beginning with the first actual unmarried released back in January of 2010. Also contained are some prior to now unpublished behind-the-scenes pictures from their early days.

The teaser symbol for the recent album is a composite of every of the nine members’ hands attaining out to the sky. One of the vital lines from the new song “Continue” encouraged this imagery. The line says “Fly again. We can fly away. pass higher. we're going to fly away.” and it indicates the group members will lift themselves to a upper level.

ZE:A’s best-of album containing a new track has been released on September 18 at midday KST on quite so much of online music source sites.

A few days before the release of this album, member Minwoo started his army conscription, satisfying his responsibility to his country.

Check out the legitimate music video in their new song “Continue” here.

ZE-A Best Album - Continue Enhance the artist by purchasing ZE:A Best Album - Continue from YesAsia Sources (1)

KARA needs to accomplish on a Throwback Special With Girls’ Generation and beauty women in the Future

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KARA Wants to carry out on a Throwback Special With Girls’ Generation and Wonder Women in the Future KARA lately participated in an interview with XSports News all over which they reflected on their 8 years as a band.

Regarding their talent to stick in combination during the last eight years, Park Gyuri commented, “I think just the reality that we KARA exists has meaning. We haven’t been around so long as our seniors Shinhwa or g.o.d, yet don’t you suspect it’s been some time for a 2d generation idol group? i suspect our lovers appreciate that we liberate anything once or more a year, even though it’s only for an annual festival. i believe it’s encouraging when other folks compliment our plain ability to remain keep up this.”

“I think loving the team and having an attachment to it allowed us to stay on till now,” member Goo Hara added. “Because we know the affection we have got gained is big, irrespective of whether it demanding or whatever, we attempt to maintain keep this going. It’s simplest conceivable because we are a group.”

Han Seungyeon chimed in, “I think it’s because we are smitten by what we would like to do.”

Regarding what they’d find impossible to resist to do going forward, Han Seungyeon printed her preference to take part in a throwback special with fellow woman teams Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls. “It’s a concept I had recently whilst looking at ‘Saturday Saturday Is a Singer‘ that I would love to do something like that 15 to two decades down the street with peers who are active with us now. I wish to move on level with peers like Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation and operate our beyond songs in a song display format. Via that time, everybody will have got married and feature children, and I think it is going to be fun.”

Park Gyuri quipped, “The future isn't as some distance away as you think.”

Sounds like a neat idea! do you want to peer those groups on stage together in a throwback music special in the future?

EXO′s Su Ho, Baek Hyun and Chen speak about the future of EXO

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EXO′s Su Ho, Baek Hyun and Chen 
speak about the future of EXO

--> EXO′s Su Ho, Baek Hyun and Chen have graced the pages of @star1.

the men are noticed posing very easily in herbal environments like the living room and making adorable facial expressions which are certain to make the fanatics swoon in the spread which is f consumeured in the August factor.

The EXO individuals also sat down for an interview with the mag, where they mentioned the whole lot from the future of EXO to acting.

When asked if there′s an EXO they dream of for the future, Baek Hyun acknowledged, " i need us to flourish for a truly, truly long time like buddies, like circle of relatives. Later, when we′re older, i need us all to reside in the similar group and get in combination periodically to consume and f consumeure parties."

When asked about any guidelines as the leader on how to unite a team, Su Ho acknowledged, "I attempt to have numerous conversations. From the smallest things, I confer with the individuals so much very easily."

at the subject of acting, Chen acknowledged, "Of path I would like to act. If they let me, i can do my easiest."

the whole interview and spread may also be discovered in the August factor.

Chad Future Rocks Out in “Famous” MV Featuring HOTSHOT’s Sungwoon

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Chad Future Rocks Out in “Famous” MV Featuring HOTSHOT’s Sungwoon

Chad Future has released the music video for Famous, which is the second music video for his new album after So Good.

Famous features HOTSHOTs Sungwoon and is produced by Shin Hyuk, who has also worked with EXO, SHINee, Teen Top, and Justin Bieber.

Directed by Jae Choi of Key Artist Agency, Famous shows how Chad Future and Sungwoon have fun with all the luxuries of being a star.

In his personal message, Chad Future writes, I had so much fun making this song and video with Sungwoon and the HOTSHOT team!! Filming in Korea was a blast and this is my first major single featuring over 80 percent Korean lyrics, too! I want to thank everyone who helped bring this project to life. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Meanwhile, Chad Futures second mini-album was released on June 30.

Lee So Yeon to proudly show off her future husband

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Lee So Yeon Reveals Her Groom-to-Be for the First Time Actress Lee So Yeon revealed her groom-to-be in a pictorial for the fashion magazine InStyle ahead of her wedding, which is scheduled for September.

The couple exudes happiness, and they show their love for each other as a shy bride and a reliable groom. In particular, Lee So Yeons smile is warmer than ever.

In the photos, there is light skinship, the groom with his arms around the actresss waist. The entire photo shoot is very sweet, and there is no doubt that the two of them make a beautiful couple.

Meanwhile, Lee So Yeon will get married in September to a businessman who is two years younger than her.