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Kim Hyung Joon's Kiss Scene in "She's Completely Insane"

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Kim Hyung Joon's Kiss Scene in "She's Completely Insane"

Actress So Yi Hyun and SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon’s kiss scene from “Shes Completely Insane” is shown above.

In KBS Drama channel’s “She’s Completely Insane” that first broadcasted on March 10, Jeon Ji Hyun (So Yi Hyun) refused to accept Kang Min’s (Kim Hyung Joon) proposal, and Min kissed her in the public.

The once top singer Min kissed Ji Hyun who is a variety program scenario writer, fans gathered and started taking photos of two kissing.

Besides the kiss scene, scenes of ice-cold star producer Park Gwang Hyun treating So Yi Hyun in a friendly way were released as well. And those scenes hint towards an interesting story line.

The drama “She’s Completely Insane” airs every Saturday at 11 PM KST.

Suzy is completely enthralling in Roem iciness pictorial

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Suzy is completely enthralling in Roem iciness pictorial

Fashion logo ROEM unveils wintry weather sequence with its ever stunning muse Suzy.

Suzy is extremely enchanting in the hot pictorial exhibiting the new selection of fashionable winter garbs that could certainly stay you girls warm and complex at the similar time.

She projects adorably and wonderfully once in a while glammed up with accessories and garments which emphasized her good looks even more. Watch the captivating pictorial below:

Yoon Son-ha completely recovers from facial palsy and returns to 'Six Flying Dragons'

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Yoon Son-ha completely recovers from facial palsy and returns to 'Six Flying Dragons'

It has been known that actress Yoon Son-ha had to take a damage from filming SBS" "Six Flying Dragons" because she suffered from facial palsy symptoms.

Yoon Son-ha"s firm movie It Su Da told television File on October 13th, "It is a symptom led to by way of rigidity and she had some minor symptoms of facial palsy. After she took a break, she completely recovered and she feels just fine now".

The go along with her agency said, "Starting next week, she might be in a position to get started out filming without any trouble".

The production team of "Six Flying Dragons" also said, "During shooting the drama, we adjusted her agenda because Yoon Son-ha"s fitness condition used to be now not good. She changed into going to sign up in filming this Friday originally. But, since we still have some portion that has already been filmed, we gave her yet another week to take a rest. She will be able to be capable of sign up for us next week".

Yoon Son-ha in "Six Flying Dragons" plays an highbrow assets merchant Cho-yeong, who sells very important knowledge to the influential-aristocracy.

Ailee follow-up MV for 'Insane'

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Ailee follow-up MV for 'Insane'

Ailee surprises lovers by way of freeing follow-up MV for some other tune "Insane" off her "VIVID" album.

This time, Ailee sings for an RnB track showcasing her robust and emotional vocals yet again. The song is set craving for the affection that has left and in want of it to be back again.

In the video, Ailee does an interpretative dancing with a male model. Watch below:

Ailee Is loopy in Love in “Insane” MV

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Ailee Is Crazy in Love in “Insane” MV After freeing her first complete album “VIVID” in addition her “Mind Your Own Business” tune video, Ailee has printed her newest music video for “Insane.”

The temper and tone of this song is terribly other from her old release. while “Mind Your Own Business” emphasized being independent, “Insane” portrays being crazy in love and now not short of to be alone.

In the music video, Ailee wears a loose white most sensible and black shorts. She displays off some modern dance moves as she walks via various rooms. All over the video, she is embracing her love passion and also searches for him.

Check out the music video below:

Which track do you prefer?

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Ailee is 'Insane' in her next sensual, one-take MV!

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Ailee is 'Insane' in her next sensual, one-take MV!

If you idea Ailee"s simplest released MV for this circular of promotions was once her name song "Mind Your Own Business", think again. She"s just dropped her black and white, one-take taste MV for "Insane"!

It"s a sensual and attractive MV, impressively shot in one-take as she dances along side the male dancer. It"s a unconditionally other trend than her "Mind Your Own Business" MV. The talented vocalist presentations she can rock any form of concept!

Check out "Insane" appropriate above!

