[Single & MV Review] DEAN ft. Syd – ‘Love’

[Single & MV Review] DEAN ft. Syd – ‘Love’

DEAN is ready to make you swoon and win over more fan girl’s hearts with his smooth-as-honey voice in his latest track “Love” featuring Syd. With a great balance of vocals, hypnotizing beats and very minimalist MV, “Love” has many aspects that will have you falling in love with the track without hesitation.

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DEAN’s all-English track is beyond refreshing, as many international fans favor DEAN’s ability to make outstanding music in both Korean and English. Because of his English speaking abilities, DEAN shows no limitations as an artist and is able to collaborate with wonderful talent such as Syd – which not many K-Pop artists are utilizing nowadays (or just yet). Syd’s sultry yet angelic voice next to DEAN’s airy voice makes a very enticing track that you can easily get lost in. 

Check out all the feels in the MV below.

As expected, “Love” has an obvious sexual undertone but is approached in a casual, light-hearted manner. The song discusses the beauty of love and how the other person creates a beauty in their life. It also contains the message of sexual consent – which is leaving a big impact on fans as they appreciate the respect DEAN and Syd show through this flirty song. 

There is a nice alluring style as they coo about their real “intentions, baby.” As if telling a story, DEAN and Syd go back and forth in a conversation-like manner as they sing about their desire to make love but are willing to wait despite getting impatient for the other. It really becomes obvious when DEAN says, “I’ll fxxk you if you let me baby,” which somehow becomes elegant due to its consensual meaning despite the lyric being so raw.

Aside from the lyrics, the song as a whole has a lot of desirable content. The song’s synthetic beat combined with the trippy instrumentals creates an attention-grabbing sound that helps the singer’s vocals blend in effortlessly. 

The mid-tempo track has a slow and steady pace and features wonderful transitions from energetic to mellow. The ending of the track also deviates from the initial instrumental and theme without sounding messy, unlike most K-Pop songs nowadays that appear to be all over the place in regards to sound.

As for the MV, there really isn’t much to it. In a comical way, DEAN and Syd can be seen standing and riding on the wings of an airplane from the 50’s in a grey-scale scene. 

From some classic hip-hop dance moves to some quirky gestures of his own, DEAN has a little fun as he is cloned throughout the MV and dancing in unusual places on the airplane soaring through the sky. While the MV is simplistic and might not offer any additional message, it appears to showcase that feeling of being on ‘Cloud Nine’ when you are in love. You feel light, high and free of all things once you give in to the pleasure.

Overall, DEAN has created another bop that can’t be missed. “Love” is simple but moody all at once. The song took an old concept and made it refreshing again without being extravagant or exaggerated. The mellow beat combined with the appealing message of love and consent make “Love” a must have on anyone’s playlist – especially if you’re a fan of this chill genre.

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