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Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Says Shin Hye Sung is Like a Nuna, Eric is Like a Dad

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Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Says Shin Hye Sung is Like a Nuna, Eric is Like a Dad

--> Kim Dong Wan likened the Shinhwa individuals to a family.

On the October 26 broadcast of MBC Radio FM4U′s Two O′Clock Date with Park Kyung Lim, Kim Dong Wan said, "Shin Hye Sung was once in reality attentive whilst i used to be making ready for this album."

Kim Dong Wan said, "Shin Hye Sung is turning into increasingly like a nuna. He seems like a nuna. Min Woo is like an uncle and Eric is like a dad. Andy is like a adorable dongseng next door, and Jun Jin is like a maknae."

On Jun Jin, who released a solo album now not too long ago as well, Kim Dong Wan stated "He worked actually hard. He has a maknae feel."

Meanwhile, Kim Dong Wan become a guest on today′s Two O′Clock Date with Park Kyung Lim. Kim Dong Wan attracted attention for his contemporary appearance on MBC′s Mask King and is recently selling his solo mini album D.

Shinhwa′s Jun Jin Says Eric Worked Tougher on ′Wow Wow Wow′ than Shinhwa′s Album

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Shinhwa′s Jun Jin Says Eric Worked Tougher on ′Wow Wow Wow′ than Shinhwa′s Album

--> Shinhwa′s Jun Jin lately sat down for an interview with Arirang TV′s Showbiz Korea where he spread out about his contemporary solo comeback.

Jun Jin, whose newest album #Real# marks the Shinhwa member′s go back as a solo artist in seven years, stated of marketing alone, "If I′m now not in excellent condition and I′m with the members, I obtain power from the members, but if I′m alone, I need to adjust on my own."

Of fellow member Eric, who is featured on Jun Jin′s lead unmarried Wow Wow Wow, Jun Jin said, "I was once stunned because Eric worked tougher at the recording for my album than when we recorded Shinhwa′s album."

He continued, "Eric turned into in the booth for an hour and 40 mins and didn′t pop out once, then he got here out to leisure for a bit and when back in to record."

The complete interview with Jun Jin will air on September 23.

Get ready to swoon--Shinhwa"s Eric to release his first solo photo book!

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Get ready to swoon--Shinhwa

Shinhwa"s handsome member Eric with his rugged, chiseled features and sexy gaze will be dropping his first solo photo book, "ERIC in HONGKONG," on June 11!

His agency, E&J Entertainment, said on May 28, "Through on-line shopping mall, "Dawa Music," from May 29 to June 10, you can start pre-ordering Eric"s first solo photo book."

For the photo book, Eric traveled all over Hong Kong to enjoy the sights and make the surrounding crowds gawk in awe at his handsome figure. The photo book will be released in an A type and B type with a total of 208 pages as well as a DVD that has 30 minutes of making film.

His agency said, "This photo book was filmed with a noire concept using Hong Kong"s uniqueness of having the old and the new coexist. We brought to life Eric"s urban and refined vibe.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa will open up their third Asia tour in Nanjing, China on June 20.

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Shinhwa"s Eric to have his own photo album

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SHINHWA"s Eric will release his solo photo album, "ERIC in HONGKONG," on May 29th.

"ERIC in HONGKONG" will include a great number of photos taken in new and old parts of Hong Kong such as Tsim Sha Tsui, Monkok, Causeway Bay, and Lan Kuai Fong.

The album will be released as two editions: Type AType B, with total of 208 pages of photos, interviews, and about 30-minute long DVD recording the making of photo shoots.

Posters made with five cuts from the photo book will be available for separate purchase, and the album will be officially released on June 11th.

A representative of EJ Entertainment said, "Eric has been active as the member of SHINHWA and an actor for many years, and "ERIC in HONGKONG" will represent Eric"s career. We hope that many fans would enjoy the album."

Meanwhile, Eric"s first solo photo album, "ERIC in HONGKONG," will be officially released on June 11th.

Shinhwa′s Eric to Release First Solo Photo Book

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Shinhwa′s Eric to Release First Solo Photo Book

--> Finally revealing what the curious events that took place in Hong Kong months ago were, Shinhwa′s Eric announced that he will be releasing his first ever solo photo book.

On May 28, Eric′s agency, E&J Entertaiment announced the release of Eric′s first solo photo book, Eric in Hong Kong. The 208-page photo book will capture Eric in various areas in Hong Kong.

The photo book comes with an option of two different covers to choose from as well as a 30-minute long DVD showing the making film and interview.

E&J Entertainment staff stated, "Having actively promoted as the leader of Shinhwa and an actor, Eric will be releasing his first solo photo book. We hope that the photos of Eric′s charms and honest talks in the making DVD will be a special gift to the fans. Please show lots of interest and support for Eric in Hong Kong.

Pre-orders for Eric in Hong Kong will take place between May 29 and June 10 through Dawa Music. The book will be released on June 11.

Photo Credit: E&J Entertainment

Shinhwa’s Eric Lifts Marriage Ban and Tells Members to Start Setting Dates as They Wish

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Shinhwa’s Eric Lifts Marriage Ban and Tells Members to Start Setting Dates as They Wish

--> Addressing marriage again, Shinhwa’s leader, Eric lifted the marriage ban that he set earlier in 2015.

On March 26, SBS’ One Night of Entertainment visited Shinhwa at its 17th anniversary concert, where the marriage ban was mentioned.

Previously on SBS’ Healing Camp, Eric had told the members to not get married during the Sniper promotion period.

