Shes All That: Top 10 K-Pop Idol Girl Crushes

Shes All That: Top 10 K-Pop Idol Girl Crushes

Urban Dictionary describes girl crush as feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl. A nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level. The likes of Jessi, Kim Sook, and mostly the members of Unnies or Sisters Slam Dunk that fall into this category all have similar traits: they can be goofy, fierce, approachable, outgoing, yet have a side thats serious, talented, intelligent, and mysterious, all while being beautiful inside and out. I want to BE her, thats the sentiment: an admiration for females who slay. Here are K-pop girls we love to fangirl:

Every time Krystal comes on screen, everyones like, YAASS KWEEN! Shes the ultimate IT-GIRL whos always trendy and makes one-liners trendy. Remember how she made the single word Stupid! from the sitcom that she starred in? Whenever she plays the role of a mean or sassy girl, she does it with such class and cuteness that you just cant hate her. Shes the girl with the golden proportion by Korean standards: small, pretty face, tall height, long legs, and never a bad hair day in sight. Shes multi-talented as well, just as at-home in a girl group, drama, or a beauty/clothing commercial.

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Lisa is the representative of the next generation of YG artists: fierce, talented, international, and stunning. The girl is on fire! At such a young age, and even without much experience onstage, you can tell she loves what she does. She didnt seem like a rookie at all when she first debuted with the rest of the BLACKPINK members (who are all, quite frankly, girl crushes too). The girls got spunk, and she has the ability to transfix anyone when shes dancing. Plus, she looks good with every hair color.

Shes so cool even Lisa should admire herself.

You cant really choose one member from TWICE, because, well, theyre all perfect and incredibly adorable. But, one girls got a different charm. Outside of TWICE, whenever Momo performs, shes like a totally different person. One minute shes doing the niko, niko, nii complete with fingers in the air like a cute rabbit, and the next shes owning the dance floor like theres no tomorrow.

If you could only use one word to describe Somi, it would be multi-talented. Shes a certified Taekwondo pro, a piano player, singer, dancer, and a model, all in one small package. She exudes a youthful and carefree attitude; everyone just wants to be around her. In Korea, during Somis Produce 101 days, she was the most searched name when it came to makeup. And as the youngest of Sisters Slam Dunk Season 2, she shows her real self: clumsy, funny, and silly, turning into goo when she fangirls Minzy. Shes a bubbly kid. She could be anyones dream girl, best friend, or sister.

5. All the members of Mamamoo

The real unniesMamamoo is considered the national girl crush in Korea because each member slays, and when theyre together, theyre fire. Theyve got mad vocal skills, amazing personalities, and great, catchy music. Girls young and old can relate to them. You can also tell that the members are really close with each other, and individually, each member has her own color.

When Hani joined Weekly Idol as a temporary replacement host to Doni, she brought the much needed freshness to the show. Even as an idol, shes not afraid to show her goofy side, and shes completely game to do anything: from smearing her face with black bean sauce while someone feeds her blindly, to making ugly faces, to running around the studio making a fool of herself. But when it comes to being a member of EXID, Hani transforms into her sexy, sassy self and takes performances seriously.

Chaeyeon is obviously pretty. She has that kind, innocent, and angelic face anyone could fall for. Shes practically a goddess! But shes not just your ordinary pretty idol. She got flak from netizens who bashed her after she failed to attend DIA events due to her schedule for I.O.I (many fans think she was a traitor to the other group), started a controversy when she admitted having plastic surgery on her nose, and she gets a lot of haters online.

But in one interview, she revealed that she still remains strong and professional through it all: Honestly, I do get hurt by those [comments]. I cant not see the negative comments. The ones that speak badly about my parents hurt the most As I work in this industry, I sometimes feel depressed and sad, but theres more joy. I hope people do not dislike me too much.

Arin is the ultimate cutie on this list. She brings out the protectiveness in other girls, as she looks as cute as a button. Many Korean idols also fangirl over her and the rest of the Oh My Girl members, including IU, members of TWICE, and other celebrities. She refers to herself as the chic maknae of the group, because even though shes considered the one full of aegyo, she can be honest and strong too.

The GFRIEND members are all spot on, but SinB has that extra something special. Like other girl crushes, shes got that vibe that makes her stand out. When she first appeared on the scene, netizens first noticed that she looked like Jessica, and when they dug up old photos of her, they could only conclude one thing: that shes a natural beauty. Watch her do a sexy version of a GFRIEND hit and end up laughing at herself here:

Netizens are all abuzz about Minahs legs, as they show off her curvy, healthy image. In an interview, she said that she doesnt manage her legs at all through workout or diet; shes just born with it. When she started doing dramas, she said in an interview, I know I am not pretty. I used to get hurt by comments saying Non-celebrities are prettier than you, How did you become a celebrity? and more. But I was able to heal that pain through [the drama character] Gong Shim. She let me know that its okay not to be pretty. So I decided to be an unpretty celebrity. But everyone thinks otherwise.

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