‘Show Me The Money 6’s youngest contestant, 12-year old Jo Woo Chan is a Cube trainee?

‘Show Me The Money 6’s youngest contestant, 12-year old Jo Woo Chan is a Cube trainee?

After garnering attention on Mnet’s ‘Show Me The Money 6′ for being the youngest contestant ever to make it past the first round, 13-year old (12 in international age)Jo Woo Chan has become the center of netizens’ attention!

Some digging on the netizens’ part has revealed that Jo Woo Chan is currently a trainee under Cube Entertainment. According to some netizens, Cube is currently still recruiting trainees for this male next generation, scheduled to debut some time in 2019. Some say that this new boy group will include ‘Produce 101’ season 2’s Lai Guan Lin, Yoo Sun Ho, Jo Woo Chan, and more.

Netizens’ comments about Jo Woo Chan included, “Those three in the same team? They’ll probably grow a lot in 2 years but seeing them now, the gap between Jo Woo Chan and the baby chicks is huge keke. Guan Lin doesn’t look 4 years older than Woo Chan, he looks 8 years older keke”, “Being young sure is nice. I thought Cube would run out of business after B2ST but these kids are about to revive it”, “Cube’s about to make some big bucks”, “BTOB’s contract ends in 2019 and by 2019 Pentagon won’t have long to go either…”, and more.

You can see Jo Woo Chan posing next to Lai Guan Lin and Yoo Sun Ho in the photos from the Cube trainees’ amusement park outing earlier this year. Plus, check out Jo Woo Chan’s full second round rap from ‘Show Me The Money 6’, above! Do you think he has what it takes to keep going up on the rap survival show?

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