Fashion Face Off: Suzy Vs. Park Sera In Valentino Dress

Fashion Face Off: Suzy Vs. Park Sera In Valentino Dress

In the last (female) Fashion Face Off, actress Ha Ji Won faced Han Eu Ddeum in the battle of the glittery Blumarine dress. Ha won with 87% of the votes, after accessorizing with some tortoiseshell shades.

For this week"s battle, we are enthralled by ethereal lace! Super model Park Sera and miss A"s Suzy both wore the same Valentino dress from the brand"s Fall 2015 RTW collection. The funky dress has different layers of point d"esprit and pliss tulle and a sheer turtleneck with a bow scarf. It can be yours HERE.

Park wore the dress during her "Set Me Free" forest pictorial in the November issue of W Korea. She finished off her look with some chunky boots and a Vintage Hollywood studded cross. Meanwhile, Suzy donned the runway piece in her "To Rome With Love" photoshoot for the October issue of Elle. She didn"t accessorize and, instead, donned bright red lipstick so the dress would appear more angelic and light.

So, who wore it better? Vote for your favorite below!

Park Sera

(Photo : W Korea) Vs.


(Photo : Elle)

The dress can be seen below on the runway.

(Photo : Valentino) To vote in more Fashion Face Offs, click here!


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Former 9MUSES' Ryu Sera to hang first solo concert

Former 9MUSES' Ryu Sera to hang first solo concert

Former 9MUSES member Ryu Sera is going to hang her first solo concert in Seoul "Ryu Sera First Concert - SERen:Ade for you".

She could be making a song her songs from "Serenade" album which she has released on her Youtube account. Sera"s concert is happening on September 19 at 7PM in Rolling Hall. This is a one time tournament so don"t leave out it!

Below is a new song from her album.



Former Nine Muses member Sera releases MV for 'Look'

Former Nine Muses member Sera releases MV for 'Look'

Former Nine Muses member Sera releases MV for

Sera has released an MV for "Look"!

Remember how Sera produced her whole album through herself and delivered it to her fans? Well, now she"s released an MV for "Look", the 3rd song on her self-made album. The MV most commonly is composed of her being adorable and beautiful even in plain settings, so be certain you test it out above!

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Former Nine Muses member Sera for my part produces her own CD and delivers to lovers!

Former Nine Muses member Sera for my part produces her own CD and delivers to lovers!

Former Nine Muses member Sera in my opinion produces her own CD and carrys to fanatics!

It seems like Sera has been keeping busy with making her first solo album after leaving Nine Muses!

if you practice Sera on Twitter and YouTube you almost certainly already know that the singer has been updating fanatics at the making of her new album "Serenade." In a 3-section homemade video series she uploaded onto her private YouTube account, Sera shared the at the back of tale of placing her album in combination, the entire way from A to Z. Interestingly ample, Sera became once her own boss for the production of "Serenade," recording and editing her own songs, designing the album duvet, or even applying for the corrects to her musical paintings.

Her circle of relatives became once a large section in this crucial procedure, with Sera"s own brother lending slightly of recommendation on her jacket footage and her mom giving the album a pay attention, choking back tears from pride in her daughter.

What"s even more awesome is that Sera carryed her freshly-made CDs correct to her fanatics" doorsteps! regardless that she couldn"t carry her CDs to every person, fanatics still preferred the singer"s efforts to bond with them on a more private point, taking the time to seek suggestion from their houses.

you'll be able to take a look at the videos for yourself!

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Former Nine Muses member Sera reveals her MV for

Former Nine Muses member Sera reveals her MV for "White Flower"

Former Nine Muses member Sera reveals her MV for

Former Nine Muses member Sera is back with a song of her own!

Unlike the dance tracks we"re used to seeing from her as a part of Nine Muses, Sera went in a completely different direction for "White Flower". With a simple guitar line and her vocals, the song has a beautiful harmony and touches on both pop and folk. "White Flower" is about a girl who has a crush and meets him as it starts to snow.

Check out the MV above!


Ex- Nine Muses's Sera Ryu Pulls Off New Sound

Ex- Nine Muses's Sera Ryu Pulls Off New Sound "Only One" MV

Sera Ryu Releases “Only One” Official MV on YouTube

Former Nine Muses member Sera Ryu has released her new “Only One” music video on YouTube on December 23.

The music video is very simple, which is somewhat a respite from the many flashy MVs that seem to trend the K-pop world. Shot in what appears to be a study room, Sera keeps the focus solely on her vocal talents. Surprisingly, she also raps in the video, under a different outfit. At first, it seems like there are two people on the set, but upon closer examination, the person in the hoodie is Sera herself.

She also leaves a cheerful holiday message at the end of the video for all those watching.

Hi everyone! It’s me Sera. Thanks for watching my video, and please watch over me as I develop more! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Check out the music video below!



Shinhwa"s Eric and Jung Yoo Mi reveal how their attitude towards kiss scenes changed since "Que Sera Sera"


Since their upcomingKBS 2TVMon-Tues drama "Finding True Love" is all about love, the cast were asked about their past relationships and more on "Entertainment Relay"!

Seeing how handsomeShinhwa"sEricis, the reporter commented, "You look like you never got rejected [when asking a girl out]." Eric revealed, "In real life, I never got rejected. But there were a lot of times where I was asked to break up." He also shared that he learned why women call off a relationship sometimes from the drama, sharing, "I know now. I didn"t know before, but now I do. It came out in the script a lot."

He and Jung Yoo Mi also revealed how their attitude towards kiss scene changed since their previous MBC drama "Que Sera Sera" in 2007. Eric shared, "We filmed our first kiss scene [for the drama] a few days ago. When we filmed [a kiss scene] 7 years ago, we would get very shy, make a lot of NGs, and would blush with our cheeks in our hands after filming. But now we do it and go, "OK! We"re done! Let"s go!", to which Jung Yoo Mi nodded in agreement.

"Finding True Love" is set to air after "Trot Lovers" on August 18!


Former 9Muses Member Sera Gives 'Wild' An Acoustic Update

Former 9Muses Member Sera Gives 'Wild' An Acoustic Update

It"s not every day that an artist covers their own song.

Sera Ryu, formerly of Nine Muses, recently released an acoustic version of the group"s song "Wild." However, rather than merely singing the song as a solo artist, Sera rearranged the song to give it a sweeter sound than the original powerful dance version of "Wild."

The video was uploaded to Sera"s YouTube channel, with two messages.

"I love this song. This is one of my songs that I came to like over period of time, " explained the description of the song.

Then, as a comment on the video, Sera wrote: "Hey guys :) I picked this song because I always wondered how it would turn out to b when i make changes. I was on stage one year ago, with this song, and I honestly had hard time jumping around full power then hit the high notes at the end of the song. Didnt like this song at all lol. I think Im (hopefully) musically growing up and maturing objectively. So for now, lets empty our minds. Travel with me."

Sera"s honesty about her difficulty performing "Wild" is very forthcoming and different from most idols, who generalize the hardships of their performances. The fact that she is discussing freely how much she didn"t like the song shows how separate she is from Nine Muses, and isn"t clinging to her time as a member of the girl group.

There has been a slew of former idols who have spoken up about their times in idol groups; Sera"s commentary on how the performance and singing were difficult together is just yet another. One of the most popular examples was a Reddit thread AMA (Ask Me Anything,) run by a former member of Tahiti.

Sera left Nine Muses at the end of June.