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Heechul gives recommendation to EXID on How to take care of Their Promotions

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Heechul deals Advice to EXID on How to address Their Promotions For their comeback, EXID seemed by method of the Naver V app with a printed called “All Day EXID Thunder Party” on November 17. Super Junior‘s Heechul happened to look as a guest.

The veteran idol had top compliment for the ladies of EXID, telling them that they’re doing really well musically. He also had some words of recommendation to provide the group. “You’ll most likely be troubled whilst things are going well. You’ll get wiped out as you get busier. Just ensure that whatever activities you’re doing, you at all times wear your seatbelt in the car. I'm hoping that you never must do promotions while injured.”

Heechul spoke from an excessively private position at the matter, as Large Junior is not any stranger to traffic accidents. Heechul used to be interested by an coincidence in 2006 that required a steel rod be installed his leg, and the accident where the group’s van flipped over in 2007 nearly cost Kyuhyun his life.

Meanwhile, EXID’s latest unmarried “HOT PINK” dropped at nighttime KST on November 18.

PSY Discreetly Donated 500 Million Won for Pediatric Psychiatric Care

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PSY Discreetly Donated 500 Million Won for Pediatric Psychiatric Care Thanks to a beneficiant donation from PSY, Yonsei Severance Hospital was once in a position to ascertain a new pediatric psychiatric remedy clinic. Although the hot clinic is best just now getting press, it in truth opened in November of remaining year.

According to a commentary from representatives of either the entertainment industry and Yonsei Severance Hospital, PSY donated 500 million won (approximately $430,000) value of proceeds from his album “Gentlemen” in September 2014, bringing up the need to pay off his domestic enthusiasts for their improve and encouragement. thank you to that donation, the “PSY Treatment Clinic” opened its doors on November 1, 2014.

“On average, the clinic sees between 20 and 30 patients a day, although infrequently we will see more than 30 patients in one day,” acknowledged a representative from Yonsei Severance Hospital’s control assist team. “In the last year, we’ve treated around 5,000 children.”

The treatment clinic is house to a massive number of treatment systems for numerous other disorders, equivalent to youngsters who be afflicted by ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), language building disorders, and people who fall in the autism spectrum, just to call a few.

It’s now not YG Entertainment‘s first collaboration with Yonsei Severance Hospital, either. They’ve donated to the hospital on no less than two alternative occasions; once in November 2011 throughout the public pastime “With Campaign,” and once in December 2013 to the “Dream Gift Campaign,” which backed patients with center disease.

Meanwhile, PSY is determined to be making his first comeback in two years with a new album on December 1, followed via his concert “All evening Stand 2015″ from December 24 thru December 26.

AOA lands endorsement take care of 'Chicken Mania'

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AOA lands endorsement take care of 'Chicken Mania'

Delicious, crispy, Korean chicken is made even more mouthwatering dependent on who advertises the chocolates and who higher to up the charm of tasty chicken than the horny women of AOA? 

The lady team used to be reported to have landed an endorsement address Korean chicken franchise "Chicken Mania"! An FNC Entertainment rep relayed, "AOA proved to be a blue chip in the marketing global with their endorsement handle "Chicken Mania."" In a contemporary photo shoot with the franchise, AOA used a diversified set of props to sing their own praises their many charms and stayed pro although the shoot become prolonged thru past due hours.

A "Chicken Mania" rep stated, "We looked highly the healthy and bright symbol authentic to AOA which they showed in now not most effective tune programs, yet also in dramas and variety. We are anticipating for AOA to extend our logo power."

EXID′s Hani Finds Her Skin Care Secret

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EXID′s Hani Finds Her Skin Care Secret

--> EXID member Hani′s skin care secret's garnering attention.

The October 26 broadcast of tvN′s The List 2015 delved into ′Beautiful stars who have flawless skin regardless of the exchange of seasons.′

The megastar who garnered specific attention was once EXID′s Hani, who printed that her skin care tip to save you dry skin isn't turning at the heater.

She also revealed that she uses her own DIY essence, composed of toner, 3 forms of essence and face oil.

Hwang Jung Eum stocks Her undeniable and Wonderful Skin Care Tips

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Hwang Jung Eum Shares Her straightforward and Effective Skin Care Tips Actress Hwang Jung Eum has published her secret to achieving smooth and hydrated skin.

On the October 26 episode of tvN’s “Name List 2015,” the actress was known for her gorgeous complexion, ranking fifth on the show’s list of “Beauties with Flawless Skin Even When Seasons Change.”

When asked to proportion her skin care tips, Hwang Jung Eum emphasizes the significance of having a good cleansing regime. Regardless of suffering with extremely dry skin, she cleanses her face five to 6 times to cast off all impurities and dead skin cells.

To repair the moisture degrees of her skin, she finishes off her skin care regimen with a nourishing facial oil, which is one of the keys to achieving her healthy glow.

For additional hydration, she makes certain to consume so much of fruits and vegetables, in addition treat herself to a moisturizing facial mask every day.

′K-Pop Big name 5′ to update ′Please care for Dad′

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′K-Pop Big name 5′ to update ′Please care for Dad′

--> Please care for Dad can be going off the air and be replaced by way of K-Pop Megastar 5.

A rep from SBS′ Please glance After Dad mentioned to Newsen on October 22, "Please appearance After Dad will be going off the air."

