SHINee Fans Celebrate 9 Amazing Years Since Their Debut

SHINee Fans Celebrate 9 Amazing Years Since Their Debut

Its hard to believe, but SHINee is now nine years old!

The K-pop legends made their debut on May 25 of 2008 with their now classic hit Replay, and have gone on to be a leader in the Korean Wave throughout the globe. They have released five studio albums and five mini albums in Korea, as well as several releases in Japan, and most recently made a comeback with their repackaged version of their hit album 1 of 1 last November. Known for their unique and innovative music, impressive talents, and downright delightful chemistry, SHINee will certainly continue to make history in the years to come.

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As today is SHINees ninth anniversary, fans have taken to social media to celebrate by looking back at their amazing years together. The hashtag in Korean SHINee, thank you for shining for nine years (#샤이니_9년동안_빛나줘서_고마워) is now trending at No. 1 worldwide on Twitter!

Check out just some of the posts made by fans below as we all celebrate SHINees special day.

8 yrs since 1st ever win#9YearsWithSHINee

블링에스트 블링어 HIATUS (@BlingestBlinger) May 24, 2017

I used to think I wanted SHINee to be the best, now I only want to be together Taemin#9mazingYearsWithSHINee #9YearsWithSHINee

#SHINe9 ? (@taemin_dyn) May 24, 2017


gigi (@SHINee_Irie) May 24, 2017

Definitely dont regret becoming a Shawol ? #샤이니_9년동안_빛나줘서_고마워 #9YearsWithSHINee

OJKMT? (@tokkitokkanew) May 24, 2017

“looking toward to see how much bigger the number 9 can get.” #9YearsWithSHINee

Happy 9th anniversary, my loves. Thank you for bringing happiness and joy into my life. Love you always. ❤ #샤이니_9년동안_빛나줘서_고마워

aishah~♡ (@errandgrrl) May 24, 2017

Theyre always enjoying their stages to the fullest, and to that I can watch them perform forever #샤이니_9년동안_빛나줘서_고마워 ❤❤❤

THE MOST SHINING NAME ON THE UNIVERSE. ?#9YearsWithSHINee #샤이니_9년동안_빛나줘서_고마워

넬#9YearsWithSHINee? (@shineonfive) May 24, 2017

Happy anniversary, SHINee! We cant wait to see what you have in store for us next.