Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Kim Sae-ron warns Yeom Jeong-ah:

Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Kim Sae-ron warns Yeom Jeong-ah: "I'll confine you in curse"

On the episode 17 of JTBC's Friday Saturday drama, "Mirror of the Witch", Yeon-hee (Kim Sae-ron) conceptthe consumer whoattemptedto hurt Queen used to be Hong-ju (Yeom Jeong-ah).

Hong-ju acted perfectly cool telling Yeon-hee, "If you need to have to kill me, please do so". Yeon-hee said, "You do these sort of nasty and terrible things because you observedI will not kill you. Death does now not necessarily mean stabbing a knife for your neck. Wait and see. I could beready tofree up the curse and confine you in curse rather moreawful than death".

Hong-ju replied quickly, "Try. Let's see who will finally finish updeathon account of the curse".

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Horror movie, 'Jangsan Tiger' starring Yeom Jeong-ah has completed filming

Horror movie, 'Jangsan Tiger' starring Yeom Jeong-ah has completed filming

"Jangsan Tiger" has completed filming.

Director Huh Jung, well known for his a hit movie, "Hide and Seek", 2013, is coming back with his new horror movie, "Jangsan Tiger". The film depicts a mysterious tale about Jangsan Tiger, who mimics human voice to enchant people, and a circle of relatives suffering from the unknown creature.

Jangsan tiger, the mystic creature, of which stories were told verbally, are known to be living in the region round the southern Sobaek mountain area. The folklores say that the creature is in a shape of white tiger and mimics human voice to kidnap children.

Director Huh Jung stated "I think the irresistibly attention-grabbing voice itself is Jangsan Tiger. the ones voices at the hours of darkness and the only person that did now not agree with any of these voices are the foundation of the movie".

Yeom Jeong-ah plays Hee-yeon, a mother, who lost her child. Yeom Jeong-ah captivated the hearts of target audience with her impressive and charismatic role in "A Tale of 2 Sisters". Yeom Jeong-ah said the hot motion picture is horny and smartly supplied with the 3 elements: content, scenario, characters.

Park Hyeok-kwon plays husband Min-ho who remains next to his wife Hee-yeon, who is going thru termendous pressure after her kid disappeared. He has been appearing amazing activities in videos and dramas recently. Park Hyeok-kwon said he had made up our minds to seem in this new movie because he had enjoyed looking at "Hide and Seek" and had been taking note of Huh Jung"s tasteful directing style.

"Jangsan Tieger" might be released in summer next year.


Yeom Jeong-ah to star in horror flick for the first time in 12 years

Yeom Jeong-ah to star in horror flick for the first time in 12 years

Actress Yeom Jeong-ah could come back with a horror flick.

Fantasio claims she was offered a role in "Jangsan Criminal" and she hasn"t signed the papers yet but it"s likely to happen.

"Jangsan Criminal" is about a mysterious case than occurs to a family. Yeom Jeong-ah takes on the role of a mother in her 30s who lost her son.

This might be her first horror flick in 12 years since "A Tale of Two Sisters".

"Jangsan Criminal" is produced by Heo Jeong. The movie cranks in this July.



Yeom Jeong-ah Breaks New Ground in Film About Social Issues

Yeom Jeong-ah Breaks New Ground in Film About Social Issues

Out of Korea"s 18.78 million wage earners in Korea, 6 million are non-regular or contract workers. Now the movie "Cart" by director Boo Ji-young which opened in theaters last week, deals with the plight of supermarket contract workers who face being laid off. The movie touches on a sensitive topic as big businesses seek to minimize labor costs. Contract workers get lower pay than full-time staff, no job security and fewer or no benefits.Yeom Jeong-ah, who plays the lead, has been praised for her portrayal of an ordinary woman. "I hope that this is a chance for others to pay attention to the voices of non-regular workers", she said. Yeom quoted Kim Kang-woo, who plays a supporting part, as saying, "This is the first time that I actually cried watching a movie that I was in". Yeom added, "I was one of those people who looked at striking contract workers and wondered why they were protesting so loudly. But when I practically became one of them for a few months, I could understand their anger and frustration". "Now I can see how difficult it is to be treated unfairly while no one wants to listen to your plight", she said. "I started to look at them from a whole new perspective".

Yeom, who is usually cast in glamorous parts, said it wasn"t very difficult for her to put herself in the shoes of a housewife in a low-paying job. When asked how she feels about being in a movie that tackles a hot potato, Yeom said, "I had no problems with that. It was other people who seemed to worry. I always listen to my husband, and while he doesn"t like me being in movies or soaps with a lot of smooching, he was really supportive this time". She said she was thankful to see the movie drawing so much attention to the issue of contract workers. "My hope is that viewers will feel compelled to take a closer look at the issue. I hope that my choice to be in the movie will pay off".


"Cart" D.O Feels Like Yeom Jung Ah Is His Mother

Cart” co-stars Yeom Jung Ah and EXO member D.O are close to each other like mother and son!

