Shinhwa’s Eric writes message to fans about upcoming marriage to actress Na Hye Mi

Shinhwa’s Eric writes message to fans about upcoming marriage to actress Na Hye Mi

Shinhwa’s Eric wrote a letter to fans about his upcoming marriage to actress Na Hye Mi.

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After dating for 5 years, Eric and Na Hye Mi will be tying the knot this July. On April 27, he wrote to fans:”I have been in a close relationship with her for almost 5 years. During that time, we broke up and got back together a lot. When the first reports about our relationship made headlines a few years ago, we said we just had a sunbae-hoobae relationship to protect each other as we were not together at the time.After that, the photos of us dating were when we were actually in a relationship, so we confirmed it honestly.”

He also revealed that both sets of parents have yet to meet each other’s prospective son and daughter-in-law’s families. Eric’s agency EJhad previously stated both sides had met and that Eric had told the other Shinhwa members of his marriage plans. However, Eric clarified, “It’s not CEO Lee Jong Hyun’s fault. Though we set the date due to personal reasons, there hasn’t been a formal meeting yet. As invitations are usually mailed out a month beforehand, we haven’t sent them to all our family members yet.”

Eric concluded, “It may be because I’m the kind of person who’s lacking in a lot of areas, but I genuinely and affectionately thank all those of you who are supporting me to the end and cheering me on. Our 20th anniversary together is important, but let’s make it so that we can go past 20 years together.”

Congratulations to Eric and Na Hye Mi once again.

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