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Skip Beat Episode 1 Recap And Screenshot

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Skip Beat Episode 1 Recap And Screenshot

Glory to the drama gods. Please accept my sincere homage for turning Skip Beat into a reality. And not just any reality, episode 1 proves that this drama can be everything the manga should have been, and then some. Its not perfect in acting and execution, but the heart is all there. Immediately we fall into the universe that is SB, a story about a girl with so much love for a boy that she would do anything for him. Her love is selfless and beautiful, until the day she learns that the talented handsome boy she so adores simply treats her as a servant. His selfishness sets the vengeful spirit inside this girl free, but along with it, she is released from her voluntarily sacrifice and discovers her own purpose in life. Whats better than getting revenge on the hot new idol star? Why, becoming a great actress and unwittingly winning the affections of the top acting star in the industry. Now this is a revenge story I can get behind.

Voiceover intones: People are born with a box filled with little souls of vengeance and anger. God has locked away those feelings deep inside each of us. If the box is opened, the souls would emerge and tempt people to do dark things.

A girl is on the ground cleaning the floor. Shes diligently working until she overhears two teenagers sitting at a nearby table loudly exclaim that theyve purchased Bu Puo Shangs latest album. Whoosh, the girl, whose name is Gong Xi, is beaming before the freaked out girls. Gong Xi grabs the CD and launches into a flurry of compliments for buying the best album out there. Shang wrote every song, designed the album jacket, and hes handsome and dashing. In fact, hes the current prodigy of the music scene. Gong Xi rushes forward and tells the girls to buy more copies otherwise itll be sold out and they will regret it. Shes so thrilled and thanks them for supporting Shang.

The manager walks up and reminds Gong Xi that shes done for the day and doesnt she need to rush off to her next job? Gong Xi rushes into the ladies changing room, blithely opening the door and sending her colleague tumbling backwards hitting the wall. Shes pretty much clueless about anything not related to Shang.

Her colleague is used to Gong Xis careless ways and rushes out, while Gong Xi changes in a jiffy. She stops when the other two girls in the locker room start talking about Bu Puo Shang, with one mentioning that she used to like Dun He Lian but shes now loving Shang. Gong Xi is terribly pleased to hear this. She makes these expressions of agreement with their compliments of Shang that are just hysterical.

Gong Xis happiness turns into sudden disappointment when one girl shows off a poster of Shang she received from the music store when she bought two copies of his CD. Gong Xi bought two as well, so why didnt she receive his poster? Gong Xi vows to get Shangs poster from the store or else she will not rest. She hops on her bike and barrels through the city with only one thought on her mind, going faster than cars, the high speed rail, and even Superman. LOL, this is definitely a manga adaptation.

She arrives in the store and rides her bike right up the poor store attendant and demands to know why she didnt get a poster of Shang! Dun, dun, dun, here comes the opening credits, with Super Junior Ms rendition of Extravagant Solo.

Gong Xi makes off with a life sized cardboard cut out of Shang since the store has run out of his posters, but they will call her when they get more. Shes pleased the store attendant was so reasonable, talking to cardboard Shang like hes real. She moons over cardboard Shang but then snaps out of it, realizing shes late.

Gong Xi is exhausted at her next job, a waitress at a Japanese restaurant. The other waitress notes that Gong Xi took 15 minutes to travel a route that normally takes 40 minutes, of course shes exhausted. Gong Xi perks up, telling herself she can do this shift. If she takes time off, she wont be able to pay the rent. The owners wife wonders why Gong Xi is killing herself to live in a luxury apartment, suggesting she spend the money on herself to look better. The other co-worker asks Gong Xi if they can borrow her apartment to have a party.

Gong Xi looks stricken and starts a litany of excuses for why her place isnt suitable for a party. The co-worker tells Gong Xi to just say no, why bother with the lame excuses. She wonders why Gong Xi is so secretive, perhaps shes got a man in there. Gong Xi laughs it off.

As Gong Xi heads home, she walks by a department store make up display and looks dazzled by the beautiful model in the ad, picturing that it is herself looking all glamorous. She reminds herself to suppress the desire to look pretty, she cant waste money. Gong Xi turns around and her Shang cut out has turned into the real man. Her dream Shang smiles at her, and she replies that all she needs is him.

