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SHINee Dances Sherlock with Lucky Fans on "Dream Team"

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SHINee Dances Sherlock with Lucky Fans on Dream Team On the May 12 episode, KBS Lets Go Dream Team Season 2 and SHINee visited the Dong Sun Jung Bo High school to compete with the schools female soccer team. Before the main competition, a group of fans performed SHINees Sherlock in front of Minho, Taemin, Onew, and Key. They performed with all their hearts, hoping to impress their oppas.

In the middle of the song, the SHINee members got up and joined the female students, making them some of the luckiest Shawols out there. Each member performed their parts with the students and even posed affectionately together for the camera. Viewers could hear the jealous and happy screams of other fans at the school watching the performance in the background audio of the show.

You can click on the little blue arrow on the top right of the screencaps to watch a brief clip of the performance.

Secrets Sunhwa and comedian Noh Woo Jin were also guests on this episode.

SHINee and Kim Tae Woo Get All Mixed Up with ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Love Rain’

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As tradition of Mnet’s The Beatles Code, a bibigok, or a mashup song, of SHINee and Kim Tae Woo was revealed when the artists appeared as guest on March 11.

Taking SHINee’s Sherlock and Kim Tae Woo’s Love Rain, The Beatles Code somehow made the two completely different songs work as it flowed with no bumps. The title Sherlock Rides on Love Rain was given.

Check out the mashup and be sure to watch until the end!

LEDApple covers SHINee’s “Sherlock”

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Known for covering songs of famous groups, rock band LEDApple has now tried its hand at SHINees Sherlock!

On February 5th, LEDApple revealed its live band cover of Sherlock on its Youtube channel. They successfully recreated the song with its own rock twist and has been receiving much praise for the cover.

LEDApple releases cover of SHINee’s “Sherlock”

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LEDApple releases cover of SHINee’s “Sherlock”

LEDApple has released their cover of SHINees Sherlock.

The boys have been covering songs of famous bands in their own rock style and now theyve taken on SHINee‘s “Sherlock“.

So far, LEDApple has covered Girls’ Generation‘s “Mr. Taxi“, Bruno Mars‘ “Talking to the Moon“, and Big Bang‘s “Love Song“, among others. Their rock-version covers have been highly popular not only among LEDAs but also all to casual viewers.

You can hear the rock version of SHINees Shelock below. What do you think of this cover?

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LEDApple releases teaser for their cover of SHINee’s “Sherlock”

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LEDApple releases teaser for their cover of SHINee’s “Sherlock”

LEDApple has been covering songs of famous bands in their own rock style and now theyre read to take on SHINees Sherlock.

So far, theyve covered Girls Generations Mr. Taxi, Bruno Mars Talking to the Moon, and Big Bangs Love Song, among others. Their rock-version covers have been highly popular not only among LEDAs but also all to casual viewers, and this time theyve released a teaser of the cover instead of the full song.

You can hear snippets of the rock version of SHINees Sherlock, and the boys look like theyve even created a music video to go along with the song.

As the teaser says, youll be able to hear the full song on February 5th. Until then, check out the teaser below!

SSK4’s DickPunks Recreate SHINee’s Sherlock in DickPunks Style

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As second place winners of Mnet’s Superstar K4, DickPunks appeared on Mnet’s The Beatles Code to deliver their own rendition of SHINee’s Sherlock.

On December 3, the Top 12 contestants of the audition program participated in The Beatles Code, where DickPunks went up on the mini stage to perform their unique version of Sherlock.

With no drums on the set, Park Garam turned into the rapper of the band, adding a little something special to the performance.

SHINee's Japanese ‘Sherlock’ Tops Tower Records Weekly Sales Chart

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SHINee's Japanese ‘Sherlock’ Tops Tower Records Weekly Sales Chart SHINee's Japan ‘Sherlock’ Tops Tower Records Weekly Sales ChartSHINee topped the K-Pop singles weekly chart on the Tower Record Japan.

