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Shut Up Flower Rock Band’s Lead Actor SungJoon Successfully Holds Japan Fan Meeting

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Shut Up Flower Rock Band’s Lead Actor SungJoon Successfully Holds Japan Fan Meeting

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The press conference started with SungJoon looking very nervous. As he was a model who attended Paris Collection, he appeared very slim and tall young actor, definitely a flower boy. SungJoon looks more mature for his age and has persuasive power in his eyes that can be absorbed.

At the press conference, although looking nervous, he expressed his intentions by answering questions.

The MC asked "Your visit to Japan this time is to promote Shut Up Flower Boy Band's DVD release and to attend 1st Fan Meeting. How are you feeling right now?" "I'm very nervous right now. I have held Fan Meetings in Korea, but it's the first time in Japan. I'm looking forward to it very much but very nervous at the same time." SungJoon replied.

MC asked "The airing of Shut Up Flower Boy Band ended in March this year. In the show, the band was named as [Eye Candy], what did you think about the name? " SungJoon answered "I felt pressure when I first heard [Eye Candy]. But as I read through the script, I thought the story of this drama looked very realistic and interesting. So I thought [Eye Candy] for the band name wasn't bad at all. Then as I heard of it, I got used to it."

SungJoon told us that the members of Eye Candy were of similar ages, so they spend the time together like friends. But the shooting was really hard as the schedule was very tight and it was very cold. When they had some break time, they couldn't play together, as they spend it instead sleeping as they had lack of sleep."

Then MC asked "JiHyuk who SungJoon acted was not only very popular with girls, but also abrupt, so cool when he stands on a stage... He is so much magnetic person. What do you think about JiHyuk?" "I envy someone like JiHyuk . Because he is blessed with talent. I think someone who can do well and be cool in what he has to do is really awesome." SungJoon answered.

The MC continued "So you and JiHyuk have something in common?" SungJoon answered "When I find something I really like, I get devoted and immersed, I can't think about anything else. That part is something we have in common, I think"

When MC asked what he thinks about preparing for the Fan Meeting, he said that he is very nervous and don't even know what to do, but will do his best.

Sung Jun answered a few questions from the press. He said he had been to Japan several times before. His first visit to Japan was when he was 5th grade at primary school. The visit was for his father's business to Fukuoka.

He admitted his liking Sushi a lot and likes Shinjuku and Ginza (neighbourhoods in Tokyo). He also likes streets where youngsters gather and Shinjuku Gyoen (Park). As to why he likes Shinjuku Gyoen, he gave the reason that a park like that cannot be seen in the heart of Seoul. He thinks the park and pond at Shinjuku Gyoen are very beautiful.

He also told the media that, when he chooses a role, he reads scripts very carefully and thinks if he can act that role. If he thinks that is what he would like to portray, then he approaches the role from himself. There isn't any particular role(s) he would like to act, but would like to try action roles where he would be shooting guns or swinging around swords, something like that.

How he gets relaxed (he really doesn't have time to relax during shooting though) is by listening to the music or reading books, when he has a bit of time to relax. He doesn't have any particular genre he likes. What he is reading recently is "Temptation" witten by an American author.

There was a question about the scene where his character JiHyuk played a guitar and sang, does SungJoon do the guitar and sing in real life ? He immediately answered "Yes" and the press went "omg~", SungJoon added "I did" as it was his past experience.

Before the press conference ended, MC asked SungJoon to leave some message to his fans in Japan. "I came to Japan to hold Fan Meeting this time. Please keep your interests and support for me. I will be an actor SungJoon who does his best all the time."

SungJoon was shy and nervous all the way till the end, but he carefully answered with his own words impressing the press as an actor who was able to get through to them. SungJoon is one of Korean actors we can look forward to seeing grow.

The drama where SungJoon is cast as a lead, "Shut Up Flower Boy Band" Rental DVD will be released on 05th December (Vol. 1-8), Sale DVD DVD-BOX12 will be released on 26th December 16,800 each (

Source: SungJoon Japan Official Fan Club Web Site:|Reporter: Melissa K.

*Poster photo for DVD used with permission.