Gong Xi asks dream Shang if he isnt going to dislike her just because she is not made up. Dream Shang continues to just smile beatifically at her, which bucks up her spirit. When Gong Xi arrives back at her apartment building, she looks up and sees the lights on in her unit. Her face lights up realizing that Shang is finally back!

Gong Xi happily welcomes Shang home but he just tells her to keep her voice down and not disturb the neighbors. She happily shows off her Shang cut out but the real Shang continues to flip through a magazine and ignore her. Gong Xi closes the front door and flies over to sit next to Shang on the sofa. She stares at him but he just gestures for a drink, which she promptly gets for him and holds the glass so he can drink it from a straw. When Gong Xi asks if hes eaten, he mutters that its 10 p.m. already, who wouldnt haven eaten.

Gong Xi follows Shang to his closet and tentatively asks if hes in a bad mood because of work? He hasnt been home in awhile and she misses him. When she calls to hear his voice, she always gets only his voicemail. Shang asks if shes blaming him, which she quickly says of course not. Hes annoyed, wondering if hes supposed to report his every move to her? She starts to explain but stops herself, instead quietly observing Shang and realizing that hes been very irritable lately.

Gong Xi reminisces about their time together when they first arrived in Taipei. She worked while he made music in the apartment. But he was so considerate and nice to her, waiting for her to come home to eat dinner, smiling at her with tenderness and joy. But after Shang started to become famous, and was under the tight control of the record company, he started to get more and more short tempered. Shang hates being told what to do, which is why he brought her to Taipei with him. Gong Xi rationalizes to herself that Shangs bad mood now is because of all that. Gong Xi decides to activate her secret weapon to cheer Shang up. She runs out to buy something, in such a rush that she runs down 14 flights of stairs rather than wait for the elevator.

Gong Xi voiceovers that she and Shang grew up together. She spent all her days at his house because her mom didnt have time to raise her. Shangs family owns one of the top rated Japanese onsen resorts in Taiwan, and he was always destined to take over the family business. Little Gong Xi finds Shang by the river (little Shang being played by Mini Bin, younger brother to Xiao Xiao Bin) and they frolic.

Too bad Shang has no interest in taking over the family business, instead being interested only in music. Young Gong Xi holds a palm frond for Shang as he plays the harmonica. Shang vowed to become a famous singer.

One day, high school Gong Xi arrives at Shangs house to overhear him fighting with his dad over his rejection of taking over the resort. His dad is furious and slaps Shang, who vows to prove his dad wrong.

Gong Xi follows Shang outside, asking what hes going to do? Shang has decided to leave this godforsaken place, and asks Gong Xi to go with him. He walks away but her face lights up with the realization that Shang has chosen her. So she followed Shang to Taipei, where he started to pursue his dreams while she took on 3 jobs to pay for the apartment. She has no time for leisure or to take care of herself. Everyday is like a marathon, but shes not tired and instead is happy. Its a happiness she keeps deep inside her heart. As long as Shangs dream can come true, she can place herself way in the back and never be seen.

Gong Xi walks into a convenience store and buys every single strawberry flavored snack because its Shangs favorite. But shes desperately looking for strawberry pudding, which she cant find anywhere. Gong Xi bikes around the city until she finds a dessert store about to close its door for the night. She slides under the gate like a wraith and asks the startled owner if he has any strawberry pudding.

When Gong Xi returns to the apartment, Shang is putting on his shoes to leave. He was only coming back to grab some things, too bad Gong Xi left for so long. As he walks out the door, she holds up all the strawberry snacks, especially his favorite strawberry pudding. That makes him turn around, having missed eating his favorite snack for so long since hes afraid it will lessen his cool image if folks found out he loved strawberry pudding.

Gong Xi watches Shang eat his strawberry pudding the way he invented, sucking each little mini blob right into his mouth. We flashback to child Gong Xi watching child Shang eating with such an expression of unfettered joy. She reaches over and touches his cheeks filled with pudding.

Back to the present, Gong Xi reaches over to touch Shangs cheeks but he pulls back, telling her to grow up and stop being a kid. Shang makes her promise never to tell anyone he loves strawberry stuff.

