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f(x)'s Victoria to famous person in new Chinese drama 'City of Fantasy'

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f(x)'s Victoria to famous person in new Chinese drama 'City of Fantasy'

f(x)"s Victoria can be taking any other Chinese drama project.

According to the drama reps on August 12th, Victoria has been casted as the feminine lead in upcoming Chinese drama "City of Fantasy".

"City of Fantasy" is initially a singular via noted Chinese author and director Guo Jingming, depicts a war between two brothers who constitute the Ice and Hearth kingdoms in a fantasy world. The drama adaption will center of attention more at the fated tale between the Emperor and the girl he loves.

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Luhan Rumored to Play Kris (Wu Yifan)'s Sibling in New Chinese Drama "Enchanted City"

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Luhan Rumored to Play Kris (Wu Yifan)'s Sibling in New Chinese Drama

Chinese media reported that Wu Yifan (Kris) and Luhan will play brothers in the Chinese drama "Enchanted City."

In December last year, news started spreading on Chinese media portals that Wu Yifan and Luhan were being considered with different acting roles in Enchanted City, a television series adapted from the original novel written by Chinese writer Guo Jingming.

When questioned in an interview about rookies he would like to collaborate with, Guo Jingming himself named Wu Yifan and Luhan as two of the four candidates he would like to talk to if he had the opportunity.

An entertainment commenter shared news through his Weibo account on March 4th on updates for the film series. Produced by Shanghai’s Youhug Media, the ancient fantasy television series is projected to have 50 episodes, with filming starting in May 2015 and take place for 12 months.

Wu Yifan was named to take on the main lead as Kasuo, while Luhan was expected to play the grown-up character of Yingkong Shi, who is Kasuo’s younger brother. Other casts listed were TFBOYS’ leader Wang Junkai, Yang Mi, Angelababy, Xu Jiao, and more.

Previously, Wu Yifan and Luhan’s reunion on the same stage for CCTV’s New Year’s Gala show was unfortunately pulled off, as they were still embroiled in lawsuits with SM Entertainment.

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[Spoiler] Drama "City of the Sun" unveils its movie-like spectacular scenes

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[Spoiler] Drama

The first episode of "City of the Sun" caught viewers" eyes from the beginning starting with its spectacular and powerful car chasing scenes and the scene where the lead, Kang Tae-yang (Kim Jun) was chased after by mysterious gangsters.

Kang Tae-yang (Kim Jun), a recent college graduate entered a sub-contractor company for Hanguk Construction, which was a top prestigious construction company in Korea. He struggled to adapt himself to the new work place.

He endured everything including the rough culture of the construction workers as well as the corrupted practices in the field. It was because he was determined to reach the top from bottom. However, his rival as well as a longtime lover, Han Ji-soo (Song Min-jeong) was feeling baffled as someone like him, who graduated from a prominent university as a top student in construction engineering major decided to work for a small sub-contractor company instead of a large general construction company.

Han Ji-soo works for Hanguk Construction and shares a special feeling with So Woo-jin (Jeong Min), who is the general manager of the headquarter of the department she works for. He is also a son of the owner of the company.

Kang Tae-yang also encountered So Hye-jin (Jung Joo-yeon), the youngest daughter of the owner of Hanguk Construction.

Although the couple, Kang Tae-yang and Han Ji-soo love each other, they have a different approach for success. Now they have So Woo-jin and So Hye-jin in each one"s life. The interest is now focused on how the love relationship among the two guys and two girls will move forward.

Along with the spectacular action scenes, car chasing scenes and the shaky love relationship, the fast-forwarding first episode amplified viewers" interest for the next episode. Kang Tae-yang"s swift and effortless looking action scenes added more interest.

MBC Dramanet, special project program, "City of the Sun" is the adaptation of the book "The Bones of Steel" by author Ikeido Jun, which was also dramatized by NHK previously. The drama depicts the revenge and romance of the protagonist, who lost his father in the middle of the whirlwind of corruption by large construction companies.

[Video] Teaser trailer released for the Korean drama "City of the Sun"

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[Video] Teaser trailer released for the Korean drama

Teaser trailer released for the upcoming Korean drama "City of the Sun"

"City of the Sun" (2014)Directed by Jeong Heung-soon, Park Ki-hyeongWritten by Jeong Jae-hong, Lim Ri-ra, Park Ki-hyeongNetwork : MBC DramanetWith Kim Jun, Jung Joo-yeon, Jeong Min, Song Min-jeong, Kim Seong-kyeong-I, Lim Dae-ho,...20 episodes - Fri 20:50"City of the Sun" is a Korea and Japan co-production.SynopsisA drama about the corruption of a construction company and the supervisory agency that is parasitic to it. The main character of the drama struggles to make buildings fit for people to live in and reflects back on the true values that we humans have forgotten about.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/01/30

Park Hae-jin and director Jin Hyeok to come together for Chinese drama "Sex and The City"

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Park Hae-jin and director Jin Hyeok to come together for Chinese drama

Director Jin Hyeok and actor Park Hae-jin from "Doctor Stranger" are coming together for a Chinese drama called "Sex and The City 2".

