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What’s up this week with… SHINee (Week of November 11-15)


First of, I just want to start this article by congratulating SHINee. There is nothing sweeter than watching them all spil tears of gratitude, and they did so all at once (that's right gals, even Taemin cried this time) when they accepted their Artist of the Year award for the MelOn Music Awards 2013. They needed this win like we need air, because it was pretty evident to all us fans how they were just working themselves to the bone for this comeback. And to see them look relieved and validated because of an award is just priceless. Throughout the thank you speeches, the leader, Onew, kept his head bent low at a 90 degree angle in respect to all of the fans who made their win possible, and Jonghyun, resident cry baby, didn't hold any of his emotions in. It was difficult to stay stonefaced while watching all of them get so emotional, but I'm just glad that they felt that all of their hardwork has finally come to fruition

SBS Inkigayo Round-up: Miss A Wins #1 on the November 17, 2013 Episode

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Miss A Wins on the Nov. 17, 2013 episode of SBS Inkigayo

Hey hey everyone!Another week of "SBS Inkigayo" is back with great performances from your favorite K-Pop stars.Great energy, charisma, stage settings, and more were on last nights episode!Your hosts for the night were ZE:A's Kwanghee, Lee Hyun Woo, and beautiful Girl's Day's member Minah.

Last nights episode had three stars who made their return which were Davichi by bringing the sad "Letter", "OH MY GOD" by NC.A, and LPG with "Filial Daughters Generation."Along with these three, other great artists performed as well!

Your nominees for last night was extremely tough which were Miss A, Big Bang's member Taeyang, and duo Trouble Maker

SHINee’s Key Still Keeps a One-Year-Old Letter from Choi Woo Ri

SHINee’s Key’s preservation of a one year old memo is raising attention.

On November 17 episode of SBS’ variety program “Barefoot Friends,” the members of the show visited SHINee’s dorm. When arriving at the dorm, the variety show’s members first searched through Key’s bedroom and spotted clothes that were messily placed on top of the bunk bed. Key clarified that to use the small room efficiently, he had been using the second bunk as a closet.

However, while Key was introducing his room, “Barefoot Friends’” member Yoon Jong Shin spotted a note on top of Key’s dressing table.

The note had a female handwriting with the message, “Cool Kibum, I wonder when we will meet again. I tried not to give you affection, but when it became the last time I was sad and had a very hard time

K-Pop Male Members Who Are The “Faces of the Group”

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Every member in their respective group plays a role. You can be the main vocalist, the lead dancer, the personality, or you could be the 'face of the group', which basically means that you have the best looking face or the face that represents the group. How flattering! Let's take a look at the male members who are considered the visuals of their crew.

The face of BEAST is Mr. Cutie himself Lee Ki Kwang. I always thought he was definitely a pretty boy and then I saw this photo that he recently uploaded on his Twitter handle and it was then I understood why he was called the "face of the group".

I always assumed by his doll-like looks and delicate ways that SHINee's Taemin was the face of the group but it turns out Minho leads that category!

2PMs visual of the group is a tie between Nichkhun and Taecyeon but I'm going to have to give it to Nichkhun on this one because have you seen his smile and face?

FTIsland's face is actor, composer, singer, musician, and MC is none other than Lee Hong Ki

‘Barefoot Friends’ SHINee Key Scandal With a ‘Musical Actress’?

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shinee key note from musical actress

Idol group SHINee's member Key bought suspicions of a scandal with a note.

In SBS entertainment program "Barefoot Friends" aired today, the cast members visited Kim Jung Nan's house to eat then visited SHINee's dorm.

While looking around, Yoon Jong Shin found a note on Key's desk.

The note read, "Ki Bum, I didn't think I would see you again so I tried not to be attached to you but I'm getting sad thinking about the end. I don't have your number and have no way of messaging you so I'm writing you this note."

When he was asked why he put it on the mirror, Key said, "It was to remind myself of the first heart I had when going on stage. She's a musical actress named Choi Woori."

Photo Credit: SBS

SHINee's Minho Reveals His Unique Technique for Improving Enunciation

SHINee member Minho recently revealed his unique technique for practicing his enunciation as an actor after enjoying a bottle of wine. 

On the latest episode of SBS’s “Barefoot Friends” that aired on November 17, the cast brought Kim Jung Nan’s homemade food to SHINee’s dormitory to promote healthy eating habits. Before enjoying a healthy and scrumptious homemade feast together, the “Barefoot Friends” cast took a tour of each of the rooms. In Minho’s room were an impressive display of medals. It turned out that Minho had been quite the soccer player and possessed great athletic ability. 

The next item that caught the crew’s attention was an engraved wine bottle. Minho explained while showing his gratitude to fans, “While I was filming a drama last year, the fans gave me this wine bottle engraved with my character’s name on it

Best of Weekly Music Shows: 11/11 – 11/17

Best of Weekly Music Shows: 11/11 – 11/17

Welcome to this week’s set of performances from the weekly music shows and more! Most prominent this week was the 2013 MelOn Music Awards held on November 14th, the awards set that primarily uses digital sales and online voting to determine winners for categories. Taking away the largest prizes were Shinee, Busker Busker, and Exo, the three winning Artist, Album, and Song of the Year, respectively. On the music show circuit, Trouble Maker continued their winning streak by taking trophies on Mnet M! Countdown and KBS Music Bank. miss A managed to stop them on SBS Inkigayo, taking their first win for “Hush.” The other two shows did not announce winners

Barefoot Friends Says Goodbye With SHINee

SHINEe, Barefoot Friends

On November 17th, SHINee, along with actress Kim Jung Nan, will be participating in the final episode of SBS’s variety show, Barefoot Friends. The idea of the show was to visit the boy band in their dormitory along with the actress and to bring them food, courtesy of Kim Jung Nan’s home cooked meals.

As soon as the food was brought to them, the members gobbled down every last bit of it, surprising even Kang Ho Dong, MC host known as the Eating King of television. The idols were very grateful towards the actress for supplying the food and being kind enough to deliver it to them. You’d be surprised at how much these boys could eat. It’s nothing short of amazing, really.

Because of Minho’s drama filming schedule, he had to leave in the middle of shooting, but not without squeezing in another morsel of food

Music Core Showreel: No Winner on the November 16, 2013 Episode + Performance Recap

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Music Core

Hey everyone!So another week of Music Core is here that features awesome performances from your favorite K-Pop stars.Your hosts for last night were Shinee's Minho, Kim So Hyun, as well as Noh Hong Chul.

Last nights episode had three stars who made their comeback who were SHU-I by being "So in Luv", Davichi brought the "Letter", and NC.A sang "OH MY GOD."

There was no winner last night so the crowd just watched their favorite stars perform and did not have to worry about voting.The reason is probably because Trouble Maker won too much already since they are ranked number one this week.No trophy needed HyunA and Hyun Seung

SHINee to hold ‘Everybody Festival’ in Hongkong in January! Latest K-Pop News

SHINee has been confirmed to hold "SHINee <Everybody> Festival" in Hongkong on January 26, 2014.

This time, the boys are going to accommodate at least 4,000 fans to have an enjoyable and more focused interactions. It's going to be a fun-filled 2-hour event, having Hongkong as their last stop for Everybody promotions.

Ticket price ranges VIP $1280, $980, $680 (in Hongkong dollar)
Venue: Asia World Expo
Time: 8:15PM (HKT)

Source: starks-hk