Gong Xi changes the subject to happily tell Shang that one of her co-workers who used to like Dun He Lian has switched her love to Shang. Both cheer for him beating Lian. Too bad the television program they are watching crowns Lian as the star voted most desirable by the ladies. Gong Xi tries to assure Shang this vote was rigged, but the announcer says the vote was certified as accurate, and Lian was also voted the star with the most perfect facial features. Gong Xi keeps trying to assure Shang, insulting Lian as being a pretty face with no brain, but Shangs in a pissed off mood now.

When Gong Xi suggests that Shang just got started and in a few yearswhich is when Shang cuts her off. He wants to beat Lian now and dislikes Gong Xi suggesting he needs to wait a few years. Shang storms out of the apartment, leaving Gong Xi taking out her anger on TV Lian.

Dun He Lian walks out of the taping with his manager, who snarks about the response he gave to a question about the kind of woman he was looking for. Lian had described an intelligent, capable woman, who was also kind and considerate. Lian confesses to his manager that such a shallow question merited an equally shallow answer. Manager suggests programs like these cant delve any deeper and is a waste of time. Lian chides his manager for saying such a thing since this is his job, which is when Manager bribes Lian with a chupa chup, which he takes with a smile and puts into his inside suit pocket.

A top variety show host runs up and asks for an autograph from Lian for his star struck daughter. Lian thanks him and is about to sign when a producer runs up chiding the other star for leaving the middle of a taping to come here and get an autograph. Lian asks the host if he shouldnt feel ashamed to drop his job to come seek an autograph. Hes an embarrassment to his profession. Lian says all this with a smile to the shocked host, but still signs the autograph since its for the daughter. He bows politely before leaving.

His manager chides Lian for being so disrespectful to one of the most powerful elders in the industry. He worries that Lian might be blackballed or otherwise suffer consequences for his frank speech back there. He knows Lian treats his job like its a holy calling, but not everyone treats their job with diligence. Lian did not purposely insult the host, but concedes he said more than he needed to. Lian smiles and promises hell work on it in the future.

Gong Xi calls Shang from a payphone and gets his voicemail, apologizing for what she said yesterday. She goes back to passing out flyer, stopping only when she sees Shangs poster on the bus stop. She remembers that Shang has a television program appearance today and decides to wait for him outside the studio so she can see him.

Shang is pissed the program wants him to make changes to his music and his agent has to coax him to be more flexible. Sexy agent asks if Shang went to see his country bumpkin chick yesterday? Shang suggests that she might be jealous, but she does want to talk to him about Gong Xi.

Gong Xi brings a strawberry dessert to the studio for Shang but gets tossed out. She manages to sneak in by hiding in one of the prop boxes. She finds Shang in the waiting room and is excited until she hears what he is talking about with his agent. Shang isnt planning to go back to their apartment anymore because he doesnt need Gong Xi now that hes made it. Growing up, all he knew how to do was music, so he had no choice but to bring Gong Xi to Taipei with him to take care of his needs.

Agent asks if Shang considers Gong Xi his servant? He does, but that is how she treats him. Since they were small, shes willingly followed him around. He never forced her to do anything, she always wanted to. Agent tells Shang to let Gong Xi go now. If hes not interested in her, yet she slaves away for him, then hes truly heartless to string her along with hope. Shang agrees but then flirts with his agent, saying she needs to take care of him from now on. Agent says the agency has readied an apartment for him with his own cleaning lady, does he need her to be his servant then? Shang teases that he doesnt have the heart to make her his servant.

We see Gong Xi watching this scene and listening to this conversation. The locks on the box inside her heart break one by one. Shang is glad he left home, otherwise he would have been forced to marry an ugly and dorky girl like Gong Xi. The type of girl he likes is someone who knows how to look pretty. Gong Xi tosses the dessert box at Shang and then confronts him with the painful truth. He tells her to go home and cry!

All the vengeful spirits pop out of her as Gong Xi laughs like a manic. She treated Shang as her one and only, yet he treated her like trash. She cant believe hes that selfish, trashing her life for his own needs. She vows revenge on Shang. He tells her to bring it, since he will only become more and more famous and the distance between them greater. She cant even touch one of his toes, much less hurt him. The only way she can get her revenge is if she steps foot into the entertainment arena. He has the security drag her out, with Gong Xi screaming that she will enter the entertainment world and then step on him under her feet.

