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A-JAX's Hyeongkon forged in musical 'Bachelor's Vegetable Store'

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A-JAX's Hyeongkon forged in musical 'Bachelor's Vegetable Store'

A-JAX"s Hyeongkon has been cast in the musical "Bachelor"s Vegetable Store"!

It"s been some time since we heard the rest from the A-JAX boys, yet fanatics know Hyeongkon has been in a couple of musicals. His latest one is a musical that attracts the tale of five men who wander in existence as a result of difficulties but finally finish up winning with their hobby in the end.

He could be gambling Son Ji Hwan, a tender guy who works at a host bar at evening due to his sickly grandmother. He"s been in musicals similar to "Scent of Chrysanthemums" and "Les Miserables", and had acting gigs on "Iris 2" and "Vampire"s Flower", so he"ll make certain you sing their own praises his skills with his new task as well.

The musical will curtain up on November 13th.

ZE:A's Minwoo Confirmed To Star in Musical 'Bachelor's Vegetable Store'

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ZE:A's Minwoo Confirmed To Star in Musical 'Bachelor's Vegetable Store'

ZE:A"s Minwoo has been cast in the musical remake of "Bachelor"s Vegetable Store"!

The ZE:A member is set to perform the musical at Sunshine Theatre in the Ikebukuro area of Tokyo, Japan on February 16-22, 2015. He"ll be showing an innocent and passionate side of him through his character, the vegetable store"s maknae Chul Jin.

Minwoo shared, "I am joyful to be able to greet Japanese fans through the musical as I await various activities in Japan. As Chul Jin is a cheerful character, I will do my best to show a bright image to the many people who are supporting me."

The musical is also currently running in Korea at KTG Sang Sang Art Hall until January 1. ZE:A will also release their unit"s Japanese mini album on January 21.

Boyfriend’s Donghyun joins Teen Top"s Ricky and 100%"s Rokhyun on "Bachelor’s Vegetable Store"

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Boyfriend’s Donghyun joins Teen Top

Aside from the inclusion ofTeen Top"s Ricky and 100%"s Rokhyun on the musical "Bachelor"s Vegetable Store,"Boyfriends leader Donghyun is also confirmed to be part of the cast.

"Bachelors Vegetable Store" is one of Koreas representative musicals which tells a story about five young men pursuing their dreams together.

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Boyfriend"s Donghyun joins cast for "Bachelor"s Vegetable Store" in Japan

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Boyfriend"s leader Donghyun was recently cast as one of the lead roles for the musical "Bachelor"s Vegetable Store" performances in Japan. Donghyun will be taking on the role of the energetic, foreign bachelorChoi Yoon Min.

From February 16 to 22, "Bachelor"s Vegetable Store" will be playing at Sunshine Theater in Tokyo. The production company for the muscial revealed that Donghyun was chosen because of the popularity that Boyfriend have in Japan as well as the idol"s stable acting skills and vocal ability, which he had shown through his first musical, "The First Man".

Donghyun began building his acting career when he appeared in the MBC drama "Love Station 37.2". The idol commented, "I will work hard to show a more stable acting and vocal on stage, especially because it is the second musical that I will be performing in Japan."

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store: Series review

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Bachelor’s Vegetable Store: Series review

When you have an evil character whos built a card house made of lies, its either a given that shes smart enough to maintain that complex web of deception, or that everyone else is blind ) His character was one of the more frustrating excesses of the show, never really adding much and serving when needed as a point of conflict that felt half-baked at best(Cheesy, but trueWeve got the basic premise of a group of lost boys, handled with aplomb in shows like Shut Up: Flower Boy Band and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, where each character has a backstory that seems well thought-out even if theyre not prominently featuredShe could be fun to have around when she was there, but most of the time she wasntLiking her wasnt impossible, but it was certainly hard

"Bachelor's Vegetable Store" Ji Chang Wook Involved in a Car Accident

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"Bachelor's Vegetable Store" Ji Chang Wook Involved in a Car Accident

On Sunday, February 26, “Bachelor’s Vegetabe Store’sJi Chang Wook was involved in a car accident at the Shinsa intersection in Gangnam, Seoul around 5:50AM. Ji Chang Wook and his manager were on their way to the studio when their car collided with a dump truck. Earlier today, a photo of the wrecked car was released, showing the severity of the car accident.

