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Celebrities Resuming Activities – Stuck Between Those In Favor & Those In Opposition

"That"s enough" vs. "Not yet"

Singers MC Mong, Andy, comedian Yang Se Hyung, actors Park Shi Hoo and Ryu Shi Won are either planning their comebacks or revealing their plans for comebacks.

Artists who had halted all activities are slowly and carefully showing movement towards their comebacks. However, members of the public that are coming across this news are showing quite different reactions. There are some who say "That"s enough mourning," while others who say "Not yet."

Returning Point - That"s the Question

The figure that"s been receiving the most attention with respect to his return is the singer MC Mong. Netizens who encountered news of MC Mong"s return are saying "That"s enough," and are welcoming his comeback. They"re saying that despite being aquitted he has spent enough time in self-restraint, and that it"s okay for him to return

Eric Discusses Filming ‘Trot’s Lover’


Shinhwa Eric was offered to play the main character"s role in the new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Trot"s Lover." On April 19, 2014, Eric"s agency said on a phone interview, "Eric was offered to play the role of a main character in the new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama Trot"s Lover, and received the drama script as well. However, nothing has been determined as of now."

The new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Trot"s Lover" is a drama about a female singer who meets a trot composer and rises as a popular singer. The role that was offered to Eric by the production team of the new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Trot"s Lover" is the composer who works for the biggest entertainment company in Korea"s music industry. In related news, the new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Trot"s Lover" will air after "Big Man" on June

Andy To Join Shinhwa For China Fan Meeting On May 17

Shinhwa member Andy will be joining the group for their China fan meeting on May 17.

Due to last year"s illegal gambling incident, he had been away from the broadcasting world for quite awhile. This is his first time attending an event since the incident, but also made it clear that this does not mean he will be back as an active celebrity in the entertainment field.

His agency state today that there are no other schedules planned for him after this fan meeting. He will be attending this event due to the request from China"s side.

Previously, he appeared at Shinhwa"s last concert in march and officially apologized to the fans. The members were seen supporting him on stage along with the fans.

Controversy Raised Over Shinhwa Andy’s Fan Meeting in China

Shinhwa member Andy, who is currently taking time off with self-reflection, has made plans for a solo fan meeting in China.

According to Andy’s agency T.O.P Media, there are many Chinese fans who want a fan meeting with Andy and have continuously made requests, so they couldn’t help but to consent.

At news of the agency’s decision to hold the fan meeting, Andy and Shinhwa’s fans became quite upset. Previously, the agency had said, “At continued requests for a fan meeting, we simply said that we’d consider it, but a poster that Chinese fans had made was posted on SNS. However, no final decision has been made.”

Moreover, with the entertainment industry having come to a full stop with the Sewol ferry incident, that Andy is holding a Chinese fan meeting during his supposed time of restraint and self-reflection is not being received well by fans

Andy to Launch Fan Meeting in China Due to Numerous Fan Requests

Shinhwa’s Andy will be carrying out his fan meeting in China as scheduled.

Andy will be launching his fan meeting in Ningbo, China in the middle of May. An affiliate of TOP Media, Andy’s agency, revealed on April 21, “Andy will be carrying out his fan meeting in the middle of May, as was planned.”

“Andy’s fan meeting in China was planned before the recent tragedy of the sunken ferry so it will inevitably be carried out. Above anything else, numerous fans made their requests.”

Andy stopped his activities on broadcast after he was involved in an illegal gambling incident last year and apologized to his fans during Shinhwa’s 16th anniversary concert that took place on March 23.

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Shinhwa’s Eric casted in new drama, ‘Trot lover’

Recently, it has been reported that Shinhwa's Eric was offered a lead role in KBS's new drama, 'Trot Lover'.

On April 19th, a representative of Shinhwa's agency said, "It is true that Eric received the script and offer from drama 'Trot Lover.' However, nothing has been decided yet."

If Eric agrees to appear in 'Trot Lover,' he is going to return to TV screen after three years since 2011 with 'Spy Myung Wol'. However, Eric did not make his decision yet.

Meanwhile, 'Trot Lover' will air in June following 'Big Man'. Jenny@dkpopnews

Shinhwa’s Eric to Make Comeback in “Trot Lovers” Drama?

Shinhwa member and actor Eric may be returning to the small screen!

Eric recently received an offer to appear in KBS 2TV drama, “Trot Lovers” which is scheduled to air sometime in June following “Big Man.” He is currently reviewing the role and the details of the plot.

If he accepts the role, it would be his first new project since appearing in 2011 KBS 2TV drama, “Spy Myeong Wol.”

“Trot Lovers” is about a young woman in her twenties who has the potential to become a trot singer. When she meets a genius songwriter, she embarks on a journey to develop into a trot singer.

So far, Eric’s representatives have responded to the report by telling OSEN over the phone, “We only received the script; no discussion has taken place yet

Shinhwa’s Eric looking over casting offer for upcoming KBS 2TV drama ‘Trot Lovers’

Shinhwa"s Eric is reportedly in talks to make his return to the small screen in three years on upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Trot Lovers"!

Nothing has been decided yet, but it has been confirmed that Eric has received a casting offer for the male lead role and is looking over it. If he does decide to take on this role, this will mark his first drama in three years since KBS 2TV"s "Spy Myung Wol" in 2011. Eric is in talks to play the role of an artist from the nation"s top agency who has it all in terms of musicality and popularity but his personality has become hardened by it all.

"Trot Lovers" portrays the success story of a woman in her twenties who has a talent for singing trot and meets a genius composer who helps her to become a trot singer. KBS also plans to pick up their viewer ratings by diverting from the heavy melodrama genre like "Full Sun", "Golden Cross", and "Big Man", and portraying a romantic comedy with "Trot Lovers"

Fanclubs of EXO, B.A.P, VIXX, Shinhwa and More Send Needed Supplies to Victims’ Families

With exhausted family members still praying for a miracle in the sunken ferry accident, fanclubs of various idol groups have decided to help in any way they can.

It’s said on April 18 that fanclubs of various groups, including EXO, Super Junior, Shinhwa, B.A.P, VIXX, Infinite, Got7, BTS, SHINee, and more, are gathering money to send needed supplies to the parents waiting in the Jindo Indoor Stadium.

One EXO fan tweeted, “I heard that the people in Jindo are in need of supplies, so in Kris’ name, I am sending a little. Although the amount is little, I hope that it will be of help. 2000 paper cups, 250 mouth wash, 900 bags of tea, 120 hot packs, 150 masks.”

Another B.A.P fan tweeted, “Please come back like a miracle. With One Shot One Kill (Fanclub name), we are sending supplies in B.A.P Bang Yong Guk and Kim Him Chan’s names, hoping to be of some help

Jackie Chan’s Idol Group JJCC Hope To Be Global Idols Like Shinhwa-2NE1

Jackie Chan"s K-Pop idol group, JJCC,features 5 members both Korean and Chinese members.

They have begun their Korea promotions with their debut single and have gone through 5 years of training to become a hip-hop idol group. 

Many people have asked the members about their relationship with Jackie Chan, in which SimBa replies, "He is like a father to us and we were pressured at first because we were known as Jackie Chan"s "kids". I think it was because we were given that much spotlight and we felt that for as much as we have prepared, failure could be that big as well. That is why we were always working hard in order to not let him down."

JJCC chose Shinhwa as their biggest role models and stated, "We want to become a long-run idol group like Shinhwa. We also want to be like 2NE1 in style of music as well