Gong Xi gets tossed out and she tearfully rushes home, thinking back to what she just heard. She cries as she rides her bike. She wonders why he would use her when she trusted him so completely. Gong Xi goes home and trashes all of Shangs posters and even her beloved Shang cardboard cut out. But when she gets to Shangs CD, she hesitates as she remembers the happier times when he released that album and rushed home to share the happiness with her. Gong Xi cries as she remembers how his behavior grew more impatient towards her as time went on, such as yelling at her for every little thing and refusing to be seen in public with her.

The next day, Gong Xi goes to a boutique and immediately buys a pair of sexy pumps. She falls over when she hears the price, but steels herself and buys the shoes with the wad of cash she is carrying, all NT100 small bills. She goes to the hair salon to get a hair cut. The stylist wonders if she really wants to cut it since shes had it for so long. Gong Xi hesitates, but then thinks back to Shang insulting her looks. She screams at the stylist to cut it all off, asking for a style that tomorrows star would sport.

Gong Xi walks out of the salon with her hair like a red mushroom top. She goes to her job at the Japanese restaurant where her co-worker Wan Zi teases her. But then everyone looks depressed because Gong Xi is quitting her job because she wants to become a star. The owner walks off without saying a word and the owners wife explains that its because he likes Gong Xi so much. Gong Xi is sorry she needs to quit but she cant keep taking time off to look for entertainment jobs. Gong Xi is going to stop renting that expensive apartment, so the owners wife offers to let her rent the apartment upstairs. The owner pops up back and throws the room keys to Gong Xi and tells her she needs to keep working here if she wants to live here. He doesnt care if she needs to take time off anytime.

Gong Xi moves into her new room, leaving Wan Zi surprised that all she has is one suitcase despite living in that big apartment. Wan Zi suspiciously asks if Gong Xi is a spy sent from the government to spy on celebrities. Gong Xi says she is not a spy, otherwise she would just off that selfish asshole. Wan Zi has a great idea, which involves Gong Xi dressed up like a hooker and walking back and forth in Ximending. LOL, this is mortifying to watch. Wan Zi says her mom told her that Bridgitte Lin was discovered on the streets of Ximending.

Wan Zi opens her newspaper and Gong Xi spies an article about Shang going back to college. Shes furious that his duplicity caused her to be unable to attend college, and now hes going to attend. Her vengeful spirits pop up once more and she vows that she will never forgive him. Gong Xi and Wan Zi decide to up their efforts.

Lians manager is practicing what hes going to say to their agency president for Lians disrespect to that top host. Lian tells him to just tell him the truth, and hes happy to personally explain. Apparently the manager for that top host came to lodge a complaint already. The phone rings and its the president on the other line.

Gong Xi continues walking around Ximending, this time holding up a sign that reads Wannabe star seeking an agent, please contact me, I promise I will become super famous. Everyone stares at her, while Wan Zi is embarrassed because clearly Gong Xi isnt quite that sane. Suddenly a man in a suit tells Gong Xi to follow him, and of course he brings her to a love motel. Wan Zi and Gong Xi tie the man up and beat the crap out of him for being a sleazy pervert.

Afterwards, Gong Xi and Wan Zi stand on an overpass to discuss their next steps. Gong Xi realizes that she can go straight to LME, the biggest agency in Taiwan, and seek to be discovered there. When Wan Zi suggests they wouldnt take her, Gong Xi smarts that even Bu Puo Shang can get discovered and he cant even use a vacuum cleaner. Plus she got better grades than Shang in school. Wan Zi tells her to go for it then.

Gong Xi gets all excited that LME will accept her and soon she will be even more famous than Shang, at which point shell slam him on the ground and make him crawl like a dog, the pathetic douchebag that he is. She yells out for Shang to watch out for her, shes coming for him! But first she needs to change her look.

Its going to so much fun recapping SB, especially since Ive read the source manga and have some markers to follow along with. I think this story has such an immediate emotional impact that it calls out to even non-manga readers. Gong Xi is a very unique character. Shes not a doormat in personality, shes just a doormat for the man she loves. We learn quickly in episode 1 that they grew up together and did everything together. Gong Xis love for Shang is real and understandable, but its her tenacity and self-sacrifice in making his dreams come true that makes me so proud of her. She did everything right for her love, even if she gradually started to notice that Shang wasnt treating her so well as time went on. But what I love the most about Gong Xi is that once she learns the truth, she doesnt weep and wail being a victim, she tearfully accepts her victimhood and then vows all out revenge on Shang.

