Simple Plan posts VIXX meme, says they love K-Pop

Simple Plan posts VIXX meme, says they love K-Pop

Simple Plan, a Canadian rock band that grew to be very famous in the early 2000s, unknowingly used a VIXX GIF in their tweet and it led to a K-Pop confession.

Simple Plan recently wrapped up the first part of their 15th Anniversary Tour, No Pads, No HelmetsJust Balls, in America.

After their tour in America ended, Simple Plan went on their Twitter and expressed how much they miss the two bands that accompanied them during the tour. They expressed how they were now full emo without Set It Off and Seaway by using a GIF from VIXXs Hyde music video with the caption, Cant contain feels.

First part of the #NPNHJBtour is OVER and we are now full emo without our brothers in @seawayband and @SetItOff

— Simple Plan (@simpleplan) April 19, 2017

Fans of the band and K-Pop flooded the comments, informing Simple Plan that they had used a GIF of VIXX and told them to check out the K-Pop groups music!

Simple Plan finally acknowledged their use of the K-Pop GIF when Jeff Benjamin, a K-Pop columnist at Billboard, commented on their post. Like many of the fans, Jeff Benjamin quoted the tweet and told them to check out VIXX if they didnt know them. He also recommended a song for them to listen to by including a link to VIXXs Error.

I love that there is a K-pop gif here. Hey Simple Plan, if you dont know @RealVIXX check out one my favorite songs:

Jeff Benjamin (@Jeff__Benjamin) April 20, 2017

Simple Plan then responded, saying, K-pop is great!

@Jeff__Benjamin @RealVIXX K-pop is great!

Simple Plan (@simpleplan) April 21, 2017

It may have begun as a coincidence, but it looks like K-Pop has garnered yet another set of famous Western fans!