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Jeon Hye Bin Says Shes Traumatized of riding On account of an twist of fate whilst Filming “The Racer”

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Jeon Hye Bin Says Shes Traumatized of Driving thanks to an Accident While Filming “The Racer” Jeon Hye Bin is lately performing at the sort display “The Racer,” which teaches 10 stars the fundamentals of pro automobile racing as they compete to change into the maximum efficient among themselves.

In a up to date interview, Jeon Hye Bin expressed how, even if she is attempting her absolute best to do well, she has been traumatized of being in the back of the wheel that is why show.

Despite her excellent functionality originally of the show, Jeon Hye Bin is now placed in the minor team because of a mistake she had made. She reflects, “I knew I had to paintings harder. I felt that i used to be missing physically and experience-wise. It made me even more passionate.”

She reminisces back to a deadly moment that came about all the manner through the show, saying, “There used to be a time I crashed into the guardrail because I made a mistake in converting gears. Fortuitously I didn’t get harm anyplace because of protection precautions, yet I believe i'm a little bit traumatized after that.” Jeon Hye Bin is going on to mention that she tries no longer to be fearful at some point of a race but notes that the anxiousness is simply a a phase of racing anyway.

Lastly, she says, “Honestly, my function to get started with turned into to be ranked prime or reach a quick lap time. But in wanting to reach the ones things, there were at all times complications and headaches that got here my way. As of now, my purpose is to get via all of the little hindrances one by one. i can be ready to continue to pressure safely so please give me quite so much of love and support.”

Please be safe, Jeon Hye Bin!

T-ARA Unveil Nautical Concept In 'Completely Crazy' Comeback Teaser Photos

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T-ARA plan to sail away with fan hearts as the group adopts a nautical concept for their upcoming comeback.

On July 27, MBK Entertainment uploaded two comeback teaser photos which showed the girls wearing cute nautical outfits.

The first teaser photo showed T-ARA as a group wearing sailor hats, colorful tops with anchor badges, hot pants with body slings and heels. The group photo was shot in what looks like a cruise ship bunker, adding into the nautical concept.

T-ARA Completely Crazy Teaser Photos Jiyeon and Eunjung (Photo : T-ARA official Facebook page) The second teaser photo showed individual shots for members Jiyeon and Eunjung who were both wearing a different sailor outfit, this time with blue accents and matched with rope bracelets and silver jewelry.

MBK Entertainment should be revealing the rest of the individual shots for the four remaining members over the next few days leading up to the T-ARA comeback showcase on August 3for their "Completely Crazy" title track.

"Completely Crazy" has been described as a funky dance track and was composed by Brave Brothers.

After the showcase, the group will release a "Completely Crazy" music video teaser on August 7 before dropping the full music video on August 10.

For their Chinese fans, T-ARA plan to promote another track titled "1, 2, 3" composed by Shinsadong Tiger.

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BEAST Makes Comedienne Kim Ji min completely Swoon Over Them

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BEAST Makes Comedienne Kim Ji min completely Swoon Over Them The July 27th broadcast of < robust>KBS 2TV’s “< robust>Emergency break out number i” summer holiday especial featured < robust>BEAST’s < robust>Yang Yoseob, < robust>Yoon Doojoon, And < robust>Son Dongwoon.

In the episode, they  carry out their name song “< robust>YeY” on level. MC < robust>Kim Ji min expresses her excitement alongside the song, declaring, “It totally felt like crossing Away on a holiday.”

MC < robust>Kim Jong Kook replied by means of request whether Kim Ji min would exist existing Attentive to this song when she is crossing on holiday.

Kim Ji min’s replied, “Of path. it's crossing to exist fantastic if lets cross in combination,” to which MC < robust>Jung Tae Ho retorted, “You won’t exist ready to head back,” causing the target Audience to roar in laughter.

Where do you lot want to head on holiday alongside them?

T-ara to hang comeback show off with identify song "completely loopy" produced by means of brave Brothers

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to hang comeback 
show off with identify song

T-ara may be keeping their first-ever comeback show off since de yet for upcoming mini album.

The show off will take position at Ilchi Art corridor in Seoul on August 3rd. Their new name song "completely loopy" produced by way of courageous Brothers is related to be a funky dance song with prominent brass sound that may cool off the summer weather.

The women will no longer most effective unveil the primary level of "completely loopy" yet also carry out "Little Apple" at the show off.

Are you able for T-ara"s summer comeback? READ MORE