Korean Drama of the week "Shut Up: Flower Boy Band"

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Korean Drama of the week

Korean Drama of the week "Shut Up: Flower Boy Band" (2012)

Written by Seo Yoon-hee

With Seong Joon, L, Lee Hyeon-jae, Yoo Min-gyoo, Kim Min-seok, Jo Bo-ah,...

16 episodes - Mon, Tue 23:00

As the second installation of tvN's Oh! Boy series ("Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" being the first), "Shut Up: Flower Boy Band" is the story of a high school rock band dealing with friendship, rivalry, romance and their passion for music. Lee Min-ki ("Really Really Like You"), takes a break from his real-life rock career to return to television for the first time since 2007 as Byung Hee, the leader and vocalist of Eye Candy. Other members include Kim Myung Soo, better known as L from the popular K-Pop group Infinite, Seong Joon (Lie To Me), and Yoo Min Kyu, from tvN's reality audition show, Flower Boy Casting: Oh! Boy.

Byung Hee (Lee Min-ki) is the crazy, free-spirited leader and vocalist of the popular underground rock group, Eye Candy. Joining him is Ji Hyuk (Seong Joon), chic Hyun Soo (L), playboy Ha Jin (Yoo Min-gyoo), silent Do Il (Lee Hyeon-jae) and baby-faced Kyung Jong. When their delinquent-ridden school is forced to close down, they debate whether it's even worth returning to high school at all. However, due to an outside confrontation with their new school's current ruling band, Strawberry Fields, Eye Candy decides to attend Jungsang High out of spite so they can rule the school once again.

"Shut Up: Flower Boy Band" is a music drama like you've never seen it before; relentless and highly stylized to the punk sentiment, these flower boys aren't trying to be your friendly, neighborhood idols.

Also known as: Flower Boy Band Eye Candy, Shut Up and Let Me Play, Shut up and Let's Go.

Broadcasting dates in Korea : 2012/01/30~2012/03/20

Added episode 1 for the Korean drama 'Shut Up: Flower Boy Band'

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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band Wrap Up

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[Spoiler Alert]: The following review will contain spoilers for episode 9 through 16 of Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. If you have not watched any of the last eight episodes or any of the episodes for that matterSTOP and go watch it.   This review may also contain Gils obsessive fangirling over Bang Sung Joon. 

If you have gotten to this point you have either a) already watched SUFBB in its entirety and are looking forward to my review, b)dont care about spoilers or c)other.

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band Wrap Up I will pick up where I left off, at the end of episode eight with Ji-hyuk (Bang Sung-joon) confessing his feelings to Su-ah(Jo Bo-ah) in an adorably awkward manner which leads us to the blossoming of young innocent lovehow cute. Now back to the bromance. Eye Candy signs with HR Entertainment and starts living the idol life, which isnt all that great(shocker). The boys burn through managers like I do with chocolate, look yummy-licious in a photo shoot and Ji-hyuk butts heads with management over trying to keep with the originality and flavor of their single. Eventually the conflict gets resolved as the band is able to record Jaywalking in its original format and it even achieves great success.

Episode 10 had a lot of foreshadowing from Rock Kim and Shil-bas warning about money and girls breaking up a band to Hyun-soos (Myung-soo) natural ability of being an idol. The show takes a darker turn as Su-ah faces the consequences of her relationship with Ji-hyuk, mainly by Pyo-joos physical harassment, which had me seething in anger. However, I do have to give props to the character for giving that mo-fo a deserved slap to the face, something Ive wanted to do since the beginning of the drama. You go girl. I also absolutely love, love, loved Shil-bas sudden turn into Eye Candys manager and his secret past as a rock star drummer. As Eye Candy prepares for their live debut, Ha-jin our pretty little play boy starts developing a crush on label mate Ye-rim who also happens to be crushing on Hyun-soo who may or may not have feelings towards her. Whoopeee, a love triangle. Did I ever mention how much I love these? No? Thats because I dont. I hate love triangles; in fact I hate love polygons. Love and geometry should never be mixed together it only ends in disaster but I digress. Along with love problems galore, the boys go live on a music stage after Shil-ba drops their back track in a sink (how convenient) the wiring go faulty and the amps go haywire but the boys manage to save the performance accrediting more applause and recognition and receive a terse good job from  the Witch  Hae-ri herself.

