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M.A.P.6 Meets Role Items Shinhwa

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M.A.P.6 Meets Role Items Shinhwa

--> Rookie staff M.A.P.6 shared a photo with its role type Shinhwa.

M.A.P.6 tweeted a set photo with the Shinhwa individuals in addition a photo of Shinhwa′s Lee Min Woo with M.A.P.6′s Min Hyuk on November 18, writing "Moved infinitely! the maximum productive day ever! We admire you!

In the photo, the M.A.P.6 members are noticed covered up in a row with the Shinhwa members hunched over in the back of them, thumbs up in the air as an indication of make stronger for the rookie group. Netizens were responding to the photo of Lee Min Woo and Min Hyuk with somments like ′They appear to be brothers′ and ′They glance alike. Rooting for either groups.′

M.A.P.6 chose Shinhwa as their role models at their debut showcase, pronouncing "We would like to stand at the same degree as them one day." The group′s dream got here true when they conducted their unmarried Storm at the Tencent K-Pop are living concert along Shinhwa on November 18.

Meanwhile, M.A.P.6 is decided to take the stage on KBS′ Music Bank on November 20.

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Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung to Make Solo Comeback Early Next Year

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Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung to Make Solo Comeback Early Next Year It looks as if Shinhwa fans will in the end get to experience a solo comeback by Shin Hye Sung!

On November 16, the first-generation idol held a reside movement match thru Naver’s V app and clarified plans for his upcoming 10th solo debut anniversary album.

Shin Hye Sung revealed, “Many of you've got been looking forward to my anniversary album after pronouncing that it'll be released someday this year. yet because of Shinhwa’s promotions, decisions in regards to the album concept, and other things that got here up, the arrangements have taken longer than expected.”

“Right now, we’re around midway done with the album. It's going to most definitely pop out in January. I in point of fact sought after to release it earlier than the finish of the year but because of the timing and scheduling problems and all that, we determined on January,” he shared information about his comeback, and finally asked his enthusiasts to stay patient for a little longer, “I’d love to ask for forgiveness to the ones that have waited for me, but please wait yet one more month. I’ll wrap the entire lot up well.”

When asked about his plans for a solo concert, the singer revealed, “I’m aiming to hang it in February,” and added, “But as an alternative of having one or two concerts at a gigantic venue, I’m making plans to incessantly hold intimate ones at the weekends.”

Last September, Shin Hye Sung dropped a unique repackaged version of his solo debut album “Love of May,” in the beginning released in 2005, to celebrate his 10th anniversary since debut.

Shinhwa's Dongwan to unlock 2d mini album 'W'

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Shinhwa's Dongwan to unlock 2d mini album 'W'

Shinhwa"s Dongwan will be coming back with a 2nd mini album, "W"!

The mini album might be out at the 27th and may come with five songs. "Good Night" will feature Shinhwa"s Andy, "Du Du Du" is his identify song, and "He_Sunshine" would be the closing music on his album ahead of the 2 "Good Night" and "Du Du Du" instrumentals.

His label said, "He"ll be freeing his 2nd mini album on the 27th. He attempted out band music for his 1st mini album "D", and he"ll be going for a fresh, bright sound this time around. He worked not easy to bring a new sound, so please display a massive number of toughen and passion to his 2nd mini album "W"."

The album will be out at November 27th at midnight, rather a accident because it"s also Shinhwa"s Hyesung"s birthday that day! 

Shinhwa 17th Anniversary Concert DVD Pre-orders to get started out Nowadays (11/12)

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Shinhwa 17th Anniversary Concert DVD Pre-orders to get started out Nowadays (11/12)

--> Pre-orders for Shinhwa′s 17th anniversary concert DVD will start on November 12.

The DVD of the 2015 SHINHWA 17TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT-WE, which used to be held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Health club from March 21 to 22 this year, might be to be had to pre-order online on November 12.

Tickets to the 17th anniversary concert, which turned into held final March, from fan club pre-orders to total reservations, sold out straight away and was number 1 on Interpark Concert′s day-to-day and weekly rankings.

Ahead of the concert DVD′s authentic free up on November 25, pre-orders will initiate today, November 12.

The two-disc concert DVD contains performances of Shinhwa′s numerours hits, in addition performances of tracks from the group′s 12th album, White Shirts, Don′t Cry, Alright, I′m in Love and Give It 2 Me, which the gang presented for the primary time at the March concert.

The three-hour and 20-minute long DVD also incorporates a comedian VCR and a unique functionality of 12th album lead unmarried Sniper, in which the contributors transfer parts, keeping their promise to fanatics for winning 10 number one trophies, which might most effective be noticed at the concert.

Shinhwa corporate stated, "Shinhwa′s March 17th anniversary concert DVD will be readily available to pre-order starting today. We poured our middle and soul into the production so as to capture the power at the concert, where Shinhwa drew cheers from fans thru performances of no longer only their hits yet tracks from the 12th album for the 1st time as well, so we ask for your hobby in the 17th anniversary concert DVD, that will be available to pre-order today."

Meanwhile, Shinhwa′s 17th anniversary concert DVD, 2015 SHINHWA 17TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT-WE’ DVD, which will be available to pre-order from November 12, will be released officially on November 25. Shinhwa is decided to wait Tencent K-Pop Live at KBS Sports International on November 18.