The acting from Ivy Chen as Gong Xi made quite an impact on me, despite her needing to overact to capture the extreme emotions that Gong Xi feels around Shang. She captured all the different sides of Gong Xiher innocence and happiness when she sees Shang, her hesitation to make him angry with her, her determination to do anything to make him happy, and of course, her complete and utter feeling of betrayal to learn the real feelings Shang has for her. What Shang doesnt realize is that Gong Xi doesnt want to own him or have him profess undying love for her. She was content loving him, believing he appreciated her and enjoyed spending time with her. Shang destroyed her illusions with his devastating declaration to his agent that shes just here to be his servant. What an asshole. I hope Gong Xi tramples on his balls. I think Lee Donghae is knocking it out of the park as Shang, showing how immature and self-absorbed Shang is, but also glimpses of his charm and talent.

I was happy with just the few short scenes of Dun He Lian in this episode, because those scenes were really incisive and show us immediately what type of star this man is. Hes controlled, patient, yet strangely willing to ruffle feathers. He treats his job as a profession, and he is a dedicated professional. I love that his suave image is the way he is even behind the scenes, but there is a hidden playfulness that his manager appears to know. Hes not rude and rebellious like Shang, hes likely always on time and never forgets his lines. I cant wait to watch him meet up with the vengeful dervish that is Gong Xi. I think Choi Siwon has the harder of the two male lead roles to play, because Lian keeps so much bottled up inside. I like how Siwons eyes appear to shift ever so slightly to convey his feelings even as he retains his pleasant poker face.

My biggest gripe with the manga has always been pace and execution, with the writer dragging on even the tiniest of scenes and cramming too much dialogue and thought bubbles everywhere. The drama managed to flow beautifully, with really lovely and fun directing. The manga really is quite exaggerated at times, so the drama necessarily embodies the same aura. I wish Director Niu would cut it with the flashbacks of scenes that happened not three minutes earlier in the same episode, but I did love how he wove Gong Xi and Shangs childhood story expertly into the present scene of Gong Xi running out to buy Shangs favorite desserts to cheer him up. Episode 1 has accomplished what it needed to do, which is set the stage for all the battles, wars, and challenges to come for Gong Xi against her nemesis Shang. For now, Im already clamoring for episode 2.

INFINITE F Makes Your Heart Skip Beat With Debut Music Video, 'Heart Beat'

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INFINITE F Makes Your Heart Skip Beat With Debut Music Video, 'Heart Beat'

INFINITE F has finally released their first music video, “Heart Beat.”

INFINITE sub-unit group INFINITE F comprises of three members L, Sungyeol, and Sungjong. The idols made their appearance in a special stage during INFINITE’s “One Great Step Returns” concert last February where they performed “Heart Beat.” The trio also performed during the group’s “That Summer 2” concert series in August.

“Heart Beat” is also the theme song for the drama, “High School: Love On” starring Sungyeol and fellow INFINITE member, Woohyun, and Kim Saeron.

INFINITE F recently wrapped up their Japanese promotions last month and will have their debut stage on music programs next week.

What do you think of “Heartbeat?”

BTOB take you behind the scenes of their "You"re So Fly" MV + 1st episode of "BTOB"s THE BEAT"

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BTOB take you behind the scenes of their

BTOB is here to capture your hearts with not only their good looks, but fun personalities to boot in Part 1 of their making film from their "You"re So Fly" MV as well as the first episode of "BTOB"s THE BEAT"!

Eunkwang was in charge of the comedy among the group by hilariously fighting bugs, parodying Sungjae"s character Kang Min Gu on "9th Boy", and showing off his English skills. Changsub was also revealed to be the member who hasn"t changed even a tiny bit since his debut by showing his love for music in the goofiest way possible, to which Sungjae joked that it"s because he doesn"t read books.

You can check out more of their fun moments in the first installment of "BTOB"s THE BEAT" below!

8 Reasons to watch Skip Beat!

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8 Reasons to watch Skip Beat!

DramaFever has started showing Taiwanese comedy romance drama, Skip Beat, a live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Skip Beat!, and it is full of hilarious fun in telling the story of a young woman finding romance while on a quest for revenge. Here are some great reasons to start watching this fun drama.

