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KBS bans Zico and Shinhwa"s songs from broadcast

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KBS bans Zico and Shinhwa

KBS has blocked another set of good songs from broadcast for inappropriateness: Shinhwa"s "Cat" off their 12th album "We" and Zico"s solo track "Well Done."

On February 25, KBS revealed the results of their deliberation; they"ve chosen to ban both songs from broadcast because "Cat" refers to a specific brand and "Well Done" contains profanity in its lyrics.

At least you can still jam out to the songs on your own time!

Neither side seemed particularly bothered as Shinhwa"s agency told OSEN, ""Cat" is not the title track, so Shinhwa doesn"t have any plans to promote it on broadcasts; therefore, we have no plans to change the lyrics for reconsideration."

Zico"s side said, "The problem in the lyrics for "Well Done" was featured artist Ja Mezz"s "bitches," but we don"t have the intention at the moment to change the lyrics and send the song for reconsideration. If we do have a special stage later on, we will just change the relevant part."

MBC officially lifts broadcast band on Shinhwa"s Andy

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MBC officially lifts broadcast band on Shinhwa

Following the broadcast ban on Shinhwa"s Andy due to his gambling controversial by MBC, it was revealed that he can now once again make his appearance on all the programs from the TV station.

A rep from MBC told OBS"s "Unique Entertainment News" on February 17th,"Andy"s broadcast suspension was already lifted last month on the 19th. He now can appear on all the current programs by MBC".

The rep also added,"All the celebrities who have been suspended from appearing on broadcast can request for a disposal before going through an evaluation for the final decision".

Andy was reported being involved in an illegal sports gambling in November 2013 which fined him 5 million won and also led to Shinhwa"s broadcast ban on MBC.

Following the lift of the ban, Shinhwa will make their appearance on MBC"s "Section TV" on February 22nd in which they will unveill the behind-the-scene of their new music video shooting.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa will release the 12th album "WE" on February 26th and hold their 17th anniversary concert on March 21st22nd.

Andy may be back on broadcast stage with Shinhwa again after a year of hiatus

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Andy may be back on broadcast stage with Shinhwa again after a year of hiatus

Andy is reported to be performing on broadcast stage with the rest ofShinhwaafter a year of hiatus!

Andy was charged with illegal online sports gambling and was fined last year. Since then he"s been keeping low to reflect. Although heperformed during Shinhwa"s 16th year anniversary concert for their encore performance held a fan meeting in China, he hasn"t been on an official stage with the members that would be broadcast on TV.

It"s been reported that fans can expecting to see a fully united Shinhwa during the November 8th recording and performance ofSBS "Inkigayo" which will be stagedin China.

However, "Inkigayo"s reps have revealed that Andy"s appearance is still up for discussion at the moment. A rep commented, "It"s true there will be a Shinhwa stage during the recording being held in China. However, we haven"t yet fully confirmed whether Andy will be appearing."

Judging by all the reports released, however, it seems likely that the member will be joining his fellow members in November to gradually make his return.

‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ Ends with Fans Hoping for a Return

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 ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ Ends with Fans Hoping for a Return

After two years, jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast came to an end.

The program began with all six Shinhwa members bringing their own styles of entertainment, delighting fans, who waited for the group to return to the spotlight for four years.

In the course of two years, Shinhwa Broadcast tried out several different formats, from channel surfing to cooking, and finally ending with spotlighting little legends in Korea by season two. The last little legends were about two young brothers who dream of becoming pro boxers even under dire circumstances.

However, with Kim Dong Wan leaving the show after season one to focus on acting and Andy taking off to self-reflect after gambling issues, the rest of the Shinhwa members decided it wasn’t right to continue the show with only four members.

Although the show’s run has come to an end, fans are already hoping that all six members will return one day to create a season three.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

1. MBC Golden Rainbow 14.213.7

2. SBS The Woman Who Married Three Times 13.5

2. MBC Infinity Challenge 13.4

1. MBC Golden Rainbow 13.7

2. SBS The Woman Who Married Three Times 12.8

4. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 11.9

6. KBS Superman is Back 8.7

jTBC Shinhwa Broadcast 0.569

*All ratings are based on AGB Nielson Media Research

“Shinhwa Broadcast” Future Uncertain, May Go Off-Air

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“Shinhwa Broadcast” Future Uncertain, May Go Off-Air

The fate of “Shinhwa Broadcast” is uncertain, with talks currently going on about whether to discontinue the show.

A JTBC representative took a cautious stance, saying on December 26 that, “It is true that there is a discussion going on about whether ’Shinhwa Broadcast’ will be cancelled, but nothing is certain.”

“Shinhwa Broadcast has Shinhwa’s name attached to it. Kim Dong Wan stepped down from the show to concentrate on his musical, while Andy is off the show following his gambling incident. So now there are meetings going on to decide if the show should go on.”

“Shinhwa Broadcast” Season 1 gained popularity for its unique format and the camaraderie between the Shinhwa members. The show was overhauled and aired the first episode of Season 2 on November 3 this year. Season 2 began with the slogan of “kind variety,” but with Kim Dong Wan’s absence and Andy’s departure, ratings dropped.

While it is unlikely that well be seeing all six members together on screen anytime soon, will JTBC drop the show entirely? Well just have to wait and see how this plays out.