Following the crash, Ji Chang Wook and his manager were taken to the Soonchunhyang University Hospital for emergency treatment. Fortunately, both were able to escape any big injuries. The actor received several stitches on his forehead and was seen limping.

Despite everyone’s objections, he returned to filming in order to keep his promise with his viewers. A representative of Glorious Entertainment stated, “He was extremely set on returning. Ji Chang Wook didn’t want to cause a delay on the drama’s broadcast and was determined to continue. We’re still waiting for test results, and many people are worried about his health. We’re hoping that he doesn’t suffer from any severe aftereffects.”

The police is investigating the accident to determine whether Ji Chang Wook’s manager fell asleep at the wheel, causing the accident. Ji Chang Wook is currently starring in Channel A’s “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” and previously starred in SBS’sWarrior Baek Dong Soo” and KBS’sSmile, Donghae.” 

miss A’s Min sings “Living Like a Fool” for ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ OST

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miss A’s Min sings “Living Like a Fool” for ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’ OST

Even though Min has had her hands full with miss As promotions in China, shes still found the time to record a new song for the Bachelors Vegetable Store OST.

Titled Living Like a Fool, this soothing ballad adds a new shine to Mins talents. Her breathy vocals and emotive delivery made fans even more impatient for miss As return.

Check out Living Like a Fool below!

Jay Park is one stylish bachelor for "InStyle"

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Jay Park is one stylish bachelor for

Singer and rapper Jay Park was recently featured in a pictorial for fashion magazine "InStyle" where he transformed into a playful yet sexy bachelor in flashy prints and a glossy purple blazer.

During the interview with the magazine, Jay Park said, "When I first appeared on "SNL Korea" back in 2012 when I still had some image as an idol, I experimented with a lot of strong characters. At the time, the response was good so a lot of idol guests later came on to the show. I think that I should continue to experiment even if I were to get cursed at and I hope that other celebrities would also take the risk and stop caring about what others say."

When asked about how he felt about turning 30 next year, Jay Park said, "I wanted to end my 20s fashionably so I even decided to appear on "Show Me The Money 4." I"m at a certain level with both my music and Korean speaking skills and since hip hop is trending, I didn"t want to waste time," revealing that he is currently living life to the fullest.

Meanwhile, you can check out the full interview and pictorial in the June edition of "InStyle."

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Shin Dong Yup jokes that Shin Bong Sun saves her money for plastic surgery on "Bachelor Party"

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Shin Dong Yup jokes that Shin Bong Sun saves her money for plastic surgery on

On the April 23 episode of MBC"s "Shin Dong Yup"s Bachelor Party", comedian Shin Bong Sun as well as Dal Shabet and Lovelyz were guests.

When Shin Bong Sun came into the room, Shin Dong Yup stated, "You subtly changed something again," for the female comedian has frequently talked about working on her appearance through cosmetic procedures.

Kim Jong Min blurted out, "You did [plastic surgery] again?"

Shin Dong Yup joked, "Shin Bong Sun is a savings queen. She saves and gets something done.. saves and gets something done again." 

Like the comedian she is, Shin Bong Sun joked right along, saying, "When I was in my teens, my appearance wasn"t something you could bare to look at. But now, I"m prettier today than I was yesterday, and tomorrow I"ll be prettier than I am today. So! I"m thinking that by the time I become 60, I could try out to become an ulzzang [someone known for their pretty/handsome face]!"

Shin Bong Sun has admitted in the past of re-doing her nose, and we hope she"s satisfied with how she looks now!

Eunhyuk reveals his perfectly clean and organized home on "Bachelor Party"

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Eunhyuk reveals his perfectly clean and organized home on

If fans are curious as to what Super Junior Eunhyuk"s home looks like, they"re in for a treat!

The latest episode of MBC"s "Shin Dong Yup"s Bachelor Party" on March 26 revealed Eunhyuk"s bachelor pad! Although you might expect a bachelor"s pad to be on the messier side, his house was was completely clean and organized, without a speck of dust! Eunhyuk also showed his attention to details, rearranging the couch or the table if he felt their alignment was off even just by a little bit!

Catch his segment below with appearances by the fellow cast members of the show as well as his fellow member Kangin!

See Eunhyuk"s immaculate house for yourself in the episode below (segment starts around 16:58 mark)