On November 6th, the actress Yeom Jung Ah has posted a selca of herself and singer-turned-actor D.O on her personal Twitter account. The picture is capped with,  “‘Cart’ with my pretty son Kyung Soo~Finally, a week left until the premiere~," 

Previously, EXO member D.O shared that he Yeom Jung Ah felt like a mother to him during filming of their movie, and it seems like they"ve gotten close like family. EXO-L were also happy to see the normally reserved D.O. flash a big smile.

"Cart" will premiere in theaters across Korea on the 13th!


Catching First Images Of Yeom Jung Ah and EXOs D.O In

Catching First Images Of Yeom Jung Ah and EXOs D.O In "Cart" Movie Trailer

“Cart” Starring Yeom Jung Ah and EXO’s D.O Releases New Trailer

The upcoming film “Cart” makes fans burst with excitement when the production crew released the first trailer, featuring actress Yeom Jung Ah and EXO’s D.O.

Cart” is written by the famous director Boo Ji Young. The film will be opened at the Toronto International Film Festival in early September.

Cart” is about the woman who is engaged in a struggle against her supermarket’s managers. Currently, the movie is drawing a lot of attention to their fact-based-script.

Check out the new 30 second trailer for “Cart” below.

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EXO"s D.O. chooses Yeom Jung Ah as the "Cart" co-star who was different from his expectations


The cast of movie "Cart" strolled into viewers" hearts on the October 11 edition ofKBS 2TV"s "Entertainment Relay".

EXO"sD.O. was asked to introduce the movie to viewers, and adorably stumbled over his words to which his noona co-stars helped out. When asked which co-star did he want to work with the most, D.O. chose veteran actress Kim Young Ae, commenting, "I was really looking forward to working with her. But I didn"t have any scenes with her."

When asked which co-star was different from his or her expectations, D.O. chose Yeom Jung Ah who plays his mother in the movie. He explained, "I thought Yeom Jung Ah was going to have a scary first impression. But when I met her for the first time to film together, [I found out that] she is really friendly, and she felt like a real mother to me from the start."

D.O. greeted the viewers, sharing, "The movie "Cart" will premiere in November. It"s a warm movie that is perfect for fall so please look forward to it, and I hope that you give it a lot of love. Thank you!"


Do Kyeong-soo,

Do Kyeong-soo, "Yeom Jeong-ah took good care of me"

Do Kyeong-soo mentioned Yeom Jeong-ah.

At the premiere conference of the movie "Cart", Do Kyeong-soo said, "I was so nervous at first but Yeom Jeong-ah always took care of me and made me feel at home".

"I didn"t get the chance to film with many of the actors and actresses except Yeom Jeong-ah".

Do Kyeong-soo played the role of high school student and part time worker Tae-yeong.

"Cart" is a story about non-regular workers who are dismissed unfairly and it will be released in November.



"Cart" releases movie trailer starring Yeom Jung Ah, Kim Kang Woo, Moon Jung Hee, EXO"s D.O. and more

Upcoming movie "Cart" released a compelling trailer starring EXO"s D.O. and more!

The film centers around a group of contract employees of a large-scale mart who are wrongfully dismissed and decide to take a stand. Also starring in the movie are Yeom Jeong AhMoon Jung HeeKim Young Ae, and Kim Kang Woo. D.O. will make his big screen debut as the role of Sun Hee"s (Yeom Jeong Ah) son Tae Young who seems stoic and reserved, but gets closer to his mother through the turmoil of the strike.

"Cart" was also selected to make its world premiere at the "Toronto International Film Festival" ("TIFF") on September 7! Check out more information here!


Sung Yuri to Join Ha Jung Woo and Yeom Jung Ahs Agency

Sung Yuri to Join Ha Jung Woo and Yeom Jung Ahs Agency

Sung Yuri to Join Ha Jung Woo and Yeom Jung Ah’s Agency It looks like actress Sung Yuri will be signing with a new agency.

According to multiple industry insiders, Sung Yuri’s contract with King Kong Entertainment ended recently, and she has been receiving many love calls from various agencies. The word is that after much deliberation, she has decided to sign with Fantagio. It has also been said she recently met with the CEO, Na Byung Joon, and the two had a serious discussion.

On January 29, Na Byung Joon, CEO of Fantagio, stated to a Korean media outlet, “It is true I met with Sung Yuri. We are looking over many things, and it seems the final decision will be made after the Lunar New Year holiday.”

Sung Yuri made her debut as a first generation idol star as a member of FIN.K.L. She mad her acting debut in the 2002 SBS drama “Bad Girls.” Last year, she received the Excellence Award for her role in SBS’ drama “The Secret of Birth.”

She also joined SBS’ “Healing Camp” last August as the female host receiving acknowledgement that she’s a true entertainer.

Fantagio manages many familiar names in Korean entertainment including Ha Jung Woo, Yeom Jung Ah, Kim Sung Kyun, Jo Yoon Hee, and Jung Kyung Ho. The agency has also been expanding its business through movie and drama productions.