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Brave Guys’ Shin Bora might become a solo singer

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Brave Guys’ Shin Bora might become a solo singer

Comedians Brave Guys of ‘Gag Concert‘ recently retired from the music industry after releasing their first and last album ‘A to Z‘ as well as the music video for its title track “Growing Distant”. However, member Shin Bora might become a solo singer in the near future.

A representative shared, “She’s planning to focus on KBS‘ ‘Gag Concert’. Though talks of album promotions haven’t been laid out in detail, she’ll consider it if a good opportunity comes along.”

On December 6th, member Park Sung Kwang also expressed on his Twitter, “We’ll be leaving the music industry after this album. We’re burdened [that we might've caused trouble] for the industry during this time.”

He added, “We’ll now be leaving that difficult world that didn’t match us and return in front of you all as comedians. But I’m not sure. Because Bora sings well, she might go out and sing solo. Though we’re giving up singing and rapping now, we’ll be giving our all to the Brave Guys segment on ‘Gag Concert’.”

Are you looking forward to singer Shin Bora?

Comedian and singer Shin Bora is radiant in lace for "K Wave"

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Comedian and singer Shin Bora is radiant in lace for

Comedian-turned-singer Shin Bora showed off her radiant beauty in a pictorial for Hallyu magazine "K Wave".

Looking gorgeous in ivory and lace, she shows off her glamorous figure and blemish-free skin. Comedians might derp a lot, but Shin Bora shows she can turn into an A-list model with the snap of a finger.

You can see her in the June issue!

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Shin Bora discusses why she left "Gag Concert" and her singing career

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Shin Bora discusses why she left

Singer and comedian Shin Bora talked about why she left the hit comedy show "Gag Concert" on the April 16th broadcast of MBC FM4U"s "Sunny"s FM Date".

Shin Bora explained, "People are used to seeing me on "Gag Concert", and they ask me why I"m not on the show anymore. I was always excited about standing on the "Gag Concert" stage. After putting all my energy into it for 5 years, I felt less happy on it. I felt that I didn"t put any soul into it." She continued, "Speaking with the producers, I told them I wanted to rest and find myself. Thankfully, the producers accepted." 

The comedian, who recently made her comeback as a singer with "Mis-Match", also talked about her growing career in music. She said, "To stand on stage as a singer was something I never imagined when I debuted [as a comedian]. I couldn"t imagine that I"ll stand in front of the public as a singer. I found out that there were people who enjoyed my voice after I debuted. It made me think that I have the ability to promote as a singer as well."

Have you heard her latest song "Mis-Match" yet?

EXO wins #1 on SBS" "Inkigayo" + performances by JJCC, Shin Bora & more

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EXO wins #1 on SBS

SBS" "Inkigayo" aired its latest episode with energetic and fun performances from your favorite idols. Joining us were MCs Kim Yoo Jung, and guest MCs.

On this episode, JJCC returned with "On the Flower Bed" and Shin Bora made her comeback with "Mis-Match".

As for the winners, Red Velvet, EXO, and  miss A were the nominees, but it was EXO who took the #1 trophy with "Call Me Baby".

Congratulations to EXO!


[FIRST-PLACE NOMINEE:  Red Velvet -- Ice Cream Cake]

[FIRST PLACE NOMINEE: miss A -- Only You] 

Other performers of the night were K.Will, NC.A, Untouchable, MinahNC.A, Eric Nam, N.S. Yoonji, Huh GakLABOUMCLC, Crayon Pop, B.I.G., Blady, Baek Ji Young, MAMAMOO, and more.

Check out the performances below! 

[Videos will be updated as they become available.]

[DEBUT: The Ark - The Light]

[COMEBACK: JJCC [On The Flower Bed]

[COMEBACK: Shin Bora [MisMatch]

[B.I.G - Between Night N Music]

[Girl"s Day"s Minah -- I Am a Woman Too]

[Baek Ji Young - Garosu-gil at Dawn]

EXO Gains an Extra Member in Shin Bora’s Hilarious Photoshopped Pics

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EXO Gains an Extra Member in Shin Bora’s Hilarious Photoshopped Pics

Shin Bora is showing her comedian roots in these photoshopped images that she posted to her Twitter on April 11 from behind the scenes at Music Core.

Shin Bora debuted as a comedian on the hit comedy sketch show Gag Concert. But shes also known for her amazing singing voice, and shes currently promoting the song Mismatch from her second solo single album while EXO sweeps the music show charts with Call Me Baby.

On April 11, she tweeted This was my outfit for Music Core today. It looks like my stylist is an EXO fan. *^^* (You wont be able to find me.)

She included two photos of herself inserted into stills from EXOs April 10 performance of Call Me Baby on Music Bank. Her outfit really does seem similar, minus the crop top and heels, of course. Thankfully EXO didnt wear their red suits too when they also performed that day on Music Core and won first place!

EXO’s Lay: “I’m Not Leaving EXO Because of My Promise to the Members”

EXO Takes 4th Win for “Call Me Baby” Through Music Bank

EXO’s Baekhyun and Suho to Host “Inkigayo” as Special MCs

Shin Bora joins EXO?

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Shin Bora joins EXO?

Comedian and singer Shin Bora reveals some funny photos of herself!

She updated her Twitter with the photos posted here. She mentioned that her stylist must be a huge fan of EXO.

She is dressed in red outfit which is quite similar to EXO"s fashion, she then edited herself into some photos which cause discussion among netizens, is she good enough to perform with EXO?

Shin Bora is a sad woman in Mis Match MV

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Shin Bora is a sad woman in Mis Match MV

Shin Bora sings her sadness in her latest MV.

The title of her new track is Mis Match and she collaborates with rapper vasco for her comeback track. Check out the full MV below

Shin Bora sheds her comedian image for sexy and angsty "Mis-Match" MV

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Shin Bora sheds her comedian image for sexy and angsty

Comedian Shin Bora is back as a singer, going for a stronger and sexier image in her comeback with "Mis-Match", featuring Vasco.

Wearing smoky eye makeup and dark red lipstick for a vampirish, gothic look, Shin Bora gazes both seductively and intensely into the camera as the MV shows shots of a broken relationship. She"s angry, she"s hurt, she"s burning paper, and throwing flowers on the floor. Then there are shots of what their relationship was like before all the drama as she shyly smiles by her loved one.

The song is sexy as well with a touch of the tango vibe. Vasco roughly says, "Never ever," and she follows it up with her soothing and lilting vocals. Check out the MV above!

EXID’s Solji and Shin Bora"s cover of Ailee’s "Don’t Touch Me"

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EXID’s Solji and Shin Bora

EXIDsSoljis shared the stage with singer-comedian Shin Bora as they performed one of Ailee"s songs.

Solji and Shin Bora, who is Ailee"s close friend in real life, showcased their individual singing prowess as they sang Ailee"s "Dont Touch Me."

written by: [email protected] SOURCE: Youtube

Sooyoung and Shin Bora to fill in as special DJs on "Park So Hyun"s Love Game"

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Sooyoung and Shin Bora to fill in as special DJs on

Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung and comedian Shin Bora will be filling in as special DJs on the SBS Power FM radio show "Park So Hyun"s Love Game"!

The show"s rep revealed on December 2, "DJ Park So Hyun will be absent on the 3rd and 4th due to her personal schedule, and Sooyoung and Shin Bora will meet listeners as special DJs."

Sooyoung will host the December 3rd broadcast with guests DickPunks" Kim Tae Hyun and Navi, and Shin Bora will host the following broadcast with guests Jung In and Na Yoon Kwon.

"Park So Hyun"s Love Game" airs daily from 6-8 PM KST!