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band Wrap Up After the success of their first single, HR pushes for a second one and if that one is successful the company is willing to offer the band a full album. But heres the catch, HR Entertainment wants to bring their own producers in. Ji-hyuk not wanting to compromise with the organic feel of the band via outside producers adamantly presses for autonomy in song writing, Hae-ri relents which leaves Ji-hyuk with a short period to write a good song to present to the company. After much moping and a visit from Rock Kim, Ji-hyuk realizes that he needs his members, that he’s not the only one in the group. They spend the night poring over the song and voila, a beautiful song is born. They present it, Hae-ri smiles, and Seung-hoon becomes producer. The boys and I were not happy at all as Seung-hoon becomes the producer from hell, nit-picking every single aspect of the song. Granted, the band itself is not the paragon of musical talent but it’s obvious that Seung-hoon is merging personal and work life. Relationship wise at this point, the love triangle of Ye-rim, Ha-jin, and Hyun-soo intensify while Ji-hyuk finally puts his foot down and tells Woo-kyung that hes not interested. With that out of the way Do-il (Lee Hyun-jae) and his luscious hair can finally get the girl. Eventually.

Eye Candy also is starting to crack especially with Hyun-soos loyalty being put into question, it also doesnt help that boy with beautiful hair and a gangster daddy is also being a target of the media so the company decides to hold a press conference which not only releases the news of Eye Candys second single but try and disperse gangsta-daddy rumors but thats all shot to hell when it is revealed that Ji-hyuk has a girlfriend. Cue overreaction of netizens.

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band Wrap Up This little tid-bit leads to the eventual destruction of the band as Eye Candy is basically ruined and HR refuses to comment on this scandal. Ji-hyuk pulls out the noble idiot move and forces Hyun-soo to leave the band so that at least he will have some sort of salvageable career after this debacle. Hyun-soos forced abandonment of the band leads to even more fragmentation of the group, eventual disbandment, the breakup of Su-ah and Ji-hyuk, and the burning of the Ji-hyuks guitar. Oh my poor achy breaky heart. But dont worry after moping and angsting throughout half of episode 15 Shil-ba returns with the news that Eye Candy has been offered a deal with a Japanese entertainment company where they have more chance to succeed. Hyun-soo quickly leaves the HR ship and rejoins Eye Candy and the boys make up and everythings sunshine and rainbows, until Ji-hyuk comes in with reality. He questions his friends’ willingness to commit to the band itself, aside from Hyun-soo and Ji-hyuk the rest of the band has interests in fields other than music; Ha-jin wants to become an actor, Kyu-Jong wants to start a business, and Do-il wants to do something other than a being celebrity and a gangster which leads him to academics. Ji-hyuk realizes that and he forces them to understand that it’s okay to be selfish and look to their own future because thats the most realistic thing to do. This leads to the finale of Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, with Ji-hyuk becoming Rock Kims grasshopper prodigy, Ha-jin pursuing an acting career and inspiring the Chwa in Cha Chi-soo from SUFBBs predecessor Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Kyu-jong becoming the next business mogul or at least on a path to it, Hyun-soo succeeding in his solo career, and Do-il becoming a nerd. It was a satisfying ending which had me in sniffles.

In fact I dont think Ive been this emotionally invested in a Korean drama since, well, since forever. It had me laughing, cooing at Kim Min-seok and his adorable accent, swooning (this is completely and utterly Sung Joons doing with Myung-soos smolder making a guest appearance), and crying. I cried at the end of episode 13 when both Ji-hyuk and Hyun-soo broke up and they were in tears. Seoulmates, I hadnt cried over a T.V. show since the Masters death in the Series 3 finale of Doctor Who and that had me bawling like a blubbering walrusit was not a pretty sight. This scene had me with tears down my face as I screamed at my computer screen in anguish. Thats how well the drama had me, an emotionally detached cyborg, invested.

