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Tickets For The KBS ‘LA K-Pop Festival’ Will Be Distributed This Saturday

LA K-Pop Festival ticket distribution happens this Saturday!

On Saturday, March 29 tickets for the upcoming KBS LA K-Pop Festival will be distributed online through Ticketmaster, with a surcharge. While admission for the April 12 event is free, utilizing Ticketmaster will help to solve some of the logistical issues that could have been created through the use of other methods.Tickets will be released at 10AM PST on March 29.

TheLA K-Pop Festival will be one of the largest K-Pop festivals in North America, with an estimated 100,000 people in attendance.Some of the hottest acts in K-Pop will be performing at the festival including INFINITE, SHINee, 2PM, CNBLUE, SISTAR, Girl"s Day, Dynamic Duo, Lena Park, Kim Taewoo, musical prodigy Song Sohee, and trot vocalist Seol Undo. The star studded event is being held in celebration of 111 anniversary of Korean immigration to the United States

SHINee Key, “I Don’t Talk About My Dating Life With Other Members”

SHINee"s member Key revealed that his members don"t talk about their dating life. (Photo : mnet)

SHINee"s member Key revealed that his members don"t talk about their dating life.

In Mnet "Beatles Code 3D" aired yesterday, groups Toheart and 4minute came out as guests.

Key, currently working as a member of the project group Toheart, was asked, "Don"t you talk about your dating life with other members?" He replied, "We don"t talk about it at all."

The MC again asked, "What if two members end up dating the same girl?" and he answered, "We don"t care at all. We play in different fields, so there"s no need to talk about the different fields that we play in."

Photo Credit: Mnet

‘Beatles Code’ Toheart, Bromance Chemistry

Toheart members SHINee"s Key and Infinite"s Woohyun revealed chemistry between themselves. (Photo : mnet)

Toheart members SHINee"s Key and Infinite"s Woohyun revealed chemistry between the two.

In Mnet entertainment program "Beatles Code 3D" aired today, Toheart came out as guests and revealed their nicknames for each other.

The two said, "We have nicknames for each other. It"s "My Hyun" and "My Bum". Key"s real name is Kim Ki Bum so I call him "My Bum"."

They said, "We don"t always call each other by that. We just say it when we meet. We start off the day with those nicknames."

They also talked about how they got close. Woohyun said, "I went out on a radio program once and got Key"s number as a gift. After that, we got close."

Photo Credit: Mnet

Key and his wife Arisa Yagi take over the runway at “Seoul Fashion Week”

SHINee‘s Key recently followed his “We Got Married” wife, Japanese model Arisa Yagi, to serve as models on the runway at “Seoul Fashion Week“.

The couple took over the stage, capturing everyone on set with their chemistry and charisma. They represented the 2014 Fall/Winter collection!

Take a look at their photos from the event below!


Key reveals his entrance into SM + Shindong talks about his first impression on Key

SHINee‘s Key made a guest appearance on the March 25 broadcast of Mnet“s “Beatles Code 3D” where he talked about his entrance into SM Entertainment.

The talented boy shared, “During the SM audition, they told me that everyone seemed like they came out of a factory, but regardless of whether I was good or bad, I set myself apart from the others.”


Key defeated 8,000 contestants to be cast in SM. He revealed, “We had to free dance and there were about ten of us standing there. No one was dancing except me. I was 15 at the time.

Upon hearing his story, the MC Shindong talked about his first impressions on key, “I thought, “He”s not even good-looking. How”d he get in?”"

Key responded, “Shindong told me those words directly,” bringing laugh to everyone on set

SHINee Members Don’t Talk to Each Other about Their Relationships, Key Also Reveals Ideal Type

Project unit duo Toheart (SHINee’s Key and Infinite’s Woohyun) and girl group 4Minute appeared on Mnet “Beatles Code 3D” on March 25.

SHINee’s Key shared an anecdote of his SM Entertainment audition when he was 15 years old. He said, “I felt like I was the only person who wanted to be there, so I stood out. They made us perform a free dance of about 10 people at a time, but the rest didn’t dance, I was the only one that did.” He revealed that his dancing abilities enabled him to beat the competition of 8000 to 1.

Key surprised everyone with his answer to MC Shindong’s question about whether the members shared details of their romantic relationships. He said, “We never do it

Soyou, 2NE1, And Girls’ Generation Battle It Out; Who Ranks #1 This Week

Another week is here and K-Pop lovers in Asia are placing their votes for which artist deserves to be number one on various music charts.We want to clarify our readers that this rankings are by people who ranks their idols and that KpopStarz looks at the top ten artist on various charts at South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.So please know that we are not playing favorites here when placing the idols for our music chart for the week.

So with that being said, the competition for this week was Girls" Generation, 2NE1, and SISTAR"s Soyou & JungGiGo.Lim Chang Jung also has a great sad ballad in-which he made his comeback last week.Also, a new male artist named Bro has a new single.Were Lim and Bro able to rank on our chart for this week thanks to their fans.Also, which idol is ranked number one for the week?All these comebacks and debuts that you have been reading, makes you wonder if this idols will be chart-toppers for any of the week

Key Of SHINee And Toheart Reaches Out To Troubled Fan On Instagram: Admits He Used To Hurt Himself

(Photo : Facebook)

In a moving sign of solidarity with a troubled fan who went by the Instagram name Cutter, singer Kim "Key" Ki Bum admitted on Tuesday that he used to harm himself as well, in a personal message on the social networking sharing site.

"Hi Cutter," Key wrote, in an Instagram post that has since gone viral.

"I don"t know your name so I will call you Cutter for now. I know sometimes you feel your life sucks or is hard, but everybody does! Stop cutting! I had a really bad habit when I was young and I stopped, but I still have a scar on my body."

"Don"t cut anymore and show me you"re getting better on your Instagram, he added. "I"ll be by your side. Love, Key."

"Oh my god, Key responded to my photo!" Cutter wrote. "I"m shaking, I love you Key

JYJ Voted as Male Group to Still Be Promoting 10 Years From Now

With the lifespans of idol groups particularly short, the community portal site, DC Inside held a poll asking fans to vote the male idol group that they believe will still be active in 10 years.

From March 18 to 25, DC Inside held the poll, “Which male group will still be actively promoting in 10 years?” The winner turned out to be JYJ with a total of 1,215 votes (40.1 percent) out of 3,029 votes total.

After ending their contract with SM Entertainment, the JYJ members have kept themselves busy and successful with concert tours, album releases, dramas, movies, and musicals.

Behind JYJ was TVXQ with 504 votes (16.6 percent), Big Bang with 188 votes (6.2 percent), Shinhwa with 155 votes (5.1 percent), and SHINee with 149 votes (4.9 percent), rounding the top 5.

DC Inside is currently holding a poll to see which female idol group fans can see promoting in ten years

ZE:A’s Kim Dongjun Cast for Musical “Palace” and Leaves for Japan Today

ZE:A member Dongjun was cast for musical "Palace", and left for Japan to attend the press conference held in Tokyo.

Kim Dongjun, who showed talent in acting through Naver"s web drama "After Effect", was cast as Prince Shin in the musical "Palace".

Musical staff explained: "Dongjun is talented in many areas, including singing and acting. His confidence got him the role of Prince Shin, and we"re more than satisfied after rehearsing with him".

Kim Dongjun expressed his determination by claiming, "I"m honored to star in popular musical "Palace". Through the role of Shin, I want to show fans a new side of me".

Musical "Palace", based on a comic of the same title, has been performed in Japan for the last 5 years after its successful performances in Seoul