FTISLANDs Lee Hong Ki Responds To Being Called The Revolt Of The Idol Industry

FTISLANDs Lee Hong Ki Responds To Being Called The Revolt Of The Idol Industry

FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Responds To Being Called The Riot Of The Idol Industrynotclaira July 21, 2016 0 FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Responds To Being Called The Rebel Of The Idol Industry On July 21, FTISLAND made their comeback on “M Countdown.”

In a brief interview, Lee Hong Ki said, “The new song is terriblyrobustyet refreshing.” The crowd released their 6th studio album on July 18 and are selling the namemusic “Take Me Now.”

The MCs (including FTISLAND member Lee Jung Shin) ask him if he likes his symbol as the “rebel” of the idol industry. “It’s now not bad,” he said. “It’s unique, right?” He then asks his groupmates if they believe they’re nice, and adds, “That’s why I were given that nickname.

The staff also discuss their other nicknames that they got on their debut and make up new nicknames for every other.

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"Nail Shop Paris" Park Gyoo-ri-I becomes a gumiho

Kara's Park Gyoo-ri-I transforms into a mysterious gumiho on the first episode of the MBC Queen Drama "Nail Shop Paris".

She turns into a mysterious and not so scary gumiho.

Park Gyoo-ri-I is expected to appear in a see-through attire along with some action moves.

Park Gyoo-ri-I's various change in character from man to gumiho can be seen in the first episode of her first drama "Nail Shop Paris" which is being highly anticipated by fans all over the world.


Lee Joon Gi is excited to shoot a drama series with Shin Min Ah #shinminah #gumiho #leejoongi

Lee Joon Gi is excited to shoot a drama series with Shin Min Ah #shinminah #gumiho #leejoongi

Lee Joon Gi is excited to shoot a drama series with Shin Min Ah #shinminah #gumiho #leejoongi

Lee Joon Gi recently said he is excited to shoot a new drama series with Shin Min Ah.

On June 18, Lee gave his thoughts on playing the leading role in MBC TV’s new drama series Arang and the Magistrate. At the interview, he said, “I’m especially excited about the romance between the two leading characters.”

Lee said, “I always think about and look forward to the type of romance in this drama series. One thing I can tell you for sure is that the genre of this drama series is fantasy historical melodrama. So I think it will have more romance than my previous drama series.”

Lee also said, “I wish the love story between me and Arang can appeal to the viewers. It’s a little bit different from other romantic comedies. When I saw the synopsis of this series at first, I was very much attracted to the genre, which is a fantasy melodrama that ghosts appear. I’m expecting the new concepts related to this genre will attract the viewers.”

Arang and the Magistrate is a drama series based on a Korean legend about Arang. It’s a love story between reckless ghost Arang (played by Shin Min Ah), who wants to know the reason of her death as she lost all her memories, and picky magistrate Eun Oh (played by Lee Joon Gi), who has an ability to see ghosts.

It’s directed by Kim Sang Ho of the drama series Fantastic Couple and Can You Hear my Heart and written by Jung Yoon Jung of Chosun Police Season 1 and 2. It will start airing at the end of July after I Do, I Do.

Source: Starnews


Album Review - My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST

Album Review - My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST

Album Review - My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST

Album Review - My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST

01 Must Have Been Out of My Mind (Daewoong Theme) – Lee Seung Gi

02 Sun Shower (Main Theme) – Lee Sun Hee

03 Person I Will Love (Miho Theme) – Lee Seul Bi

04 Ooh la la – Kim Gun Mo

05 Two Is One (Love Theme) – Lyn with Bongoo of Gilgoo Bongoo

06 Sha la la – Shin Mina

07 Trap (Dong Joo Theme) – No Minwoo

08 Look at Me – Park Hong

09 Can Give You My All – Shin Mina

10 Sun Shower (Acoustic Version) – Lee Sun Hee

Purchase This Album

The soundtrack for 2010’s hit romantic comedy drama, “My Girlfriend is aGumiho” has finally been released. Digital downloads were available forpurchase prior to the physical album release and have been receivingmuch love. The album consists of ten tracks used throughout the seriesto represent each of the characters and themes portrayed in the drama.

The album starts off with electronica pop number, “I Must Have Been Outof My Mind” sung by the protagonist of the drama, Lee Seung Gi.Composed by the famous Brave Brothers, this song incorporates synthsounds and catchy beats, making it very enjoyable.

The next song is the main theme song, “Sun Shower” sung by veteranartist, Lee Sun Hee. The beautiful string arrangements harmonizebeautifully with the singer’s dreamy vocals. An acoustic versionincluded at the end of the album brings out yet another color to thismedium tempo number.

“Person I Will Love” is the next song and it is sung by Lee Seul Bi.This singer’s vocals and music style is very reminiscent of Baek JiYoung who is also known to take part in various soundtracks. I thinkmany Korean ballad lovers will find this song catchy.

The album continues off with a quirky electronica number, “Ooh la la.”Veteran singer, Kim Gun Mo sings this song and his unique vocals seem tosuit the style very well. For some odd reason, I found a greatliking to this song.

Another favorite of mine is “Two Is One,” the love theme song for thedrama. Lyn and Bongoo’s vocals are very smooth and romantic in this warmmedium tempo number.

The last song I want to mention is “Trap” the theme song for theantagonist of the drama, Dong Joo. Sung by the actor himself, thisupbeat dance number uses synth sounds that fit well with this dramatic yetmysterious number.

Overall, I really enjoyed the soundtrack. Although it doesn’t includeall the songs used for the drama (such as Lee Seung Gi’s “Love You FromNow On”) it had most and were all memorable. One thing I really likedabout this album was how the main actors and actresses all took part inthe soundtrack as well. Listening to the album will definitely bringback memories of various scenes from the drama. This is a must buy for “MyGirlfriend is a Gumiho” fans!


5/5 - Even if you're not a fan of this artist/group this album is a must buy.

4/5 - If you're a fan of this artist/group, you must buy this album.

3/5 - If you're a fan of this artist/group, you might want to add this one to your collection.

2/5 - I don't think a fan would even buy this.

1/5 - You might as well just flush your money down the toilet