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Video Block B′s Zico Lives the nice Existence in ′Boys and Girls′ Teaser

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Video Block B′s Zico Lives the nice Existence in ′Boys and Girls′ Teaser

--> Block B′s Zico is living the existence in his newest teaser.

Zico dropped a video teaser for Boys And Girls on October 29, and from the yacht to the rustic club, the Block B member is all about the great life.

Zico was once these days spotted on Jeju Island shooting the song video for his upcoming single, which is determined for liberate on November 3.

Check out the video below!

Nam Kyeong-eup to co-star with Cha Seung-won in 'Go San-ja, Daedongyeojido - the nice Map of the East Land'

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Nam Kyeong-eup to co-star with Cha Seung-won in 'Go San-ja, Daedongyeojido -<b> the nice </b>Map of the East Land'

Actor Nam Kyeong-eup is starring in the film "Go San-ja, Daedongyeojido -The great Map of the East Land".

He plays Kim Jwa-geun, a key role in the film and unearths himself in war with Heung Seon (Yoo Joon-sang) and Kim Jeong-ho (Cha Seung-won).

Nam Kyeong-eup plays a conceitedpersona and will building up intensity of the drama.

Nam Kyeong-eup has been featured in dramasreminiscent of "Blue Bird Nest", "Remember You" and "My Love Eun-dong".

Meanwhile, "Go San-ja, Daedongyeojido -The great Map of the East Land" is director Kang Woo-seok"s first ancient movie.

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Sulli is having a nice vacation in Europe

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Sulli is having a nice vacation in Europe

Sulli was spotted having a good vacation in Europe.

Two photos are circulating online. One is her solo picture that"s beautifully photographed, while the other is with her friend withParthenon in Athens as their background.

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Mnet Director has accused Sean of not being so nice on the show called ′SMTM4′

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Mnet Director  has  accused  Sean  of not being so nice on the show called ′SMTM4′

-- Mnet director Han Dong Chul has exposed Sean.

Director Han Dong Chul was present at the production presentation for Show Me the Money 4, held at the 63 Convention Center in Seoul′s Yeouido on June 24, where he exposed Sean′s true nature.

Han Dong Chul stated, "I will tell you one spoiler. The opposite of 90 percent of what you all think will be shown."

He continued, "Sean isn′t nice. You will be shocked when you see it. Even we were shocked watching. He′s not nice," taking Sean by surprise.

Meanwhile, Korea′s first ever rapper survival show Show Me the Money 4 will feature producer teams Jinusean-Tablo, VerbalJint-San E, Jay Park-Loco and Zico-Paloalto, The first episode will air on June 26 at 11 p.m. KST.

Red Velvet’s Joy has been reportedly planning a nice surprise for BTOB’s Yook Sungjae on the show they take part in together called “We Got Married”

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Red Velvets Joy Prepares a Pleasant Surprise for BTOBs Yook Sungjae on We Got Married BTOBs Yook Sungjae and Red Velvets Joy meet for the first time in quite a unique way on the upcoming episode of We Got Married.

They have already found out each others identity through news articles prior to the show, yet they still look very nervous. After Joy receives a mission to prepare a present for your first meet, she cleverly decides to put herself in the gift box.

When Yook Sungjae arrives and spots the huge box, he approaches it very carefully.

What do you think will happen next?

Dont forget to watch Yook Sungjae and Joys heart-fluttering encounter when it airs on June 20 at 4:55 p.m. KST.

[Video] Tiger JK releases "Nice to Meet You"

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[Video] Tiger JK releases

Korean-American hip-hop musician Tiger JK released the new album "Nice to Meet You" (working title) Tuesday. The musician"s talent agency, Feel Ghood Music, unveiled a picture of him taken 16 years ago along with the album title written by hand through its official Facebook page on Monday.

Tiger JK decided to bring out a new record after finding the picture of himself that was taken 16 years ago, which was sent to him by one of his fans, along with a fan letter. The new album, therefore, is based on his gratitude towards his fans."In the past, hip-hop was not considered mainstream music, so every single fan letter was very important and meaningful to me. I"m bringing out this single in order to thank all my fans who have long supported me", said the singer."This is the letter that I want to send to my fans, who would now have become adults". Tiger JK, who is dubbed the "godfather of hip-hop" in Korea, runs Feel Ghood Music along with his wife, rapper Yoon Mi-rae, and rapper Bizzy.By Jin Min-ji

Tiger JK releases teaser for "Nice to Meet You"

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Tiger JK releases teaser for

Tiger JK is releasing a new single "Nice to Meet You" and the fell-good MV teaser is unveiled.