SHINees 'Sherlock' Japanese version released on May16, topped Tower Records' K-Pop singles chart. The album contains 'Sherlock' and 'Keeping Love Again' has not only already placed second place on the Oricon daily charts on the released day, but also has ranked second for 3 consecutive weeks on Mays weekly chart. This album has shown off its popularity ranked top on Tower Record offline sales rank in first week of June (May 28th~June 3rd).

Starting from Fukuoka Marine Messe concert on May 25, SHINee kicked off The Fist Japan Arena TourSHINee World 2012 performing in 7 cities including Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. The tour originally scheduled for 14 performances added 6 additional dates due to overwhelming tickets sales request as tickets were sold out immediately after its release.

SHINee's Japanese sales for single "Sherlock" reaches second place on Oricon

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SHINees Japanese sales for single Sherlock reaches second place on OriconSHINee's single "Sherlock" reached second place on Japan's representative music ranking site, Oricon on May 17th. They achieved the status on the singles daily chart after just one day, their single having gone on sale on the 16th of May.

This particularly significant for SHINee as they managed to overtake popular local group AAA, who was pushed to number three with their single "Still Love You". AAA had released their single on the same day as SHINee.

SHINee's Japanese version was a follow-up from their Korean version, which had been released on March 19th. Back then SHINee had met up with reporters from OSEN, where they stated, "After a month of activies in Korea, we will be promoting earnestly in Japan. We will work as hard in Japan as in Korea."

Previously "Sherlock" had come in first on Taiwan's music chart G-MUSIC (April 20th to 26th)and FIVE MUSIC (April 20th to 26th), amongst others.

Meanwhile SHINee has completed a Japanese arena tour, and will be holding twenty performances in seven Japanese cities till July 1st.

SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’ is a chart topper in Taiwan

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SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’ is a chart topper in Taiwan

SHINees latest comeback has become a hit in Taiwan as well!

According to information revealed by SM Entertainment on May 2nd, SHINees new mini-album, Sherlock, has topped Taiwans biggest album sales chart G-Music. The album climbed its Asia Chart for the week of April 20th through the 26th.

On the combined chart, the boys ranked third, just after Show Luo and an OST for the popular drama, Absolute Boyfriend.

Other charts the boys ranked on include FIVE Musics Korea/Japan chart where they topped for the week of April 20th through the 26th, as well as Kuangnans Korea/Japan chart for the same week.

In addition, the group ranked first on Taiwans biggest radio chart, HIT FM Asia Music Chart, on April 29th.

SHINee is currently on their Japanese arena tour, with a stop in Nagoya from May 3rd through the 5th. The boys will be releasing the Japanese version of Sherlock on the 16th.

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Jung Hyung Don performs “Sherlock” dance for SHINee on ‘Weekly Idol’

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Jung Hyung Don performs “Sherlock” dance for SHINee on ‘Weekly Idol’

Comedian Jung Hyung Don issued a challenge to SHINee.

On the May 2nd broadcast of MBC Every1s Weekly Idol, SHINee will appear as guests. Jung Hyung Don performed the Sherlock dance, which was choreographed by Tony Testa, for the group during the programs recording.

Jung Hyung Don stated, I heard that this was the most expensive choreography in the history of SM Entertainment, to which SHINee responded, The choreographer is a lot better than most others.

Key added, Sherlock is a song about a detective, and the choreography tells such a story as well, revealing the multiple layers behind the dance. They also revealed the main point of the dance, which theyve been wanting to share with their fans. After learning the secrets of the Sherlock dance, Jung Hyung Don decided to impress SHINee with his dancing prowess.

Jun Hyun Moo previously made his version of the dance called Moo Sherlock, and now Jung Hyung Don has received his own title of Don Sherlock.

During the show, the SHINee members also spoke and joked about their drinking habits. This episode of Weekly Idol featuring SHINee will air on May 2nd.

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