Shortage of Health Workers Feared

Shortage of Health Workers Feared

The country will face an increasing shortfall of nurses over the next decade, data suggests.

The Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs last week said the country will be short of 110,000 nurses and 1,837 doctors in 2020. By 2030 that will have burgeoned to 158,554 nurses and 7,646 doctors.

As to pharmacists, the country will be 7,139 short in 2020 and 10,742 in 2030.

But there will be an oversupply of 1,566 dentists in 2020 and 3,030 in 2030 and of 1,084 alternative medical practitioners in 2020 and 1,391 in 2030.

The most serious problem will be a lack of nurses, falling short a whopping 44.1 percent of the 359,000 nurses needed in 2030.

The reasons include tougher regulations for qualified medical staff, increasing demand as the elderly population grows and growing medical tourism.…