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D-minus 5 days until deadline! Participate in the “INFINITE DANCE FEVER” contest NOW!

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D-minus 5 days until deadline! Participate in the “INFINITE DANCE FEVER” contest NOW!

ATTENTION to all GALAXY Music members and INFINITE fans!

NOW is your time to shine and show the world your dancing talent by participating in the "INFINITE DANCE FEVER" contest.

On the7th of October(GMT), we announced the official launch of the "INFINITE DANCE FEVER", a dance contest asking participants to simply watch INFINITE's new music video and contest intro film and then make their own dance video inspired by GALAXY Gear.

For those GALAXY Music members who have yet to hear about our event, and also for those who are hesitating to participate, we wanted to let you know once again that "INFINITE DANCE FEVER" is a dance contest for ALL GALAXY Music members across the world! ANYONE with passion for music and dance can participate.

The clock is ticking folks! The deadline for submission is the25th of October. So act fast and do not miss out on the opportunity to showcase your hidden talent to the world!

For more details please visit theINFINITE DANCE FEVER tab.(

Crayon Pop Dance Cover Contest & Free Song!

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Crayon Pop Dance Cover ContestFree Song!Crayon Pop is holding a dance cover contest, open to all their fans worldwide!

Crayon Pop released a video message announcing their new contest. According to the instructions, you must first download Crayon Pop’s hit song, “Bar Bar Bar” yours for free, from their Facebook page. You can use it as background music for the dance cover, which must be then uploaded on YouTube. After clicking “Like” on their official contest page, you can post a link to your video.

The winner of the contest will be chosen by view count, and videos with top view count receive a variety of prizes. They include iBeats earphones, signed Bar Bar Bar CDs, signed Saturday Night CDs, and Crayon Pop’s iconic gym wear in gold.

2° K Pop Dance Contest in Italy

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2° K Pop Dance Contest in Italy

Once again Kaido Italia and K1995 with the collaboration of Oppa Oppa Magazine have organized an incredible event for all the K-Pop fans: the 2° K Pop Dance Contest will be hold in Assago, at the Centro Congressi Milano Fiori on November 30th from 2.30 pm till 5.30 pm.!

20 groups and 10 solo artists will fight one against the other showing incredible dance performances.

Therules are easy and the same as the first contest:

- Choosing a K-pop song, or a Japanese/Chinese song sung by Korean artists;

- Being in the same number of partecipants as the group you have chosen (ex.: 2NE1 , four members);

- Doing the cosplay of the groups/solo artists (same clothes and same hairstyle);

- Create a 2minutes long video on Youtube showing the partecipants dancing on their song.

Then the best videos will be chosen and will dance on the stage of Assago!

For this contest too the prizes are really interesting:

- 1st place: a vaucher of 300 Euro and an i-comix gift.

- 2nd place: a vaucher of 200 Euro and an i-comix gift.

- 3rd place: a vaucher of 100 Euro and an i-comix gift.

Sources : Oppa Oppa Magazine and Kaido Italia

1° Italian KPop Dance Cover Contest

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1° Italian KPop Dance Cover Contest

On May 19th the 1° Italian KPOP DANCE CONTEST was held in Milan.

KAIDO ITALIA and K1995,  with the collaboration of 오빠오빠 Magazine, organized it at the Ata Hotel Executive in occasion of the Fumettopoli, one of the most famous comics and manga fair in Italy.

People that wanted to take part in the event had had to send a video of 2 minutes long of their choreography. Of course it was not that easy because partecipants had to choose a group or a solo artist and being in the same number as the members of the group.

Than the 오빠오빠 Magazine Staff decided which groups and solo artists could dance on the stage of Fumettopoli. There were many partecipants but, at the end, only 8 groups and 3 soloists were chosen.

For the final, everyone had to do cosplay of the idols : wearing the same clothes and having the same hair style. An other difficulty was added, they had to do the lipsync of the song in order to make it more real.

The groups danced on the notes of well-known K-Pop songs on the stage, gathering a high number of curious people who watched and enjoyed the show.

Everyone did a great job but only 3 groups/solo artists could be choosen. It was a hard decision for the jury, composed by the girls of Kaido Italia, two members of KpopItalia staff and other two K-Pop fans. But at the end, the jury decided to award: One Piece, the group who performed Nillili Mambo (Block B) with the 3rd place, W-EKO, who performed D-UNITs Talk to my Face, with the 2nd place, and Hysteria with the 1st place, who danced Its War by MBLAQ!

The prizes consisted in three different trophies and a voucher of 300 Euros (for the 1st place), an other one of 200 Euros (for the 2nd) and the last of 100 Euros (for the 3rd place). Moreover there was a special price of 50 Euros for Alex, who danced Where You At (Taeyangs song). All the prizes were given by Kaido Italia and the winner could spend their vouchers at their booth (Kaido Italia is an online K-Pop and J-Pop shop).

It was the first edition of this contest but the atmosphere was pleasant, every partecipant did his or her best, giving the audience great performances and the same did the organizators, who could create such an important event!

2nd – W-EKO in “Talk to My Face”

3rd – One Piece in “Nillili Mambo”

Here the other groups/solo artists  who took part at the contest: 

4VNUS“I Like That” by GLAM

Alex“Where You At” by Taeyang

Blemish“On and On” by VIXX

Double T“Shy Boy” by Secret

Fede“Tarantallegra” by Xia Junsu

SUPER?D“Please Dont Go” by CL and Minzy

For more photos visit the facebook page of 오빠오빠 Magazine .

