Shannon reveals she would’ve selected YG Entertainment if she had won on ‘K-Pop Star’

Shannon reveals she would’ve selected YG Entertainment if she had won on ‘K-Pop Star’

SBS ‘K-Pop Star 6’ contestant Shannonexpressed her thoughts on appearing on the variety program as well as her music career in a recent interview with ‘International bnt.’

Shannon said, “I was preparing to debut as the main vocalist in a girl group but I was greedy and told the agency I wanted to go solo instead. With that, I was able to start my solo career thanks to the agency respecting my views.”

On appearing on ‘K-Pop Star 6’ she explained, “I was worried at first but I’m not the type of person who thinks much about what others say. I decided to appear on the program for myself. I didn’t care much about the ranking, I just wanted to make my talents known to the public. The title of ‘singer’ is actually poison to me. It’s hard for me to achieve a good score when there are so many expectations.”

“If I had won, I would have chosen YG Entertainment. Through the show, I have feltYang Hyun Suk’s affection and the trendy music style (of YG) tends to suit me well.” She added, “I prefer tomboyish style. So far, I don’t like any of the songs I’ve promoted. For my new track, I would like to go for a more girlish concept.”

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Shannon went on to talk about how ‘K-Pop Star 6’ has shaped her as a singer. “I decided to become a singer because I love music. I don’t focus on gaining fame. I’m a perfectionist so there were times when I wasn’t satisfied with my singing but I have learned a lot through this program. I got rid of my ‘perfectionist’ mentality since then.”

She also shared her future plans. “I would like to take on acting someday. Though my Korean isn’t great, I would like to practice more and play various roles.”

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