'Show Me The Money 6' Will Have Auditions Both In Korea & US To Get The Best Rappers

'Show Me The Money 6' Will Have Auditions Both In Korea & US To Get The Best Rappers

“Show Me The Money” is a show about a competition among rappers. This program in Mnet started in 2012 and it has been already five seasons so far. For the sixth season, the show will have an audition in Korea and US to get the best rappers among applicants.

“Show Me The Money” has graduated many good rappers so far. This show is a proof of the rising popularity of hip hop in South Korea. For the new season of the show, there have been many applicants who want to take part in the show. There are about 12,000 applicants and the numbers are still growing, Soompireported.

As the audition will also be done in US, there will be a big chance for international applicants. There is also a big chance to have English rap among the contestants. For the audition in Korea, the schedule is on Apr. 29-30. For the audition in US, it will be after that on May 6 in New York and May 9 in LA, KoreaPortalreported.

It seems like a proof that Hallyu wave has spread to US as well. There is surprising news that some celebrities will also take part in it. Some artists like Sleepy, Hanhae, and Kanto are said to take part in this show, AllKpopreported.

The show has been really popular since there are much collaboration between the contestants and famous rapper. A famous rapper like Jessy and Cheetah were reported to have done their collaborations with some contestants.

The schedule for “Show Me The Money 6” audition has been given and many applicants cannot wait to have their show. They will do their best doing rapping in front of judges. With the rising popularity of the show, it is expected that there will be something new given to the viewers. For the fans of the show, they can tune on the channel on Mnet to support their favorite rapper.

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