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Park Shin Hye Addresses Mean Instagram Users Who Claim She Has Had Plastic Surgery

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Park Shin Hye (Photo : Millet) Korean celebrities often turn towards social media to address issues that have been plaguing them in real-life. However, actress Park Shin Hye used her Instagram account (@ssinz7) to dismiss harsh claims by users that she has had plastic surgery.

While previous reports speculated that the actress was upset over cyber bullies, My Daily explored the issue from the angle that the star has been plagued by detractors who have alleged that she has had numerous plastic surgery procedures.

On August 21, she posted a message which called for an end to hateful comments on her social media. Her message accompanied a photo where she is turned away from the camera and peering into a plunging shoreline.

"I"m living my life the way my mother gave birth to me," said Park, through her Instagram post. "Why with your pretty lips and hands are you saying those things, writing those things? Sigh, such a pity."

A photo posted by 박신혜 (@ssinz7) on Aug 21, 2015 at 1:26am PDT

Netizens delivered their overwhelming support, through positive comments posted to the My Daily article. According to the forum, Netizen Buzz, one of the highest voted comments reflected on the natural beauty of the actress. "There are people who actually claim Park Shin Hye had plastic surgery?," asked the commenter. "You can just look at her past photos and see for yourself. It"s obvious she"s a natural [beauty]."

Having appeared in the public eye from a young age in works like the 2003 drama, "Stairway to Heaven," Park has come under scrutiny for her early struggles with weight and awkward teen years. However, she has evolved into a leading Korean endorsement model and exemplifies fashionable young women. She is a spokesmodel for brands like Mind Bridge, Millet and Lotte Duty-Free.

The 25-year-old Hallyu star has repeated refuted these claims and individuals who have previously worked with her, including "The Royal Tailor" director Lee Won Suk, have been outspoken in their support of her natural beauty.

Shin Dong Yup jokes that Shin Bong Sun saves her money for plastic surgery on "Bachelor Party"

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Shin Dong Yup jokes that Shin Bong Sun saves her money for plastic surgery on

On the April 23 episode of MBC"s "Shin Dong Yup"s Bachelor Party", comedian Shin Bong Sun as well as Dal Shabet and Lovelyz were guests.

When Shin Bong Sun came into the room, Shin Dong Yup stated, "You subtly changed something again," for the female comedian has frequently talked about working on her appearance through cosmetic procedures.

Kim Jong Min blurted out, "You did [plastic surgery] again?"

Shin Dong Yup joked, "Shin Bong Sun is a savings queen. She saves and gets something done.. saves and gets something done again." 

Like the comedian she is, Shin Bong Sun joked right along, saying, "When I was in my teens, my appearance wasn"t something you could bare to look at. But now, I"m prettier today than I was yesterday, and tomorrow I"ll be prettier than I am today. So! I"m thinking that by the time I become 60, I could try out to become an ulzzang [someone known for their pretty/handsome face]!"

Shin Bong Sun has admitted in the past of re-doing her nose, and we hope she"s satisfied with how she looks now!

Park Shin Hye, Plastic Surgery Suspicions "I Didn't Get Any"

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park shin hye, taxi, my flower boy neighbor

park shin hye plastic surgeryPark Shin Hye clarified the plastic surgery rumors of her.

In tvN "Talk Show Taxi" aired today, Park Shin Hye revealed that she didn't get any plastic surgery.

Kim Goo Ra and Jun Hyun Moo asked, "Didn't Park Shin Hye get plastic surgery?," but Park Shin Hye replied, "Not at all." Kim Goo Ra then said, "You didn't cut up even one part?," and she replied, "No."

On this day, the main casts of tvN drama "My Flower Boy Neighbor" Yun Si Yun and Park Shin Hye came out as guests.

Park Shin Hye clarifies all rumors of herself having plastic surgery

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Park Shin Hye clarifies all rumors of herself having plastic surgery

Actress Park Shin Hye appeared on the recent episode of tvN’sTaxi” where she clarified all rumors of herself having plastic surgery.

The hosts Kim Gura and Jeon Hyun Moo asked her, “Park Shin Hye, have you ever gotten a face lift before?” to which she immediately stated, “Never.

The hosts teased her by asking, “Did you have a couple fix-ups here and there?” and Park Shin Hye once again stated, “No. I have not.”

MC Kim Gura then said, “That’s right. Your face is just as exotic as the Amazon,”, bringing laughter to everyone.

Jeon Hyun Moo commented, “Kim Gura doesn’t give compliments to female celebrities that often. But right now he’s not holding back at all.” to which Kim Gura smiled and shared, “She’s like my little niece.”

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hyes new drama “My Flower Boy Neighbor” will air its first episode on January 7th.

Shin Se Kyung’s agency addresses plastic surgery rumors

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Shin Se Kyung’s agency addresses plastic surgery rumors

With her recent changes in appearances, actress Shin Se Kyung was making headlines with plastic surgery rumors. However her agency, Namoo Actors has officially addressed the rumors.

A representative of the company stated to local media Newsen, “She did not get plastic surgery. She underwent procedures to remove scars on her face. There are scars on both of her cheeks. She underwent surgical scar removal procedures during her time off.”