What Shut Up: Flower Boy Band did was take five average boys, boys with back-stories and real life problemsnot of the psychotic chaebol mother variety and weaved them perfectly into the story. The characters were developed nicely, with each of the major characters having their flaws and attributes. Even the supposed antagonist of the play, Seung-hoon, wasnt hate-able. A little bland, yes, but not this evil devil from hell that I tend to see in some K-dramas. I also really liked how the romantic relationships, while they had a role in the plot and conflict, did not become the crux of the story itself. Mainly because none of the couples had good chemistry to begin with and the fact that if Myung-soo showed any sort of physical affection towards the opposite sex the Inspirits might collapse but thats just my theory.

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band Wrap Up The drama also did a great job of introducing conflicts and resolving them in a realistic manner, and the dreaded deus ex machina did not make a sudden appearance in this show. Thank you, almighty K-pop gods. Unfortunately, even with the great script writing and character development I felt that some of the actors were lacking. Jo Bo-ah, I tried. I really did, I tried to like you and your acting, but you ended up just making Su-ah a one-dimensional character. Even though Su-ah, as she was written, had the potential to become this rich vibrant characteryour acting had no depth and it was kind of painful to watch. Same goes to you too Lee Hyun-jae, I adore you and your locks of glory, but your acting was also kind of bland. You sort of redeemed it by having good chemistry with your band mates and the glorious mane of yours, but next time please put a little bit more emotion into your acting?  And Myung-soo, oh Myung-soo. You know I love your smolder and smirk right? But dear lord, Im pretty sure Hyun-soo the character has other facial expressions other than smirk and smolder and smolder-smirk.

Other than my gripe with the acting of several of the actors in this drama, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band was a great 16 episode run with its emotional ups and downs.  It did a fantastic job of portraying teenage angst with a dramatic flair without getting into chaebol drama-llama. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who’s up for some rock and fun, but grab some kleenex while youre at it.

Infinite’s L proves his acting skills with his ‘sobbing act’ on Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

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Infinite’s L proves his acting skills with his ‘sobbing act’ on Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

L, who is attracting attention with his sobbing act on Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, will make many women’s heart flutter by revealing his thoughts on his sobbing act on a special broadcast.

On ‘The Special’ episode of tvN’s Shut Up! Flower Boy Band that will be revealed on March 26, L’s sobbing scene will go on broadcast.

In this broadcast, L reveals all the moments including the sobbing scene that surprised the production crew. A crew hinted that all the process of L trying to feel the emotions, actually acting it out, and revealing his thoughts about that particular act will moved the viewers’ hearts.

Besides L’s story, the special episode will broadcast behind-the-scene stories regarding Sung Joon, and Cho Boa’s ‘rooftop kiss.’ It will also air the best and funny scenes that the actors chose. Not only that, the real nature of ‘Eye Purifiers,’ who was serious about their friendship and music, will be revealed.

A representative of the production company, Oh Boy Project, revealed, “It will provide entertainment to the viewers of Shut Up! Flower Boy Band by revealing many new sides of the actors.”

The special episode of Shut Up! Flower Boy Band will air at 11:00 p.m.

allkpop TV Guide: Shut Up Flower Boy Band Ep. 15-16 (Finale)

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allkpop TV Guide: Shut Up Flower Boy Band Ep. 15-16 (Finale)

Official Synopsis: ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ is centered around a high school band known as “Eye Candy”, whose members are comprised of good looking delinquents who face varyingpersonal problems. The drama depicts their friendships, love, andyouthful passion — all tied together by the unifying force, music.

Recap of Ep. 15: With Eye Candy officially disbanded, the individual boys try to pave their own future, only to meet a hopeless dead end. Ha Jin (Yoo Min Kyu) participates in acting training sessions, but does not have the heart to succeed, and calls Kyung Jong (Kim Min Suk), who is imprisoned by his mother in her fish store. Meanwhile, Do Il (Lee Hyun Jae) locks up his pool room, while Hyun Soo (INFINITEs L) continues recording for his solo album. Ji Hyuk (Sung Joon) is cut off from his friends, as he wanders aimlessly to Byung Hees memorial vault.