Andy exits ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ after involvement in illegal gambling Latest K-Pop News

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Andy exits ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ after involvement in illegal gambling                     Latest K-Pop News

Shinhwas Andy who was recently involved in illegal gambling scandal, announced to be taking a break from all activities including Shinhwa Broadcast.

On November 14, T.O.P Media released a statement on Andys homepage, We extend our apology to everyone who support Andy through this shameful event. Andy reflects deeply on his actions. He will be suspending all his activities and take time for self-reflection. He has already informed the staff of the programs that he is appearing in.

Andy was recently indicted on charges of illegal gambling, along with other celebrities like Boom, Lee Soo Geun, Tak Jae Hoon and Tony An.

Lee Minwoo Brings Back the Sparkly Tracksuit on “Shinhwa Broadcast”

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Lee Minwoo Brings Back the Sparkly Tracksuit on “Shinhwa Broadcast”

Veteran group Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo transformed in to Hyun Bin in his “Secret Garden” (SBS drama) role.

On the November 10 episode of JTBC’s “Shinhwa Broadcast – Looking for Little Shinhwa,” the Shinhwa members prepared a “dog party” event to show their support for “Angels of Nature,” a volunteer association for abandoned dogs.

The members were in charge of location, producing the videos introducing their partner dogs, and all-round preparation for the event. They requested and received sponsorship from singer Kim Hyun Jung, who runs a pet dog business, enabling the members to put on a surprising fashion show together with their partner dogs.

The Shinhwa members found accessories and clothes to match their respective partner dogs, completing their couple looks for the fashion show.

Of special note was Lee Minwoo, who walked the red carpet with his dog in a sparkly tracksuit, reminiscent of Hyun Bin’s infamous tracksuits in SBS drama “Secret Garden.” He received loud cheers for his effort.

The “dog party” event that Shinhwa prepared in support of “Angels of Nature” will be shown on the November 10 broadcast of “Shinhwa Broadcast” at 11:00 PM KST.

‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ Comes Back With Heartwarming Moments and Laughter

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‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ Comes Back With Heartwarming Moments and Laughter

Shinhwa Broadcast, Shinhwa, Kim Dong Wan, Eric, Andy, Lee Min Woo, Shin Hye Sung

‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ Comes Back With Heartwarming Moments and Laughter "Shinhwa Broadcast", a multi-entertainment show featuring Shinhwa, made its comeback after a 5-month hiatus. Their last episode aired in June. Although Kim Dong Wan is no longer with the show, the five members did a good job shoring up his empty spot with their wit and teamwork.

The first episode of the second season featured Shinhwa visiting a dog shelter to find "little legends" ('Shinhwa' means 'legend' in Korean). "Little legends" are chosen by Shinhwa to honor them as people who humbly do extraordinary things.

The members received a lead from one of their fans who told them about the dog shelter that is located in Incheon. They all received their rabies shots prior to arriving at the dog shelter. Their hearts melted as they saw the dogs that were abandoned and abused.

Eric could not look away from a particular dog. Her name was 'Ara'. She was an abused and abandoned dog that was rescued by the owner of the facility. As would be expected, Ara was extremely defensive and did not let anyone get close to her. Eric did not give up, however, and finally won over Ara with gifts of food.

Andy quietly cleaned the dirty dog houses without complaint, and Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung washed and walked the dogs.

The "little legend" that they discovered were the people who ran the dog shelter, one of whom graduated from the prestigious Yale University. Their affection for the abused dogs kept them there. When they spoke of how they miss the dogs that were successfully adopted, Shinhwa members shed their tears as they were touched by the love for the dogs that these workers had.

Season 2 of "Shinhwa Broadcast" is planned, as was the first episode, to be both entertaining and touching in the ensuing episodes as well.

‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ to be streamed live online

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In celebration of the premiere of its second season, Shinhwas very own variety program Shinhwa Broadcast will be streamed live online.

On November 3 at 11PM KST, the second season of Shinhwa Broadcast starring Shinhwa members is set to return not only to television screen but also on Korean portal website Navers video service TV Cast.

This is the second time that jTBC will stream a program through a portal website since their primetime news show News 9.

The Shinhwa members will be embarking on a special journey, where they will relate stories of people they meet on their journey. For the first episode, the members visited a shelter for abandoned dogs.

Kim Dong Wan Departs from "Shinhwa Broadcast" Season 2 to Focus on Acting Projects

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Kim Dong Wan Departs from "Shinhwa Broadcast" Season 2 to Focus on Acting Projects

Previously, Wit guy Kim Dong Wan temporarily left his groups variety program show Shinhwa Broadcast because of conflicting schedules with his drama Cheer up Mr. Kim. Now it seems that his absence will be more permanent with his official department from the second season of Shinhwa Broadcast being announced.

His agency, Live Works Company, elaborated, Kim Dong Wan obtained his members and the production teams understanding.  Right now, Kim Dong Wan is going back and forth as an actor and as a member of Shinhwa. As such, he judged that it would be too difficult physically and mentally to make fixed appearances on variety shows.

The agency added, Kim Dong Wan feels very apologetic towards his members and fans who waited for Shinhwa Broadcast.’ While he is leaving Shinhwa Broadcast, he will be focusing hard on the preparation for Shinhwas 12th album comeback.

In the meantime, Kim Dong Wan will be performing in the musical The Man Who Walked through Walls from November 13 of this year to January 26 of the next in the lead role.