He continued, “The scars on both her cheeks showed up on HD TV. It was a very complicated procedure to get rid of the scars, much more complicated than getting a laser procedure. They had to cut through her skin. Her face swelled, which is why it appeared very full.” He added, “The scars were very deep. No matter what she did, they would always appear on screen. Even when she auditioned as a kid, she was turned down because of her scar. It wasn’t something that could have been easily removed through a laser procedure. She’s been pushing it off and off, and just recently, got it done.”

The representative concluded, “It hasn’t been long since she got the procedure. Had she gotten plastic surgery during her break, we wouldn’t have shot a CF or agreed to the interview with ‘Entertainment Relay.’” 

Actress Shin Se Kyung underwent plastic surgery

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Actress Shin Se Kyung underwent plastic surgery

Several past photos of actress Shin Se Kyung were recently brought out to compare with her recent appearance on KBS’s “Entertainment Relay”, causing a hot topic on the internet.

The screen-captures from “Entertainment Relay” showed Shin Se Kyung with bigger eyes than before and her double eyelids were more pronounced. Some viewers noticed that Shin Se Kyung had a slimmer face and her cheeks were slightly swollen.

Some netizens commented, “It looks like her double eyelid got deeper,” “Did she get work done?” “I was surprised when I saw the clip. Is that really Shin Se Kyung?” and “It looks like her face is swollen.

Others stood up to defend the actress, writing, “She probably just lost weight,” “She’s still pretty,” “I can’t see the difference,” and more.

How is your opinion? Be sure to left your comments below!

Honey Lee unearths a stunning reason why she was once presented plastic surgery

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Honey Lee unearths a stunning reason why she was once presented plastic surgery

Honey Lee printed she had won an be offering for plastic surgical treatment ago all the style through her appearance on "Cultwo Show" on November 17.

Kim Tae Kyun first acknowledged to her, "I heard that Honey Lee were given an offer for plastic surgical treatment as a result of her dimples when she first debuted," and she replied, "That"s correct. I got an offer for plastic surgical treatment thanks to my "Indian dimples."" 

She continued, "The plastic surgery medical institution said that it was no longer great to appear at, so they"d fix them. Also, the camera administrators said that they appeared like scars and asked me to fill them. However, I"ve already debuted anyway, and if they abruptly disappeared, it may neatly be awkward, so I did now not cast off them. As time passed, other people saw my dimples as charming."

The same thing took place with Hani and her nose! Just be self-assured with your authentic functions and those will see the charm in them in no time!

Hwang Jung Eum addresses plastic surgery rumors about her chin

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Hwang Jung Eum addresses plastic surgery rumors about her chin

Actress Hwang Jung Eum addressed cosmetic surgical procedure rumors about her chin at the November 14th episode of "Entertainment Relay".

Hwang Jung Eum has been starring in the hit MBC drama "She used to be Pretty", and audience were discussing more than the plot and her acting. The actress become asked about her chin, and she responded, "I didn"t get cosmetic surgical treatment on my chin, yet they preserve pronouncing I did. I bet it"s because I"m pretty."

As for who she"d love to paintings with, she shared, "I would like to work with Ha Jung Woo oppa." She also shared that she"d like to be a mom in addition an actress twenty years from now.

Song Hye Kyo Rumored to Have Had Plastic Surgery?

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Song Hye Kyo Rumored to Have Had Plastic Surgery? Actress Song Hye Kyo, who is lately gearing up to superstar in the 2016 drama “Descendants of the Sun,” used to be subjected to gossip at the November nine episode of communicate display “Heard It Throughout the Grapevine.” despite the truth that the actress is noted for being a herbal beauty, the prove advised that she had, in fact, long gone thru plastic surgery.

A panel member noted that “while she become filming for ‘Soon Poong Clinic,’ she had some orthodontic remedy done.”

The panel participants also mentioned the dating rumor between Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In. the 2 had posted a photo on Instagram, leading many fanatics to wager that they were dating.

In the end, the panel concluded that the two weren’t dating. The two are controlled via the similar small agency. because of the small selection of customers represented by the agency, the two were ready to develop into close and proportion a familial relationship.

What do you think? Do orthodontics count as plastic surgery?

Brown Eyed Ladies solution to Whether They were given plastic surgery Right through Their Hiatus

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Brown Eyed Girls Answer to Whether They Got Cosmetic Surgery During Their Hiatus Girl team Brown Eyed Girls spoke back to whether they got cosmetic surgical procedure during their hiatus.

On the October 21 broadcast of Naver V App, Brown Eyed Girls gave the impression as visitors and voiced some in their issues forward of their upcoming comeback.

When asked, “Did you get cosmetic surgery?” through a fan, the participants reply, “We couldn’t. We haven’t had source of revenue for a while.”

They then say, “Our appearance did trade so much during the last 10 years. However, since we did this for 10 years, of direction we’re going to seem other from other girl teams and their beyond photos.” They laugh whilst they say, “Girl groups at the moment debut after they’re completely ready, yet we couldn’t do that.”

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls are having a look ahead to their first comeback in two years this fall. In step with the members, the hot album could be released November five and they are going to advertise a double name song.