Ha Jin, still furious that Hyun Soo had left for his solo career, engages in a fist fight with him, which Do Il breaks up as he finally reveals the truth of Ji Hyuks sacrifice for Hyun Soo and how he had sent Hyun Soo off for his solo career. Kyung Jong finally escapes his mothers grip over him, and although the boys reunite sans Hyun Soo, Ji Hyuk is still downtrodden despite being acknowledged for his heroic sacrifice. Later, Hae Ri, HRs CEO, reveals the truth to Hyun Soo that Ji Hyuk had made a deal with her to allow Hyun Soo his solo career.

Angrily confronting Ji Hyuk about the sacrifice, Hyun Soo asks how he could sacrifice the band this way. Ji Hyuk counters back furiously, relieving all his pent up frustrations with how the boys of Eye Candy, the media, and society had opposed his relationship with Su Ah (Jo Bo Ah), as well as how the boys had easily abandoned him, leaving him all alone while the rest of the band members had family members to go back to.

After his diatribe, a disheartened Ji Hyuk meets Rock Kim, who gives him a pep talk. Opening the light to Ji Hyuk, Rock Kim relates himself to Ji Hyuk and the life hes led. He helps Ji Hyuk realize the sole thing Ji Hyuk can rely on is music, and questions Ji Hyuks dreams, asking What kind of music do you want to make?.

Meanwhile, Eye Candys manager break good news for the boys: a Japanese agency is interested in establishing the idol career for Eye Candy. Although the boys are elated, there is a hitch to the agreement. Hyun Soo must give up his solo career to join Eye Candy again. The boys shout down the offer, but Hyun Soo stands up defiantly and says its not up to them to decide.

Recap of Ep. 16: Hyun Soo agrees to think about giving up his solo career to join the boys in their promotion for Eye Candy. As he remembers Ji Hyuks heartfelt words to not endure everything alone, he rushes over to Ji Hyuks home, and the two friends sit together, thinking about their friendship.

Hyun Soo confesses hes always been jealous of how Ji Hyuk left him for Byung Hee, to which Ji Hyuk replies that Hyun Soo had done the same when Da Som, Hyun Soos sister, was born. The two boys divulge all their painful secrets of their families and friendship together, culminating in a more enjoyable ramyun snack session, ultimately healing their strong friendship together.

Although their practice room is demolished, the boys are joyful over the offer of their Japanese contract, as Hyun Soo cuts off his solo career with HR Entertainment. Upon hearing about the concept of their band, which would capitalize upon their handsome looks, and the similar idol life they would have to pursue, the boys are left pondering over the deal.

Meanwhile, Ji Hyuk intervenes in Su Ahs plan to leave for China and confesses to her. Su Ah replies by moving back into her rooftop room, becoming neighbors again with Ji Hyuk. The boys of Eye Candy meet up again and Ji Hyuk announces that they should begin paving their own individual dreams and paths, much to the boys shock. After thinking about all the tribulations and joy they had in the past as Eye Candy, the boys agree to find their own dreams, cheering, Shut up and run!.

Ji Hyuk drops out of school and begins to find his own music style with Rock Kim in his club, writing the title song for Hyun Soos solo album. Ha Jin begins to pursue his acting career, Kyung Jong plans out his business and saves money, while Do Il finds he enjoys studying and decides to go to college. Despite their separate futures and dreams, the boys join together and perform Jaywalking with the passion for their friendship and love for music.

kdramacrazy’s Thoughts:

[ Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of allkpop ]

Someone want to find me friends like these boys? No, someone needs to find me a heartwarming, agonizing, poignant, and energetic drama like this because there is an empty void the boys of Eye Candy left with the finale episode. Beautifully painting the boys, who are searching for their identity, dreams, on the harsh background of reality, Shut Up Flower Boy Band holds the power of emotionally moving viewers, painting a cracked self-reflection of society, in addition to inspiring viewers to find dreams of their own.