Sources : KAIDO ITALIA, Fumettopoli and 오빠오빠 Magazine facebook pages.

Enter the 2013 K-POP Festival Dance Cover Contest!

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Enter the 2013 K-POP Festival Dance Cover Contest! After successfully holding the “K-POP Cover Dance Festival” in 2011 and 2012, Visit Korea Committee is now organizing K-POP Festival in Gangwon 2013 to promote 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, as well as Gangwon-do tourism.

At this occasion, foreigners will get the chance once again to participate to a K-POP dance cover contest! To enter the contest its simple! All you have to do is posting your dance cover UCC on the festival official website. The best videos will be selected through viewers ratings and experts assessments.

Overseas finals will take place in twelve different countries around the world and the grand finale will be held in Korea on September 28, together with a concert featuring K-POP stars. Finalists selected during overseas finals will also get the chance to visit Korea and discover Korean culture during their stay in the country.

For more details, check out  K-POP Festival in Gangwon 2013 official website! You can also suscribe to the festival YouTube channel and watch greetings from INFINITE, B.A.P, B1A4, Secret, and many others!

NU’EST Announces Winner of “Let’s Dance” Cover Contest

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NU’EST Announces Winner of “Let’s Dance” Cover Contest We previously reported that NU’EST was holding a dance cover contest for their latest song, “Hello,” through LOEN’s official Youtube channel.  The agency uploaded a new video on April 1 showing the NU’EST members personally viewing and judging the entries.

The video shows each member discussing what the most important criteria are in judging the submissions, ranging from Ren’s focus on fashion and facial expression to Baekho’s emphasis on the contestants’ ability to hit the three most important moves in the choreography. The video also shows the members watching the entries with both excitement and seriousness, marveling at the participants’ creativity and dance skills.

There were a total of 162 entries and each member of NU’EST picked 2 of their favorites. Together they picked the winner, who will receive a signed, limited edition of NU’EST’s album,  a personal message from the members, and the necktie from NU’EST’s outfit.  You can watch the message at the end of the clip, as well as a short video compilation of the entries.

Check out the video to see who won! You can turn on the captions for English subtitles.

NU'EST reveals "Hello" dance version + announces cover contest

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NUEST reveals Hello dance version + announces cover contestAfter teaching fans the main points for their "Hello" choreography, NU'EST reveals the full dance version for the track. On March 5th, Loen Entertainment released the full dance video on their official Youtube channel and also announced a special cover contest.

Fans who have learned NU'EST's choreography from the previous "Let's Dance" segment can participate individually or with a team and can upload their exclusive clips online. The deadline for the cover contest is extended until MArch 20th and will announce the winner through their official portals right after.

Meanwhile, NU'EST is currently busy promoting their title track on various music shows following the release of their 2nd mini-album last February.

miss A Appears as Judges for Taiwan Cover Dance Contest

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miss A, Contest, JYP Entertainment, Fei, Jia, Min, Suzy

miss A Appears as Judges for Taiwan Cover Dance Contest miss A Appears as Judges for Taiwan Cover Dance Contestmiss Awill be judges for the Taiwan Cover Dance contest.

On November 25, miss A was seen at the 'miss A Dance Contest' as judges. Many miss A fans were also seen at the event as well.

JYP Entertainment commented, "This event is miss A's last promotion in Taiwan. Fans and miss A were able to have a great time together. We hope that fans will continue to support them while they are doing their Asia activities."

This event was organized by MTV Taiwan and a total of 78 teams attended the event. The winner of the event commented, "I still can't believe that I was able to dance miss A's song in front of them."

miss A will continue their Asia activities in Shanghai and other cities.

Wonder Girls Release Dance Practice for "Like Money" and Announce Dance Contest

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Wonder Girls Release Dance Practice for Like Money and Announce Dance ContestAfter releasing their music video and digital single for Like Money in early July, the Wonder Girls have finally revealed their dance practice video for the song today.

Along with the video, a special dance cover contest was also announced. Hosted on, fans have until September 23 to upload their own dance cover video to Like Money. The top five fan voted videos will then be reviewed by the Wonder Girls to select a grand prize winner. Prizes include 1 Exclusive JYP / Monster Headphones, Wonder Girls Swag Bag + Autographed Like Money CD, Handwritten letter from the girls on an exclusive Polaroid picture.   

Previously, the Wonder Girls performed along with Akon at the Green Groove Festival in Korea on July 21.

Are you going to learn the dance now?

Gangnam Style Dance Contest is to hold in LA

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Gangnam Style Dance Contest is to hold in LA

Psys Gangnam Style is drawing a lot of attention from all over the world.

Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, the United States, recently announced that they will hold the Gangnam Style Dance Contest on September 1 through their official website.

They also posted a poster for the contest and Psy is featured in the poster. The event is titled Gangnam Style Party, where the winner can receive a thousand dollar monetary prize.

The song, which is a title song from Psys sixth EP, includes addictive refrain and unconventional choreography. It has been ranking first on several music charts for over a month in a row. A music video for the song is also receiving considerable attention on YouTube and several other social networks.

The video received over 70 million hits on YouTube and many pop stars, including, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears have praised the song.