The short preview includes random clips of Tiger JK roaming around the streets holding mic, megaphone, etc. The MV plot and concept are unclear yet so let"s anticipate the full release of the song and music video tomorrow (June 16).

Meanwhile, watch the teaser below:

SHINee provide a nice "View" with their dance version MV!

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SHINee provide a nice

To thank fans for all the support they"ve been receiving, SHINee have unveiled the "dance edit" version MV for their latest title track "View"!

The boys have been sweeping up wins left and right, but it wouldn"t be possible without the love and support of devoted fans like you! It"s probably why the video description reads, "Thank you all for your love and support to SHINee and "View"! Here"s the give from SHINee, the dance edit version of "View"! Please enjoy!! :)"

So enjoy the "view" through the gift from SHINee above!

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Kahi appreciates guys with a nice behind and figure

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Kahi appreciates guys with a nice behind and figure

Kahi is appreciative of men with pretty buttocks, or so she said on the May 29 broadcast of JTBC"s "Witch Hunt."

Along with the MC panel and the other guest star Eric Nam, Kahi partook in some "19+" discourse on relationships and men"s tushes.

Regarding the initial relationship stage where a man and a woman are getting to know each other, the singer commented, "When someone likes me, I feel really great, but I don"t like it when a man backs out just because I do.

When the MCs probed with, "We heard you say in another interview that you look at guys" butts," the singer straightforwardly answered, "When a guy has a nice behind and the hips to go with it, he looks taller and [his figure] is more noticeable."

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Why I Like My K-Pop Styled With Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice [Opinion]

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The first K-Pop tune that made me rape the loop button was SHINee"s "Replay." It was very catchy. The beat was infectious. The lyrics were cute. I will not let anyone argue with me when I say that it is perhaps one of the best tracks from SHINee or from K-Pop music in general.

(Photo : SM Entertainment) But I"m not here to discuss SHINee per se.

Listening to "Replay" alone was not enough. It didn"t take long before I realized that I was ceaselessly watching one K-Pop video after another. The thing I love the most about K-pop music videos is the insane dancing, cute storylines about puppy love, and the overall heartwarming innocence that tickles you to the bones.

(Photo : Starship Entertainment) I didn"t even know there was such a thing as a "some" relationship before this song. In terms of style, K-Pop was very conservative and very targeted to a younger audience. I always saw pops of color everywhere that it almost seemed like music videos were one pop art display. It was all bubblegum pop and there was hardly any room for obscenity and sexuality. Broadcasting networks and the Korean Communications Commission were quick to pick out anything that would make it awkward for you to watch it with your parents or younger siblings. They still are now, but a bit more... opento paradigm shifts.

In recent years, there have been a growing number of K-Pop videos showing sexually suggestive content. Heck, there are a lot of stars going for that sexy, alluring concept nowadays. While I thought it was cool when HyunA and GaIn tried to break out of the cutesy girl group trend, the recent influx of more sexed-up concepts is just too much to bear.

Since I"m a girl, Taeyang"s glorious abs and Kyuhyun"s hip thrusts make me go manic in an instant. While I enjoy these subtle sexy moments-the kind that"s enough to tickle your senses and nothing more-I find that it is more tasteful when it was just enough to tease instead of just putting it all out there. It is more enjoyable when they didn"t mean for it to be sexy instead of just really going for it.

The title itself states too much of the obvious The title itself states too much of the obvious I"m not at all against K-pop getting changing its look and feel since it is all part of its growth as one giant industry on its way to worldwide domination. I even gave YouTube "thumbs-up" to some videos for their creatively weaving stories involving sexuality and other R-19 themes.

Nevertheless, It"s nice to look back at times when a shirtless Jaejoong was sexy enough to make you shyly look away for a while and then come back for more. I think it"s nice to look back at those fine moments of innocent reverie, of having young boys innocently sing, "Noona, you"re so pretty."

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