This one reason may be enough. Siwon plays Lian, the charming and helpful knight to our heroine. In real life, he actually took on the role of an enigmatic young man who is serious on the outside but passionate on the inside when the original Taiwanese actor stepped away. All the best for us Siwon fans.

(In this photo, he says to look at the staff, but Im looking at his long eyelashes.)

Siwons Super Junior teammate, multi-talented Donghae, also stepped up to play a vain idol star who betrays his devoted friend, our heroine. Having the two Super Juniors play idol stars really brings twin rays of sunshine to this Taiwanese drama.

3. Theme songs sung by Donghae and Super Junior-M. (This one is a 2 for 1.)

The opening theme song, S.O.L.O., won Best Drama OST in Taiwans HITO music awards for 2013.

Dong Hae also sings the ending theme, Thats Love, with Super Junior-Ms Henry.

4. Zany, fun, and hilarious dialogues.

There are many moments of hilarious interactions that rise beyond a regular romance comedy. How about this scene when Donghae was confronted by our heroine under a big yellow disguise?

With both Siwon and Donghae in the same drama, we know we are in for some nice romantic moments. How about this scene when Siwon gently, sweetly, carefully bandaged our heroines wounded foot?

6. Dubbing by hot Taiwanese pop singers.

Since we are used to watching DramaFever shows with subtitles, its not a big deal to us whether an actor is speaking with a native or correct accent. However, it was important for the actors to speak good Mandarin, so Skip Beats production had Siwon and Donghaes voices dubbed. The interesting connection here is that Siwon is dubbed by Nylon Chen, a popular singer and rising young actor in Taiwan, who has a gentle voice and gave us the second lead syndrome in the romantic drama Deja Vu. Donghae was dubbed by Darren Chiu, also a singer who has since become a leading man in TV dramas.

7. Romance for the young at heart.

The Skip Beat! manga is in the category of shojo manga, a genre written for teenagers and young women. In the manga, the original character Kyoko is a 16-year-old teenager. For the adaptation drama, Gong Xi is a 20-year old woman who is still naive and hasnt experienced true love, yet. The sweet romance comedy is actually quite endearing as it brings forth, or even reawakens, the feelings of a young heart that are still hidden within each of us with the yearning for a true romance without all the realities depicted in a serious melodrama.

8. Last but not the least, DramaFever starts Skip Beat with 10 episodes out of the total 23 episodes. Each episode is only 45 minutes. So its enough to marathon but not too much to get binge indigestion.

"High School" to skip out on airing today"s episode due to "2014 K League All-Star Game" broadcast

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KBS 2TVteen-fantasy drama"High School" ("High School: Love On") will not air today due to the "2014 K League All-Star Game" which will air in its time slot today (25th).

According to the KBS program schedule on the 25th, the "2014 K-League All-Star Game" will be aired live on the 25th from 7:50-10 PM KST. The July 25th broadcast of the shows in this time slot including "Cuckoo Nest" (7:50 PM KST), "Vivid Source Plus" (8:30 PM KST), and "High School" (8:55 PM KST) have been suspended.

The following programs "VJ Special Forces", "Love and War 2", and "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook", however, will air as regularly scheduled today.

Hotel King Episode 21 Review: Lee Duk Hwa is the One Who Beat Lee Dong Wook Up

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Hotel King Episode 21 Review: Lee Duk Hwa is the One Who Beat Lee Dong Wook Up

In Hotel King, episode 21, Lee Joong Goo(played by Lee Duk Hwa) was the one who beat Cha Jae Wan(played by Lee Dong Wook) up.

Previously, Jae Wan got beat up by many guys. Just then, Joong Goo came and saw Jae Wan’s bloody face. He shouted, “What happened to him! Jae Wan. Jae Wan.”

However, as Joong Goo got the USB he has been looking for, he smiled and left Jae Wan behind.

Skip Beat Drama Promotions [Singapore Press Conference]

Skip Beat Drama Promotions [Singapore Press Conference] Super Junior members Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae arrived in Singapore much earlier to promote their Taiwanese drama Skip Beat alongside lead actress Chen Yi Han. Skip Beat, also known as Extravagant Challenge is a rom-com adapted from a manga. The female lead strives to make it big in the entertainment industry as revenge against her ex-boyfriend who left her after he shot to fame.