The first drama was released 3 years ago in four different states of China and topped the charts. Directed by celebrity director Zhao Bao Kang, this Chinese version of the male "Sex and The City" dealt with three middle aged men from different backgrounds and values. The three men who starred in the movie then are still popular today. Park Hae-jin is to star in the next one.

Park Hae-jin, Zhang Liang and Fu Xin Bo have been cast in the second drama since 2013 and while looking for the director, the productions company decided on Jin Hyeok who is known for his meticulous and powerful work. Jin Hyeok is responsible for "City Hunter", "Master"s Sun", "Doctor Stranger" and more.

Jin Hyeok took Park Hae-jin"s positive advice and decided to sign the contract with consideration from SBS. The crew from "Doctor Stranger" naturally would move with him out of loyalty.

The Chinese male version of "Sex and the City 2" is about the lives of men in their 30s starred by Park Hae-jin who has a solid fan base in China, entertainer and model Zhang Liang and singer and actor Fu Xin Bo. The three of them have an average height of 186 cm and their good looks are something else to look forward to.

"Sex and the City 2" will be released next year.

Henry and Lead Cast Have Fun on the Set of Drama "My Sweet City"

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Henry and Lead Cast Have Fun on the Set of Drama My Sweet CitySome heartwarming and cute photos of Super Junior Ms Henry and his co-stars have been out!

On October 10 on Chinese actress Xinyi Zhangs Weibo, she uploaded several photos of herself with Henry and Lu Fangsheng, who are cast in an upcoming drama My Sweet City together.

In all the five revealed photos, the three actors put their heads together and make various facial expressions. They show us comical sides of them by posing with their clenched fist under their chins, making crossed eyes, and puffing out their cheeks. They apparently dont care how funny they look, which puts a smile on our face.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, Xinyi Zhang is lucky, I envy that actress, Their funny faces are lovable, too, Henry is the most perfect boy, and A love triangle already? 

Henry, Xinyi Zhang, and Lu Fangsheng join together in a new thirty-part drama called My Sweet City, which is a remake of the Korean version with the same name. In the drama, Henry and Lu Fangsheng will appear as guys who fall in love with Xinyi Zhangs character who is in her 30s.

Henry Takes Lead In Upcoming Chinese Drama 'My Sweet City'

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Henry Takes Lead In Upcoming Chinese Drama 'My Sweet City' Henry will star in the upcoming Chinese remake of My Sweet City Henry is ready to show fans more of his secret talents!

The SM Entertainment solo singer and Super Junior-M member has been cast in an upcoming Chinese remake of the 2008 SBS drama My Sweet City.

Henry has signed on to play the male lead and will head to China soon to start filming.

According to a statement SM Entertainment made to Star News on Wednesday, "After Henry wraps up his solo promotions, he will travel to China to film My Sweet City."

"Henry is the main lead in this drama and an older woman will be cast as the female lead for their love line," explained the SM rep.

The source at Henry's agency also said that the singer will remain in China for approximately three months for the show's filming.

In My Sweet City, the 23-year-old Chinese-Canadian K-Pop sensation will play the role of a young, up-and-coming movie director.

He will reportedly be playing opposite 32-year-old Chinese actress Xinyi Zhang.

My Sweet City will mark Henry's first major lead acting role.

In the meantime, the singer has just started up promotions for his sophomore single "1-4-3 (I Love You)" with f(x) rapper Amber.

Super Junior-M member Henry will appear in the Chinese drama series My Sweet City

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Super Junior-M member Henry will appear in the Chinese drama series My Sweet City

After finishing his current round of solo activities, Super Junior-M member Henry will appear in the Chinese drama series My Sweet City (working title). His agency says, “Henry is a lead character in this drama, and will play opposite an actress playing an older woman. He will stay in China for the duration of the shooting.”

My Sweet City is a remake of an SBS series of the same name, broadcast in Korea in 2008. A popular actress named Jang Shin Yie will play the female lead.

Meanwhile, Henry will perform his new song 1-4-2 (I Love You) on August 22 on Mnet Countdown.

Henry cast in Chinese drama ‘My Sweet City’

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Henry cast in Chinese drama ‘My Sweet City’

After wrapping up his solo activities, Super Junior-M member Henry will appear in the Chinese drama series My Sweet City.

My Sweet City will be a remake of SBSs drama My Sweet Seoul which aired in Korea in 2008. Henry will play the male lead who wants to be a film director, previously played by Korean actor Ji Hyun Woo, while popular Chinese actress Jang Shin Yie will play the female lead.

Meanwhile, Henry kicked off a new round of promotion for his latest track 1-4-2 (I Love You) earlier on M! Countdown which also features f(x) member Amber. Watch his performance here.

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Heartless City' final episode 20

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Heartless City' final episode 20

Added final episode 20 for the Korean drama 'Heartless City'

Directed by Jang Yong-woo, Lee Jeong-hyo

Written by Yoo Seong-yeol

With Jeong Kyeong-ho, Nam Gyoo-ri, Lee Jae-yoon-I, Son Chang-min, Kim Yoo-mi, Choi Moo-seong,...

20 episodes - Sat, Sun 21:50

Formerly known as "Undercover" (, eon-deo-keo-beo) and "Cruel City" on HanCinema

A drama about police joining a gang to investigate a drug case.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2013/05/27

Note : due to licensing, videos may not be available in your country