I loved the unique step the boys of Eye Candy took with their friendship. Most Korean dramas love the fairy-tale endings and would have presented the last episode as the boys reuniting as Eye Candy, gaining world fame, and being friends and best buddies as they undertake the dream of music. Although the writers capitalized on the passion the boys poured into music, the authentic focal point of the drama is the friendship. Rather than music being the binding force of their friendship, it is only a small portion, as music was just a hobby for the boys to enjoy their time together. While in the beginning of the drama, Byung Hee, music, goals to win the competition, and becoming the music kings, had control over their friendship, the boys learned to free themselves from the restrictions and boundaries to create their friendship on their own grounds.

Which brings me to the fact that I loved how the title meshed into the drama so perfectly. Although the boys band name is Eye Candy, the band concept that agencies and media are placing on them as the flower boys, the pretty, well-behaved boys society adores, is rejected by the boys as they shout rebelliously, Shut Up. It was also symbolized when the boys reject the offer made by the Japanese agency. We see this kind of energetic rebellion, the courage as the boys struggle against the stuck-up rich adults, the harping media against Su Ah, and all these extraneous forces. When the boys skip school to visit Byung Hee, it just exudes the energy of youth, youth who are willing to step over the lines society places upon us. Its so refreshing to see these boys find their identity without anyone paving the path for them and see them still carry that youthful spunk that we lose later in our lives.

The writing does so well on multiple levels, with the flow of the plot, the character development, the moving dialogue, and the figurative undercurrent. Each major plot movement or even little details hold significance. The destruction of the basement room symbolizing the end of their career as the idols, as the boys only began practicing there to win the band competition. The arc of Eye Candy, as idols, not only presented the first obstacle to the boys friendship but showed their genuine resistance to society.

While I hoped for some more character development on Su Ah and Seung Hoon (Jung Eui Chul), whom I wished to see make amends with his friends and face the same tribulations the main characters did, I actually loved how the lovelines and the family background of Ji Hyuk was left open. Rather than trying to tie everything up in the last two episodes, they left it unresolved, problems for another day to solve. Because thats what reality truly is.

All in all, this was one of the most heartfelt, youthful drama that I could truly connect to. I hope the main cast shoots to stardom and hope to see them all in upcoming dramas, especially Sung Joon.

What are your final thoughts?

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15

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But Mom just says, Keep hating me, and live off that strengthLike he tells Hyun-soo, he got exactly what he wanted, and hes still not happy He tells her, You ditched me, so leave me aloneNo response when Ha-jin calls, or Do-il, or Kyung-jongHe calls Kyung-jong to tell him to get his butt back up to Seoul pronto, and shares the news about Ji-hyuk sending Hyun-soo away purposelyTheir companionship is perhaps worth more than Seung-hoon had deemed when he so coldly threw it away, saying that just because you spent time together doesnt make that time special Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15 Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 15

Infinite’s L is a staff member for ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’

Interviews - TV via

Infinites L is a staff member for Shut Up Flower Boy Band Pictures, which were taken on the set for Shut Up Flower Boy Band, were recently released.

The production company for tvNs Monday-Tuesday series Shut Up Flower Boy Band released pictures of actors who were about to shoot the last episode of the series.

In the pictures, the cast members are making funny faces while posing at the camera. They also transformed in to staff members for the series and drew a lot of attention.

Actors, including, Sung Joon, Infinites L, Yoo Min Kyu, Kim Min Seok, and Lee Hyun Jae, and the production crew, who have been working hard for the past three months, hugged and thanked each other.

The production crew members said, We want to thank the staff and actors who have shot the series for three months. Even though we were sad about shooting the last episode, the actors who created a happy atmosphere. We want to thank the actors, staff members and the audience.

In the 15th episode of the series, which will air today at 11:00 p.m., the band members will decide whether they are going to be together or not. In the last episode, the members started misunderstanding and mistrusting each other because of the rumors.

allkpop TV Guide: Shut Up Flower Boy Band Ep. 14

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allkpop TV Guide: Shut Up Flower Boy Band Ep. 14

Official Synopsis: ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ is centered around a high school band known as “Eye Candy”, whose members are comprised of good looking delinquents who face varying personal problems. The drama depicts their friendships, love, and youthful passion — all tied together by the unifying force, music.