Please Look After Dad, which aired its pilot episode in February, made audience laugh and cry by shooting 4 famous person dads′ relationships with their daughters and starred Lee Kyung Kyu and his daughter Lee Ye Rim, Jo Jae Hyun and his daughter Jo Hye Jeong, Jo Min Ki and his daughter Jo Yun Kyung and Kang Suk Woo and his daughter Kang Da Eun. Kang Suk Woo and Jo Min Ki later left the display and Lee Deok Hwa and his daughter in addition Park Se Ri and her father joined the show, capturing the relationships between fathers and their 30-something daughters.

Season one of Please Look After Dad will conclude on November 1, and K-Pop Star 5 will take over.

Manse Tries His Hand at kid Care On “Superman Returns”

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Manse Tries His Hand at baby Care On “Superman Returns” On the October 11 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” the triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse went to the park with twins Seol Ah, Soo Ah, and little one Daebak (Shi Ahn).

During the outing, Song Il Gook’s trademark “train” drew pastime from passersby with six youngsters as an alternative of three. The triplets had numerous a laugh on the train, encouraging their suffering father, whilst Seol Ah and Soo Ah sat wide-eyed at the unfamiliar transportation.

In the park, while Daehan and Minguk ran to lend a hand the fallen Seol Ah, Manse gave little Daebak a flurry of kisses. He then went directly to push his stroller all over the park.

At one point, he went too rapid and bumped into his brother Minguk. Luckily, nobody used to be harm and Minguk walked away without a scratch. Manse showed his adulthood by way of asking Daebak, “Are you okay? Did I cross too fast?” For the remainder of the ride, he became careful to invite the little one where he sought after to move and sing him songs.

“Superman Returns” airs each Sunday at 4:50 KST. Watch the newest episode below.

Girl′s Days′ Minah to relate This Week′s ′Please care for Dad′

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Girl′s Days′ Minah to relate This Week′s ′Please care for Dad′

--> Girl′s Day′s Minah will serve as a distinct narrator for the October four broadcast of SBS′ Please Take care of Dad.

Minah, who is enjoyed for her bubbly symbol and candy voice, will amplify her scope and display a new facet to her charms as a special narrator.

In the past, Minah gave the impression on television and shed tears seeing her father in the audience. As Minah′s affections for her father run deep, she is expected to narrate the lives of the 4 fathers and daughters, having a look on with loving eyes.

The production team stated, "As much as Minah has expressed her love for her father on many occasions, we think she can be ready to resonate with the daughters who are making memories with their fathers."

Minah also expressed her excitement at narrating Please Look After Dad, announcing "I need narrate with the guts of a daughter who needs to make more memories with her dad," earlier than adding "What if I get started crying throughout the recording desirous about my dad?"

The episode of Please Look After Dad, featuring Minah′s narration, will air on October 4 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Jang Geun Suk stocks a heartfelt moment with fans, volunteering at kid care center

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Jang Geun Suk stocks a heartfelt moment with fans, volunteering at kid care center

Jang Geun Suk shared a meaningful weekend with fanatics this beyond Saturday volunteering at Namsanwon, a kid care middle in the Jung District of Seoul. 

Jang Geun Suk and his fans have turn into known for their relay of sort acts in the past. Namsanwon in specific holds a unique position in the hearts of Cri J (Jang Geun Suk"s legit fan club) as the individuals actively volunteered there two times a month for 4 consecutive years. 

As soon as he arrived at Namsanwon, Jang Geun Suk wear an apron and a grin for the entire youngsters who thankfully greeted him. The actor, who is expounded to revel in cooking, for my part made ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and gimbap (seaweed rice rolls), affectionately feeding the kids who ran up to get a flavor of his food. 

Jang Geun Suk relayed, "I was once very much moved via the letter that the teenagers addressed to me, so I resolved that I have to satisfy them. It become made even more special by the reality that my fans were there, and my middle is fulfilled because I were given to spend a joyous day with the kids. I would like to continue construction this useful courting with the children." 

Cri J additional donated a general of 15 million KRW ($12,700 USD) adding little one formula and diapers, which they were ready to buy with the profits from the photo exhibition they opened remaining August in commemoration of Jang Geun Suk"s birthday. Jang Geun Suk is declared to have donated an extra 10 million KRW (~$8,452 USD) to the kid care center. That isn"t all. once a year at the actor"s birthday, which falls on September 26, each and every fan donates a whole of 9.3 million KRW (~$7,861 USD) for the children. 

A Namsanwon employee relayed the deep gratitude felt from Jang Geun Suk and his fans" charitable actions, stating, "We"re so touched and thankful that the fans display affection against the youngsters by proceeding to discuss with us. Jang Geun Suk has certain left the children with memories that they aren"t most likely to forget." 

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SISTAR′s Soyou to Serve as Special Narrator for ′Please Take care of Dad′

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SISTAR′s Soyou to Serve as Special Narrator for ′Please Take care of Dad′

--> SISTAR′s Soyou may be serving as a distinct narrator for SBS′ Please Take care of Dad.

A manufacturer from Please glance After Dad said on September 10, "SISTAR′s Soyou will be taking part in the September thirteen episode as a special narrator. We sincerely thank Lee Hyori, who narrated the show till now."

The producer continued, "Soyou will means it as a daughter spending time with her dad, sharing in the father and daughters′ moments thru her touchy voice."

Soyou, who is partial to the display and tunes in each and every week, said, "I idea about my courting with my dad whilst watching. As i'm also someone′s daughter, i will be ready to relay the moments with the 4 fathers and daughters warmly."

Soyou is understood for her tough making a song talent and enchanting voice, and rather a lot of are having a look ahead to seeing every other aspect of her charms by way of Please Look After Dad.

The episode of Please Look After Dad, featuring Soyou′s narration, will air on September 13 at 4:30 p.m. KST.