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Shinhwa's Dongwan broke up with a female friend over her farts?

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Shinhwa's Dongwan broke up with a female friend over her farts?

Shinhwa"s Dongwan relayed a moderately hilarious tale that conjures up acute secondhand embarrassment on KBS 2TV"s quiz program, "1 vs. 100," on November 10.

After Dongwan mentioned the explanations he used to be not able to marry thus far, MC Cho Woo Jong asked, "Is it true that you broke up with a girlfriend because she farted?"

Dongwan explained, "As I were given closer to my girlfriend, she got a addiction of ceaselessly farting. On most sensible of farting, she even attempted to feed me her farts. That"s why we broke up."

Would that be a deal breaker for you, too?

Shinhwa’s Dongwan presentations Off His Inside Cat Whisperer

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Shinhwa’s Dongwan displays Off His Inner Cat Whisperer Shinhwa member Dongwan is it sounds as if also a cat person!

A group of workers member for the diversity display “I Reside Alone” lately posted a photo of Dongwan to their Instagram, writing, “I don’t generally take pictures whilst I’m filming yet on that day, at that moment, that consumer used to be so warm and kind, I took the photo without figuring out I was.”

The photo shows Dongwan crouching in front of a stray cat and filming it on his own camera. Remarkably, the cat in the photo doesn’t glance perturbed through Dongwan’s presence at all, sitting flippantly where many other stray cats would have fled.

“I Live Alone” workers individuals and netizens alike were moved by this touching moment between Dongwan and the cat. Dongwan is already well known for his love of animals; his dating with his dog, Goguma, is some of the highlights of “I Live Alone.”

Catch up at the maximum fresh episode here!

Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Finds He Broke Up with His female friend Because She Fed Him a Fart

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Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Finds He Broke Up with His female friend Because She Fed Him a Fart

--> Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan published that he once broke up with his female friend because she farted.

Kim Dong Wan lately filmed KBS′ 1 vs. 100, where he faced off opposed to one hundred competition for the 50 million won prize.

The MC revealed why Kim Dong Wan would in all probability not be married, pronouncing "I heard that you broke up with your girlfriend because she farted."

Kim Dong Wan then said, "After getting with reference to each and every other, my girlfriend picked up a addiction of farting the entire time. Farting wasn′t sufficient for her, so at one point, she even fed me a fart. That′s why we broke up."

Meanwhile, the episode featuring Kim Dong Wan will air on November 10.

Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Updates at the Members′ Health

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Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Updates at the Members′ Health

--> Kim Dong Wan is Shinhwa′s doctor, apparently.

Kim Dong Wan lately filmed KBS′ 1 vs. 100, where he compete opposed to one hundred competition for fifty million won in prize money.

During the recording, the MC acknowledged to Kim Dong Wan, who published he′s inquisitive about immunity and that he′s a large believer in Oriental medicine, "I heard you′re Shinhwa′s doctor. How are the Shinhwa members′ health?"

Kim Dong Wan answered, "Jun Jin used to be the maximum healthy, yet he hasn′t been feeling so neatly lately."

He chose Lee Min Woo has the most healthy member now, announcing "Min Woo said that he drank a massive number of carp juice when he used to be younger, so he flaps around like a carp."

Kim Dong Wan added, "Both of Hye Sung′s knees aren′t in just right condition. I′m bugging him to get surgical operation quickly."

The episode airs on November 10 at 8:55 p.m. KST.

Shinhwa′s Shin Hye Sung Tells Kim Dong Wan He′s now not Young Anymore

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Shinhwa′s Shin Hye Sung Tells Kim Dong Wan He′s now not Young Anymore

--> Shinhwa′s Shin Hye Sung didn′t grasp back with the straight-shooting comments for Kim Dong Wan on MBC′s I Reside Alone.

On the approaching October 30 broadcast of I Live Along, Kim Dong Wan tells his participants at their first fan assembly in Japan in nine years that he′s going on a mountain cycling travel alone.

Shin Hye Sung and Jun Jin expressed their issues for Kim Dong Wan, who had to go through surgical treatment for a mountain biking twist of fate a while ago, saying, "You′re now not young anymore." However, they couldn′t prevent Kim Dong Wan, who had already brought his motorcycle to Japan.

Kim Dong Wan′s biking vacation will air on October 30 at 11:15 p.m. KST.

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Drops song Video for “Piece” Featuring Cjamm

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Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Drops Music Video for “Piece” Featuring Cjamm It’s an afternoon stuffed with delightful surprises for Shinhwa fans!

After taking his first solo win for “I’m Fine” in this week’s “The Show,” Kim Dong Wan dropped the music video for “Piece” on October 28 at midnight KST. Here is the second music video for his solo mini album “D” that was released on October 21.

In the music video, Kim Dong Wan is the lead singer of a modern rock band and fills the set with his charismatic presence — as expected from the experienced first-generation idol — while “Show Me the Money” star Cjamm supplies the song a little oomph with his rap verses.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong Wan is determined to drop his second mini album entitled “W” next month.

Check out the music video for “Piece” below!