When asked if the marriage ban was necessary, Eric replied, “If someone had already gotten married, we wouldn’t have had to do this.”

But with 12th album activities wrapping up with much success, Eric added, “Now it’s okay. You can start setting up the dates as you wish.”

[Hello] Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Reveals Truth Behind Angel Image of Eric

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[Hello] Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Reveals Truth Behind Angel Image of Eric

The evil maknae of Shinhwa strikes again! Kim Dong Wan revealed a rather humiliating story regarding his leader Eric.

Shinhwa recently participated in the recording of KBS′ Hello. On this day, a female high school student came with a worry regarding her devilish young brother.

The student shared, "Everyone knows my brother as a very respectful and warm kid, but everyone′s being tricked. When he plays jokes on me, he′s a complete devil. He takes ugly pictures of me and spreads it to our friends. While playing with fire, he completely burnt off my left sideburn. I′m here to expose my brother of all his cruelty and get rid of his angel image."

Regarding jokes and pranks, Kim Dong Wan shared, "Eric usually plays a lot of jokes. He once sprayed hairspray on a lighter and made the fire shoot out towards the members. Once, Jun Jin was drying his hair after coming out from the shower, and Eric dumped an entire bottle of ketchup on him."

When the MCs asked why he dumped ketchup, Eric replied, "When Jun Jin came out, I just saw a bottle of ketchup."

Jun Jin then added, "So I put ketchup all over my body on purpose."

The episode will air on March 2.

Eric Reveals Shinhwa Faced The Risk Of Dissolution During Their Four-Year Absence

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Eric Reveals Shinhwa Faced The Risk Of Dissolution During Their Four-Year Absence

Long-running idol group Shinhwa has revealed that they could have broken up during their four-year hiatus.

On the upcoming episode of the talk show “Healing Camp,” the members of the group appeared as guests, talking about their group’s long history.

The group’s leader Eric revealed that the four-year hiatus the group had in late 2000′s was their hardest moment together, adding, “We could have broken up during that time.”

Shinhwa, who debuted in 1998, has been active for 17 years without a single member change. They will also be releasing their 12th official album, “We,” on February 26th, with the title single “Sniper.”

On the episode of “Healing Camp” set to air on February 23rd, the group will also show off their expert variety skills, as the episode will have a romantic “Real Romance – Love Letter” theme. Eric is also said to have revealed a shocking part of his past, when he weighted over 95kg.

[Healing Camp] Shinhwa's Eric Says He was Addicted to Food In The Past

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[Healing Camp] Shinhwa's Eric Says He was Addicted to Food In The Past

It has been revealed that Eric, in charge of Shinhwa′s visual, is the ‘king of eating.’

During a recent shoot for SBS’ Healing Camp, Eric gathered everyone’s attention by confessing, “I was the best in terms of eating when I was high school. I easily ate the whole pizza as if I’m eating a bowl of jjajangmyeon and have eaten up to nine hamburgers and 11 dishes at the buffet.”

When MC Kim Je Dong asked, “Is there anything shocking you’ve tried so far in life?” and Eric answered, “I’ve gained weight to the point where I was 95 kilograms,” shocking everyone at the studio.

More details will be revealed during the February 23rd broadcast.

Shinhwa's Eric and Lee Min Woo Almost Expelled From SM Because Of Hanging Out With S.E.S

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Shinhwa's Eric and Lee Min Woo Almost Expelled From SM Because Of Hanging Out With S.E.S

Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo and Eric shared that they almost got kicked out of SM Entertainment after playing with SES when they were trainees.

Shinhwa appeared as the guest on the February 23rd broadcast of SBS’ Healing Camp.

Lee Min Woo started, “This happened when I was a trainee. We were not allowed to go out when we were living in the dorm. Since Eric was from abroad and I was from the countryside, we were bored during the holidays because we couldn’t go home. I felt like I was going to go crazy living like that so I suggested that we sneak out and play at night. I got in touch with the S.E.S members so we all ate together and played at noraebang.”

Lee Min Woo shared, “When we were playing, some strange men came in. Eric and I were the only guys there and we got a bit nervous due to the weird atmosphere. One man asked us, ‘You guys are rookies at SM, right?’ I was so shocked that he knew. Instead of pretending that we’re not, I blurted out, ‘How did you know?’ I still don’t know who they were. I thought the situation would get worse but they just left after saying that.”

Lee Min Woo revealed, “I came back to the dorm with Eric but the members were not there. When I went to the practice room, they were all standing with their heads touching the ground. Then Eric and I were called to a separate room in the practice studio. When I went in the director was sitting there. When the director asked, ‘Did you guys go to noraebang yesterday with girls?’ I answered, ‘Yes.’ He didn’t know that the girls were S.E.S. So I told him they were some dongsengs that I know and he asid, ‘You guys don’t even deserve to practice so give up and leave after packing all your belongings.’ Feeling depressed, I answered, ‘Yes’ and came out but felt bad when I saw the members still standing with their heads touching the ground.”

“I was packing up in the dorm and Eric asked me, ‘Hey, do you want to go to America?’ So I started packing excitedly with the thought of going to America but then I heard the members’ footsteps. Someone came running and it was Andy. Andy said, ‘Hyung, you don’t have to leave.’ It turned out the agency was just trying to scare us," said Lee Min Woo.

Having debuted in 1998, Shinhwa has been promoting for the past 17 years without switching out members, becoming the longest promoting idol group in Korea. Shinhwa will be making a comeback with the 12th full-length album We on February 26.