Skip Beat Drama Promotions [Singapore Press Conference]Skip Beat Drama Promotions [Singapore Press Conference]The day before the press conference, the cast had a fan-meet session at Plaza Singapura shopping mall. Their popularity was evident by the large crowd that it drew. Despite the limited number of fanmeet passes given out, every corner of the mall was packed with fans of the cast, and especially of Super Junior.

The response and atmosphere was so great, that even the voices of the cast were drowned by the deafening fan screams. Fans also celebrated Siwons birthday with a cake and a song.

Skip Beat Drama Promotions [Singapore Press Conference] The cast also did a special suprise event, not usually heard of in Singapore: A School Invasion/Attack. Students of the middle school were caught by surprise by the casts school visit and so were the media. This became the burning question of the moment at the press conference.

Skip Beat Drama Promotions [Singapore Press Conference]The cast then joked about attending middle school 2/3 years back to hide the actual 10-year gap. Donghae beat the other two cast by saying that he felt that his age was rather similar to the students and that they could actually have a class together. Which made Siwon burst out laughing.

 When asked about the biggest sacrifice they would make for a drama. Donghae opted for a death scene. Siwon suggested to shave his head before dying, to which Donghae spontaneously agreed without a problem.

Skip Beat Drama Promotions [Singapore Press Conference] Curious about the relationship between the two Super Junior members? Donghae reveals that he sees Siwon not only as a friend or brother, but as a father figure. Reason being, Siwons undeniably good physique and tall stature. Whenever Donghae does a task well, he receives a hug from Siwon, hence feeling very protected and secure.

Donghae jokingly mentioned that he believes Siwon is a good candidate to depend on, in times of financial difficulties. To which, Siwon painfully promises to help.

[PIC]Siwon also mentioned a kiss scene between him and the female lead, but chill fans! The kiss was quick and short. Chen Yi Han mentioned that she feared to be bashed by fans for the kiss, but Im sure we are nice and civil people right?

The press conference was smooth and light-hearted, definitely enjoyable. Thanks to Starhub for the invites!

Spoiler Added episode 2 captures for the Korean drama 'Sweet, Savage Family'

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Spoiler Added episode 2 captures for the Korean drama 'Sweet, Savage Family'

Added episode 2 captures for the Korean drama "Sweet, Savage Family" (2015)Directed via Kang Dae-seonWritten by Kim Ji-eun-II, Son Geun-jooNetwork : MBCWith Jeong Joon-ho, Moon Jeong-hee, Jeong Woong-in, Yoo Seon, Kim Eung-soo, Lee Min-hyeok-I,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00Foermerly referred to as "Sweet_Family" (달콤한 패밀리, dal-kom-han pae-mil-li)SynopsisA humane comedy about a breadwinner of the family who is a father at house yet a gang boss outside. the primary episode comes in November.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/11/18

Spoiler Added episode 17 captures for the Korean drama 'The Merchant: Gaekju 2015'

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Spoiler Added episode 17 captures for the Korean drama 'The Merchant: Gaekju 2015'

Added episode 17 captures for the Korean drama "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" (2015)Directed via Kim Jong-seonWritten by Jeong Seong-hee, Lee Han-hoNetwork : KBSWith Jang Hyeok, Yoo Oh-seong, Kim Min-jeong, Han Chae-ah, Park Eun-hye, Lim Hyeong-joon,...Wed, Thu 22:00Formerly referred to as "God of Business - Innkeeper 2015" on HanCinemaSynopsisCheon Bong-sam, the descendant of a merchant family, starts off in the marketplace as a barker and makes his way up to change into a rich merchant.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/09/23

Video Added Korean drama 'Sweet, Savage Family' episode 2

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Video Added Korean drama 'Sweet, Savage Family' episode 2

Added episode 2 for the Korean drama "Sweet, Savage Family"

"Sweet, Savage Family" (2015) Directed by way of Kang Dae-seon Written by Kim Ji-eun-II, Son Geun-joo Network : MBC With Jeong Joon-ho, Moon Jeong-hee, Jeong Woong-in, Yoo Seon, Kim Eung-soo, Lee Min-hyeok-I,... 16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00 Foermerly referred to as "Sweet_Family" (달콤한 패밀리, dal-kom-han pae-mil-li) Synopsis A humane comedy about a breadwinner of the family who is a father at house yet a gang boss outside. the primary episode comes in November. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/11/18

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