Recap of Ep. 14: With Hyun Soo (INFINITEs L) enjoying success with his solo career, beginning with promotions for his duet track with Yerim, Ha Jin (Yoo Min Kyu) looks on jealously, while the other band members watch sorrowfully. The relationships between the band members and the unity begin to crack when Kyung Jongs mother begs her son to return home, to Busan, and scolds him for hanging around with thugs. However, Kyung Jong (Kim Min Sook) replies firmly that hell die staying next to the band, breaking his mother down and emboldening the other band members.

Meanwhile, Ji Hyuk (Sung Joon) and Su Ah (Im Bo Ah) both agree on breaking up, as it will help protect Su Ah from the reporters and allow Ji Hyuk to continue on his music path. Deciding to ignore each other as if they were strangers, Ji Hyuk gives his necklace to her as Su Ah begins to sob to herself in the bus, leaving Ji Hyuk.

The company releases the second single, Wake Up, and it receives much success and love. However, the same cannot be said with the status of the band. With scandals erupting for the band, including a fight with Do Il (Lee Hyun Jae) that had occurred awhile ago, and the band members parents wanting to take their kids out of the band, Eye Candy and HR Entertainment decide to announce the band break up. When Hyun Soo learns of the break up, he paces up and down his room, wanting to call Ji Hyuk. The other Eye Candy members pack their bags and leave their dorms, their home together, remembering all the fun times they had together.

When Ji Hyuk finally returns home, he takes his guitar, the one he had used before Byung Hees death, and burns it.

kdramacrazy’s Thoughts:

[ Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of allkpop ]

Although this episode, once again, shattered my heart with the relationship fissures and ultimate disbandment, its genuine shining moment was the argument between the band members in the practice room. It weaved in the themes of leadership, friendship, and dreams. What the drama had always hinted at was the boys dreams and their envisioned image of Eye Candy. Although the boys enjoyed the pure entertainment aspect of music, the opportunity of bringing the music to the stage, to the screaming audience sheds light on their true desires. Up until now, Byung Hee was the one who set the goals, to perform in front of a screaming crowd, to get the recognition. But now, its the boys turn. What are their dreams and ambitions?

The loveline between Hyun Soo-Yerim is an itch, that just keeps deteriorating, not helped with rumors of a kiss between the couple (Inspirits, Im joining you with my picket signs). I dont really see a purpose in Yerims role, other than a nice eye candy. Ha Jin and Hyun Soo never had any fights over Yerim because the rivalry between the two was ultimately over Hyun Soo leaving the band. In addition, Hyun Soo becomes distracted with Yerim. No, not saying hes distracted from his music career and that Im against celebrity relationships. But, if Hyun Soo was without Yerim, and had to face building his music career alone, without his friends encouragement or playful banter, that would only highlight the value of his friends to Hyun Soo more. How much his friends played a role in creating the musician, person, he is now.

And the most forlorn moment in the episode was Ji Hyuk, sitting alone in his basement with a hoodie, clutching his guitar. Although the burning-the-guitar moment was beautifully heartbreaking, that moment of vulnerability really emphasizes the ending of the episode. That hes all alone now and the only thing he can hold onto is his music. Sung Joon truly portrayed the little boy loneliness well, as Ji Hyuk is burdened by the role of leadership being forced onto him and he doesnt know how to piece the broken parts of the band together.

ENG SUB L (INFINITE) - Next Episode(Ep. 7) Preview ("Shut Up Flower Boy Band")

ENG SUB L (INFINITE) - Next Episode(Ep. 7) Preview ("Shut Up Flower Boy Band") * Raw Video from:

* Next Episode(Ep. 7) Preview

* tvN, "Shut Up Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남 밴드)"

ENG SUB L (INFINITE) - Next Episode(Ep. 11) Preview ("Shut Up Flower Boy Band")

ENG SUB L (INFINITE) - Next Episode(Ep. 11) Preview ("Shut Up Flower Boy Band") * Raw Video from:

* Next Episode (Ep. 11) Preview

* tvN, "Shut Up Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남 밴드)"